Why dream of fish


What dreams of live fish? What does the dream book foreshadow?

Every person has ever had dreams in his life. Many do not attach any importance to them, but some very carefully study the dream books every morning. To believe that dreams come true or simply predict the future is a personal matter for everyone. In this article we will look at several options for interpreting dreams and find out what dreams of live fish.

Brief interpretation of sleep

Live fish in a dream is quite common. You can not leave it without attention, especially if the dream is repeated several times. The interpretation of dreams can be treated with humor, but a large proportion of them, oddly enough, comes true. The dream books were compiled and replenished over the course of many centuries by our ancestors, because they must have noticed some connection between the dream phenomenon and reality. That is why in the modern world curiosity for dreams is growing. Answering the question: “What do live fish dream of?”, It is necessary to pay attention to the details of sleep. But his general interpretation promises to the dreamer only all the best. Perhaps you are waiting for a fateful meeting or a big win. Sometimes dreams reflect your health. Seen fish suggests that you are full of strength, confidence and feel great. Next, we consider in more detail this topic, for which you should look through the dream book. What dreams of live fish? It all depends on the details of the dream.

Live fish - a symbol of good prospects

If in your dream you see a live fish that splashes in a transparent pond, then wait for a tempting offer that will bring you considerable benefits. If you dreamed of one big fish, then the proposal will concern something very important to you. But if you are interested in what dreams of a lot of living fish, then know that this portends many different proposals from different areas. It is possible that you will be interested in all of them.

If you tried to fish in a dream, then in reality do not rush things, let everything go on as usual. Those who want to know what dreams of a big live fish, waiting for a new acquaintance, which will end in an unexpected denouement. Also, such a dream can be interpreted as a possible exciting journey or occupation, which completely engulf you.

Why dream of catching live fish?

In this case, the interpretation of sleep depends on the age of the person. The younger he is, the better and more favorable is the meaning of the vision. Also, a significant role is played by the fact that a dream has occurred: a girl or a boy. If you are interested in what a living fish dreams of a girl, then know that such a plot predicts a quick wedding and the birth of a child. Middle-aged people after such a vision should wait for entertainment. But to fish in a dream for the elderly is an unkind sign. Perhaps someone has an eye on your inheritance ahead of time.

Fishing seen in a dream should be interpreted depending on how successful it was. If you dreamed of a good catch, then tune in to success in any business. But if the fishing has failed, then in reality someone is trying to prevent you.

Caught live fish in their hands in a dream is also treated differently. If you managed to keep it, then in reality you do not miss a good opportunity. But if you missed the prey, then in reality you have a long time to wait for your future children.

What dreams of a live fish woman? This dream predicts a quick pregnancy, which she had been waiting for a long time. Perhaps in reality pregnancy already exists, but the woman still does not know about it. What dreams of a live fish man? For representatives of the stronger sex, such a dream foreshadows a child from a beloved woman.

Living fish in a dream - a happy family life in reality

The oldest and most classic interpretation of such a dream is happiness in family life. But for each person, depending on age and gender, there are various nuances. Let us consider in more detail what a live fish dream of a girl. First, such a dream promises a date with a man who has long liked. If a young girl saw in a dream how she was holding a fish, then she was destined to get married soon. If a big live fish has dreamed up, you can expect to meet a rich, self-confident fiancé. Dreamed small fishes promise unexpected, but very great happiness.

Consider a few more options for what dreams of a live fish woman. The most famous interpretation is the quick pregnancy. But there is something to pay attention to. If a woman dreamed of a carp, catfish, carp or bream, then a large proportion of the likelihood of a boy being born. But pike foreshadows the birth of a girl. If a young woman dreamed of colorful fish, then you should wait for matchmaking. In this case, the suitors will be quite a lot, and the girl will have to make a difficult choice.

Now let's talk about what dreams of a living fish man. If there are a lot of fish, such a dream requires a young man to settle down and start a family. He needs to choose his only life partner among all those around him.

Sleep with live fish - a symbol of trouble and problems

Despite all the positive moments of sleeping with live fish, it also has a negative value. But here you should also pay attention to the details. If in a dream you were swimming with fishes, then in reality be ready for conflicts, you will encounter a misunderstanding of loved ones. If you see in a dream one big fish that is swimming next to you, then perhaps the relationship with your loved one will break up in the near future. If this inhabitant of the waters is of bright color, then fun is waiting for you first, and then get ready for quarrels and offenses.

Fish in a dream - conflicts in reality

We looked at what dreams of live fish, but each dream has different variations. Give them special attention. So, eating a live fish in a dream means that in reality you are waiting for love suffering, perhaps even cheating the second half. If in dreams you had to feed the cat with fish, then in reality it will be because of you that there will be conflicts in the family and quarrels with your loved one. Perhaps you yourself will be a provocateur treason and discord in the relationship. But do not immediately get upset. Sleep predicts what could be. But you yourself are able to change your destiny and avoid negative consequences.

Fish in aquarium

Thinking about what dreams of live fish, we must not forget about the details of the vision. For example, if you dreamed a fish in an aquarium, then in reality be prepared for a complex and troublesome process in which you cannot intervene on your own. Most likely, you will find a huge project that other people will do for you. That's what dreams of live fish in the water. If it floats not in an open reservoir, but in an aquarium, then the initiative should be in your hands. In no case can you just sit and wait - so you just lose time, but you still have to do the work. Do not relax.

If you dreamed that you were watching the fish in the aquarium and feeding them, then some influential person will need your service in the future. Do not miss your chance. Your attention and help will be surely appreciated, and you will have a person who can help you in a difficult situation.

If you dreamed of a natural pond with fish, then the main criterion for the interpretation of sleep in this case is the condition and appearance of the water. Clean and transparent is a symbol of a pleasant new acquaintance. But muddy and dirty warns you: new people are wary, you should not immediately trust them and place high hopes. Strangers are unlikely to acquit them.

Fish - the forerunner of disasters and cataclysms

Before that, we considered the standard versions of dreams: see the fish, feed it, catch it, and more. But there are dreams that are very difficult to explain in terms of logic. In the dream book and for such cases there are interpretations. For example, if you dream of a live fish that falls in the form of rain from the sky, or you extract it in some strange way (dig it out of the ground, for example), then in this case various disasters are possible to which a huge number of people will undergo. Perhaps it will be a natural phenomenon (earthquake, hurricane), and maybe the economic crisis in the country. In any case, it will be something global and negative.

What else does the fish dream?

Some dream books interpret a dream in which you see a live fish fighting in your hands, like fame, popularity, fame. It is possible that people who used to prefer to avoid you will now begin to communicate with you with pleasure or even ask for help. Friends will support you in every way and show your sincere feelings for you. And the enemies and envious people will change their opinion about you and will want to make peace.

However, other dream interpreters interpret dreaming with fish differently, exactly the opposite. All enemies and spiteful critics will be angry and will plot against you. Gossipers will actively spread false rumors that will spoil your reputation quite a bit. If you had a dream about the fish you caught, then perhaps someone is throwing mud at you and slandering you in front of colleagues and even friends. If you dreamed of live fish, which you pulled out of the aquarium, it means that you yourself will be to blame for this negative attitude towards you. Perhaps you specifically quarreled with people, trying to prove their point of view, knowing in advance that they were wrong. In this way, you are only actively making enemies for yourself. Be calmer and more benevolent.


In this article we examined in detail all possible ways of interpreting dreams with live fish. Remember that dream books just predict possible scenarios, and you are able to change your own destiny.

Why dream of fish?

The desire to know what will happen in the future has always been present among people. Someone uses fortune-telling for this, but you can simply interpret what they saw at night. To do this, analyze it with all the details.

Why dream of fish?

For the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, such a dream promises good luck in relations with the opposite sex. Even this can be taken for advice that it is worth spending more time on health. Seeing fish in water means you can count on generous gifts of fate. Night vision, where you caught fish, predicts the emergence of problems and trials, for the solution of which will have to show the will and ingenuity.

Dead fish in a dream are a negative sign, foreshadowing various losses and disappointments. If the fish are in clean water, then you can count on success in business and in family relationships. Fish in the sea is a good sign, promising wealth.

Why dream of small fish?

Small fish are an omen of the approach of some significant event. Another such plot indicates that soon you will have to communicate with unpleasant people.

Why dream of colorful fish?

Such a dream warns of receiving good news. Another similar story can prophesy dramatic changes in life. For men, such a dream is an indication of a frivolous attitude to life.

Why dream of small aquarium fish?

Such a plot points to the beginning of new affairs, as well as to the opportunity to move up the career ladder or expand business.

Why dream of beautiful fish?

Such a night vision is a good sign, indicating a small but pleasant surprises and gifts. For girls, beautiful fish promise new adventures that will give a lot of energy and impressions.

Why dream of fish?

Virtually all dream books of the world agree that the live fish that has been dreamed is a very good sign, foreshadowing the earning of profits. Moreover, this profit can be expressed both in the acquisition of the benefits of material and in the upcoming addition to the family.

Not without reason, in the majority of dream books, the question - what does a woman dream about in fish, give an unequivocal answer - to an early pregnancy. But if the fish in a dream swam away - to miscarriage. To a pregnant woman to give birth in a dream a fish - the child will be born healthy and with a happy fate. A gypsy dream book promises an unmarried girl who caught a living fish in a dream, a meeting with a narrower one and a further happy family life.

But if the girls are more or less clear, then why dreams of a fish man? For the stronger sex, live fish in their sleep is the promise of financial success. A man to see himself in a dream while fishing foreshadows troubles in his work, which will bring benefits in the future. Unsuccessful fishing promises a waste of energy. Catch fish - fast profit. But the size of the catch also matters: a lot of small fish - to the hassle, a big fish - to a large income; if the caught fish bites you by the fingers - competitors want to harm your business.

To dream of living fish, frolicking in clean running water - to the rapid increase in your well-being. If you dream that you fish with a net or with your hands while being in the water, this promises quick financial success and the acquisition of a higher status, thanks to your own efforts and talent. However, if the water is muddy and dirty, it means that someone spreads gossip about you and weaves numerous intrigues.

Why dream of fish in an aquarium: a family dream-book for a girl promises a quick marriage for a very wealthy person; a man, this dream foreshadows many small troubles in the coming days, which, however, will bring very significant benefits. To feed in a dream aquarium fish - to the little joys and pleasant surprises.

The dreamed golden fish promises the fulfillment of a cherished desire, however, if it is in an aquarium, the fulfillment of a desire will not bring the expected joy. A female dream book promises a girl who sees a goldfish in a dream, the imminent start of a new love affair.

What dreams of fish on the counter of a store or market. Visiting the fish market in a dream is a sign of very great luck, it can also promise a quick fun pastime, a great holiday. To buy fish - for a quick profitable acquisition or successful investment of money. To a woman who buys fish in a dream, the dream book promises an early pregnancy. However, if the fish turns out to be rotten, this is a sign of soon disappointment and financial loss.

To eat fish and dishes from it in a dream is a sign of quick success in business and achieving material well-being. It is also a very good omen for a pregnant woman - the birth will be successful and the baby will be born healthy. If the fish has an unpleasant and rotten taste - someone dissolves dirty gossip about you, which can badly spoil your business.

Cooking a fish or a dish out of it for a woman in a dream is a sign that in real life someone close to her will soon give her considerable trouble. Man - he will be able to cope with the obstacles on the way and get rid of competitors. Gutting a fish in a dream - in real life, dig into your problems without noticing what is happening around. To clean a fish in a dream and get caviar from it - to an unexpected profit.

What dreams of fish that spawn: for both men and women is a good sign, a symbol of conception or news about pregnancy. Seeing a shoal of very small fishes, spawning - in real life to get involved in gossip and rumors about someone else's personal life. There is a fish in a dream with caviar - to wealth.

What dreams of fish cast ashore? All the dream books of the world unanimously interpret this as a very bad sign, foreshadowing a quick lane of bad luck and loss. Dead, decaying fish on the shore - to an unexpected illness, loss of vital energy.

To dream of talking fish - soon to receive interesting news or a long-awaited letter. To the girl, this dream foreshadows acquaintance with a young man, which will occur thanks to friends or relatives.

Predatory fish stalking in a dream is a sign of great danger; if she bites you by the legs or by the arms, then your enemies in the real world will not be left alone until they finally finish you off. Catch or kill the pursued fish - the victory will be yours.

Why dream of fish in the water?

Virtually all of the many interpreters of dreams view fish as a strong and bright symbol. But those who want to know what dreams of fish in the water, should pay attention to all the details of the vision, because they can change the meaning of sleep.

What events dream fish?

To dream of a lot of fish in the clear water prophesies luck and the abundant gifts of fate. If the newlyweds see such a dream, he promises them happiness in their family life. Young women dream of fish can predict a quick pregnancy.

Sleeping with big live fish in the water can lead to a profit, and the larger the fish, the more substantial the cash flow will be. But the dead fish dreams of losses, sorrows and ailments. Small fish in an aquarium - a sign of fate, warning that you should temporarily take an observant position.

Fish in a dream are those people who are trying to find a way out of a difficult situation and improve their lives. But if in a dream a person is left without a catch, all his efforts will be fruitless. If the dream included fishing gear — a net, hooks, or a drag — then the future well-being depends on their integrity. Крепкие сети и крючки снятся к счастливому завершению дел, рваные и ржавые - к неудачам.

В старину люди часто полагали, что рыба снится, если человек занимается чем-то сложным и бесполезным ("бьется как рыба об лед") или ему следует тщательно думать перед тем, как что-то сказать ("молчать как рыба").

Зигмунд Фрейд считал, что сны выдают скрытые желания человека. Рыба, по его мнению, снится людям, которые часто мечтают о сексе. Человек, которые во сне ест рыбу, в сексуальной жизни является эгоистом, а неудачливый рыбак страшится сексуальных неудач.

When creating the dream book, Nostradamus did not bypass the fish with his attention. Bad signs, he believed to see a fish falling from the sky, with a human face or dead. But the dream in which there was a lot of fish, especially in pure water, this predictor considered good.

What dreams of aquarium fish?

Science has proven that if you look at fish in an aquarium, you can calm down and relax. Now we will understand the interpretation of dreams, in which these living beings were seen. Thanks to this you will have the opportunity to learn about the events of the future and about the problems or mistakes of the present.

What dreams of aquarium fish?

Such dreams are mostly a positive symbol that foreshadows happiness and joy. For people engaged in business, such a night vision promises the conclusion of a successful transaction, which will bring substantial income. Seeing the fish jump out of the water means that in reality you are trying to change your life and experience new emotions. For the fair sex such a dream promises replenishment in the family.

Dreamed of dead aquarium fish, it means that soon you will become the cause of trouble. Yet this may be a foreshadowing of the fact that dreams do not come true. If you saw a dream about fish before the trip, then it will be successful, but after it it will be quite difficult to return to a normal rhythm of life. Seeing aquarium fish talk in a dream means that in the future we should expect fun adventures that will leave a lot of impressions. Night vision, in which you shift the fish from one tank to another - is a symbol of what will change your habits. See aquarium fish in the open sea, then in reality you are in a confused state and do not know which way to go in life. If the fish swim in the pool - it is a symbol of the fact that in life will succeed in all endeavors.

Catching aquarium fish in your sleep with your hands means you get a chance to successfully hold some kind of event or increase in salary. If you did it with a butterfly net, this is an unfavorable sign that promises new, but unpleasant dating. For the fair sex a dream in which she saw beautiful aquarium fish is a positive symbol that foreshadows a happy relationship with any person. The dream, where the golden aquarium fish appeared, predicts the implementation of the plans and desires. If you are watching the fish and get pleasure from it - this is a recommendation that you should intervene in the conflict developing before our eyes, because otherwise it will negatively affect things. Feed the fish, so life will be filled with routine with uninteresting work.

... And what are the dreams of FISHING ?!)))))

Nastya tra la la

If you dream that fish splashes in a transparent reservoir, then soon you will be able to achieve wealth and power. See dead fish - to financial losses. If a young woman sees a fish in her dream, it promises her a beautiful and talented groom. If you dreamed that you caught a fish, it means that, despite the intrigues of the ill-wishers, you will have enough wisdom to avoid trouble. If you are fishing, while being not on the shore, but in the water, then success and wealth will come to you only thanks to your talent and ingenuity. In general, fishing is a symbol of energy. However, if you can not catch a fish, then your luck has not yet struck. If you eat fish, then it promises gentle and long love.
Modern dream book
mild illness
Dream interpretation of Simon Canonit
to see or to catch is a gain; for women, for pregnancy; dead - trouble; happiness in the lottery; catch with your hands - make enemies for yourself; small fish - an important enterprise; catch - be deceived and disappointed
Esoteric dream book
See - problems with children, possibly unwanted pregnancy. Catch - the heirs are trying on your property. There is - may receive an inheritance in a short time. Clean, cook - your hopes for the inheritance are unlikely to be realized. But if in a dream you later eat this fish, then you will be the heir.
Ukrainian dream book
Fish dreaming of rain, bad weather. If a fish dreams: a man or a girl - there will be a change in the weather, young women - she will have a child. Big fish - good earnings. Lifeless fish - weakness. Dead fish - in bad weather. To see a goldfish (fishes) is not the realized, expected. Fish - wrecking; someone "digs" for you. A lot of fish - bad weather. Rybin in hands - dysfunctional childbirth. There is a fish: men - to have mistresses, women - easy childbirth. To catch a fish is a profit, a victory over rivals; clean live fish - for fun.


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A dream in which you see fish in a clear, transparent stream of water promises that in life you will achieve wealth and power. Dead fish foreshadows the loss of wealth and power due to terrible disaster. A young woman seeing a fish is a sign that she will have a beautiful, talented lover. If you dream that you caught a fish, then enemies will tend to hurt you, but your luck and cold mind will help you to avoid all the trouble. If you fish for water, then in real life you will achieve wealth through your own talent and enterprise. Fishing - a symbol of energy and thrift. But if you failed to catch a single fish, then your attempts to achieve fame and fortune will be in vain. Eating fish means warm and long-lasting feelings.