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The most beautiful aquarium fish: photo video review and description


The beauty of the aquarium world - fascinates! That is why many people are addicted to aquarism for life. The variety of aquarium fish is so infinite and variable that sometimes it is difficult to choose the best of the best, most beautiful with beautiful fish.

I suggest you to pay attention to the most beautiful fish made by TOP and choose an aquarium beauty to your taste and color!

Your thoughts and preferences about the Miss Aquarium World rating are very important to us. They will help shape public opinion! And make this TOP truly popular.

In order not to offend the participants of the topic, we will not assign places (yet) to them, but arrange them in alphabetical order, so ...

Akara turquoise

The body of the fish is massive and high. Acara's turquoise color varies from silver to green with turquoise hues. On the gill covers and muzzle are wavy lines of turquoise color, and in the center of the case - an irregularly shaped dark spot. A wide edging runs along the dorsal and caudal fin.

Astatothilapia Burton

Body color is variable. The main color is gray to reddish yellow, may be brownish, side with a blue, green or purple shine. Through the eyes is a black vertical stripe, the same stripes on the forehead and muzzle. The lips are bluish. On the side, depending on the environmental conditions and the condition of the fish, there may appear a pattern of longitudinal and transverse bands of different saturation.

Danio pink

Danio pink - are small, nimble, pot-bellied beauties. Their flock will give your aquarium a joyful, life-affirming pink mood. Particularly beautiful fish look on a blue background.


Veiltail can be called - the Queen of Goldfish.

The hem of its fins will look gorgeous in your aquarium.

The voiletail is short, high, rounded egg-shaped body and large eyes. The head is big. The color of the veil tail is variable - from a monotone golden color to bright red or black.


Well-known, popular and incredibly beautiful, small aquarium fish. The beauty and diversity of the caudal fin - I deserve attention and place in the Topik of the most beautiful fish.

Gourami pearl

Labyrinth representative of aquarium fish.

Body gourami high, elongated, flattened laterally. The pearl goura color is silver-violet with countless pearl spots (pearls) scattered throughout the body and along the fins.


The goddess of the aquarium world, fascinating for its beauty. But, unfortunately, like all goddesses, very capricious! The body is brown with vertical blue stripes. The whole body is decorated with numerous blue strokes.

Pelmatohromis or Parrot

Little and beautiful representative of cichlids. Got such a nickname because of the similarity with the parrot bird. Painted fish is very beautiful. The male has a brownish back, the sides are bluish in color with a tint, the lower abdomen is reddish (especially in females).

Cock, Betta or Boytsovskaya fish

Very, very beautiful fish, its brocade-ryushechnye fins simply admire. The color of the fish is different. The most common ink color with a reddish tint. Males are colored much brighter, fins are longer than those of females.


But the bright representative of the South American cichlids. Scalar over the hill call - fish angel. Her elegance will not go unnoticed!

The color of the scalar is diverse: black, white, silver, greenish gray, etc. Four bands run across the body, another band passes through the eye.

Chromis butterfly

This little fish has a beautiful "crown on the head" and a decent color.

Body color is yellow with a blue sheen. The front of the back is reddish-brown. The throat, chest and abdomen are golden in color. The eyes are crossed by a black transverse strip. The whole fish is covered with iridescent blue, green dots and spots. Fins are transparent with a red border. Closer to the head with the back fin has a rich black color (crown).

Cychlasma severum

The color of the severum cichlozoma body varies from yellowish-green to dark brown. The scales are covered with yellow, pink or brown specks, which create a pattern on the body.

Tsikhlazoma black-striped

At first glance, a small black fish. But, if you look closely, it will become clear that this is the “Queen of business style” fish. The head is large, the eyes are large, the lips are thick. The body and fins of the cychlasma are painted in a grayish-blue gray color. Along the body are 8-9 black stripes.

We also recommend you to look at the colorful brochure "Popular types of aquarium fish". This brochure contains all popular types of fish, with a description of their conditions of maintenance, compatibility, feeding + photos.

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Choosing the most beautiful fish for the aquarium

The most beautiful aquarium fish bring to the home aquarium natural beauty and a characteristic natural highlight. Before settling fish in your house with a spectacular appearance, learn about the rules of their maintenance and care. Such freshwater and saltwater fish amaze with their grace. If you spend some time at the aquarium, watching them, you will get a portion of inspiration and good mood.

Freshwater fish

Akara turquoise - fish of the family Cichlids. The body is strong and high, measuring 20-25 cm. The color of scales may be silver or green with turquoise shimmer. Turquoise lines are visible on the face and on the gill covers; there is a dark spot in the center of the body. There is a fringing on the dorsal and caudal fins.

Astotilapy Burton - very beautiful fish with a multi-colored color. The main background of the scales is gray-red-yellow, with brown patches. The sides can be painted blue, green or purple. Vertical dark stripes pass through the forehead, muzzle and eyes. Lips blue shade. Pictures of vertical or horizontal stripes appear on the side of the body, if the condition of the fish changes with keeping conditions, stress, spawning.

Pink danios is a small schooling fish. In the aquarium, it looks beautiful due to the rich pink color of the body with characteristic silver stripes. Females are round, angular males, but colored brighter. Pink danios look better in a large flock, giving the aquarium a unique look.

Veiltail goldfish is one of the most beautiful goldfish, which, thanks to its long and lush fins, looks incredible in an aquarium. Veils and tails have a short and rounded body, large eyes on a large head. The fins are down. The color of scales may be different - from golden monotone to black or bright red.

Watch the video about the content of the goldfish voiletail.

Gourami pearl - a beautiful aquarium fish of the Macropod family. Labyrinth fish that can breathe a special labyrinth organ. The body of the fish body is tall, elongated, flattened on the sides. The color of the body is violet-silver, nacre dots can be seen against the background, which are scattered in a chaotic manner over the body and fins.

Cockerel fish Betta - one of the most popular aquarium fish. Color scales may be different, the most common - red and black. Males are characterized by long fins of brocade-ryushechnoy structure.

Scalar is a South American cichlid. The color forms of the scalar can be different - white, silver, black, gray-green and other colors. Four vertical stripes pass through the body, one of them passes through the eyes. The nature of the fish is peace-loving, however, the best angelfish get along in a species aquarium.

Chromis butterfly is a small fish with a characteristic "crown" on its head, and a motley color of scales. The body color is yellowish blue. The front of the back has a red-brown shade, the throat, chest part and abdomen are colored golden. A black vertical strip passes through the eyes. Also the body of the fish is covered with shimmering blue and green spots and dots. The fins are transparent, with red edging. Near the head, the dorsal fin has a characteristic “crown” shape, painted in black.

Sea fish

Radiant lionfish (lat. Pterois antennata) is one of the most unusual sea creatures. The main body color is pale red. On it are visible vertical stripes of white, red, black colors. The pectoral fins are dotted in blue, brown and black. When moving, they effectively develop due to their wide shape. The fish has many spines, which are very painful. Body size - 20 cm in length, you need to keep in a spacious aquarium.

Admire the radiant lionfish.

Mandarin (Latin Synchiropus splendidus) is a beautiful and small fish with a body length of 8 cm. Body of elongated symmetry, fins wide and round. The base color is red-brown. Against the background one can see wavy stripes of blue tint; at the fins there is also a blue edging. Fish swims in the bottom layers of water. It is recommended to keep in tanks of at least 80 liters.

Royal surgeon (Latin Paracanthurus hepatus) - fish with a bright body color. The length of the body is 20-23 cm. The shape is oblong, oval. Color saturated blue, with a purple hue. On the sides visible characteristic "surgeons" pattern. Black stripes intersect, forming a triangle with a bright yellow color. Pectoral fins are characterized by oblong yellow spots. The dorsal and anal fins have a dark blue fringing.

Centropig fire or royal (lat. Centropyge loricula) is a small sea fish that lives on the bottom of the reservoir. The length of the body of adult fish is 7-10 cm. The color is saturated red-orange. The fins are orange, the tail fin is red with a yellow shimmer, there are vertical brown stripes on the sides. One adult is required from 100 liters of aquarium water. Looks impressive in an aquascape with lots of stones and plants.


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