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Little Mermaid Ariel crocheted. and fish

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Little Mermaid Ariel crocheted.





Ariel's Little Mermaid Cake

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Ariel's Little Mermaid Cake

How to collect and decorate a cake based on the cartoon "Little Mermaid Ariel".

To begin with, blind friends Ariel - the Flaunder fish and the crab Sebastian.

For the Flaunder figurine of yellow mastic, we sculpt the body and head. Flunder has a big nose and a smile.

From mastic blue do stripes on the back, fins and tail. Fastened to the torso.

Eyes can be simply drawn, and can be made more voluminous. To do this, you need to push through the holes and place in them balls of white mastic, which are then painted.

For Sebastian, from a mastic of rich red color, we sculpt an oblong body (together with the head), cut the mouth, make holes for the eyes. On the back fasten the arm. Below 3 pairs of thin legs and 2 large claws. In the holes for the eyes put mastic balls of yellow or white. Pink tongue and white teeth in the mouth section.

For Ariel herself, with the help of a mold with further refinement (or independently), we make a little face. Paint markers draw eyes, lips and eyebrows.

From flesh-colored mastic sculpt the body and chest.

To prevent the figure from melting and losing its shape, I give each part of the figure to dry. First, it is very convenient to draw the head (on the dried mastic), then the body (you can hold it a little horizontally and only then lift it vertically).

We make a bikini out of mastic of blue color (in the original purple, here I hurried a bit and did not redo it): we cut out 2 identical parts, with the help of water we glue on the chest and make a cut.

We make tail from mastic of saturated green color) it can be laid as you please) and from mastic of light green color there are fins on the tail and along the line of connection of the tail and body.

From flesh-colored mastic sculpt hands. I put a cake in the hands of my little mermaid.

The final touch is hair. From mastic saturated red color form hair.

The cake itself: the base of the round shape and the "stone" of indefinite shape (I have honey with caramel cream).

The base of the cake is covered with blue mastic. Cover the lower section with deliberately uneven orange flagella and make holes in it with a tool.

On the basis of set "stone", covered with mastic gray-blue.

We strengthen the figures and various marine trifles. The cake is ready.

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