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What does the figurine fish for Feng Shui

Feng shui home furnishing involves not only the correct placement of furniture and a special selection of colors, but also the use of special figurines, including in the form of fish. These additional decorations serve to energize the energy and help to bring good luck, wealth and happiness into the house.

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What do figurines in the form of fish symbolize?

Feng shui fish, as a rule, mean wealth and fulfillment of desires. It is not difficult to remember if you mentally associate such a statuette with the image of the Golden Fish, as well as with the catch that brings money. It should be borne in mind that such a statuette, unlike some others, usually does not give amazing luck that can quickly make a person fabulously rich. But it helps those who are willing to work.
There are different design options for statuettes in the form of fish, and each of them has its own meaning. The same principle applies when creating statues of animals. For example, carp means stamina, dedication, the ability to overcome any obstacles, just as this fish overcomes rocks and river rapids, stubbornly moves against the current. Also, a carp figurine means luck, spiritual achievement, wisdom. Two carp will symbolize harmony in love, successful family affairs, happiness in the house. If there are nine of them, it will become a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and generosity.
One of the brightest and most important elements of the interior, according to Feng Shui, is Arovana, which is also called the Dragon Fish. In nature, it is extremely rare and is unusually expensive. A statuette depicting such a fish means great wealth. She, like a magnet, attracts money to the house, moreover, the more a person tries to work, the more successful his work is with the help of this figurine. However, one must be careful: an even number of Arovan in the house symbolizes quarrels and problems over money.

How to choose a statuette fish and where to install it

Since Feng Shui fish are used to activate and enhance the energy of water, it is recommended to install them in the northern part of the house, since the water element is associated with this very direction. In this case, the fish will indicate career growth, good ideas, good beginnings, new opportunities. It is also recommended to place the statues in the south-eastern part of the house, since it is there that the wealth zone is located. The fish installed there symbolize good fortune in monetary matters, material well-being.
If you want to bring happiness and harmony to your home, and also get some support in money matters, choose a carp figurine. It should be installed in the south-eastern part of the house, since in this case it will symbolize the ability to wisely manage money, capital accumulation, and material well-being. For a lot of money, it is better to choose Avanou. This statuette is recommended to be installed in the northern zone.



The symbol of success.

In this post I would like to talk about Success symbols. Some people start their own business or already own a business, very often surround themselves Success symbols and well-being. If that makes sense? Does it work Success symbols?

There are positive moments in symbols of success. Firstly, there is a perception that if a person believes in something, then it will definitely happen in his life. And if a person believes that any symbol will bring him Successthen it will happen. Secondly, there is still a positive side, for example, symbols of success placed on or near the desktop will set you up positively for any business or event. Symbol of Success

Many psychologists say that people surrounding themselves with various objects symbolize success, luck or financial well-being are more likely to achieve the desired result. During the day, even a short look at these characters, will set you on the positive, which would entail an easier achievement of the result. Symbol of Success

Do you use Success symbols?

Symbol of Success - Four Leaf Clover

Clover, aka trefoil, aka shamrock, is the national symbol of Ireland. Although this uncomplicated plant grows not only in the country of Guinness and Leprechauns, but in all countries located in mid-latitudes. In Ireland, the clover is associated with the name of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the emerald island. Using the example of clover, Patrick explained to the bezelless Irish pagans the device of the holy trinity: "as three leaves grow from one stalk of clover, so God is one in three persons".

Clover flowers and leaves have long been used in medicine. Ancient herbalists may not have known such words, but clover is a source of magnesium, copper, calcium, chromium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and a complex of vitamins of group B. Clover flowers are used for anemia, colds, cough, malaria, rheumatism, as well as expectorant, diuretic, lymphogenic and antiseptic.

Four leaf clover is one of the most widely known symbols of good luck. The people believed that if you find a four-leaf clover, then surely you will have great luck in life. Clover leaf should be dried and always carried with you. He will guard against evil people, witchcraft, divert disease and attract all the best.

The symbol of success is Horseshoe for luck.

To possess its successful properties, the horseshoe must be made of copper, gold or metal. It must be placed above the door. The horseshoe will attract good luck and wealth to the house and protect it from the evil thoughts of other people. Argued that the horseshoe must weigh strictly ends up, otherwise you can scare your luck.

A horseshoe that could bring good luck cannot be bought. It can only be found, although in our time it may be difficult. In the UK of the 18th and 19th centuries, the value of the horseshoe was so great that even the honorable citizens, seeing the lost horseshoe on earth, were not lazy to run out of their crew and pick it up. And all further success, as a rule, was associated with this case.

In Europe, they believe that horseshoe acquired magical power thanks to the gods, because in form it resembles a month. But how to hang a horseshoe for happiness? Horns up or horns down? And where exactly to hang it?

In the East, in Europe and Latin America, horseshoes are hung on the wall with the horns down - so that happiness will flow on you. But the British and Irish are convinced that it is necessary to hang her horns up, so that happiness does not follow.

The Mexican horseshoe is decorated with ribbons and coins, the faces of the saints hang high - no one can touch it. And the Italians, in contrast, hang a horseshoe so that everyone who enters hurt her.

The symbol of success is the three-legged toad.

The three-legged toad with a coin in the mouth, along with the hieroglyph of luck, is a very popular symbol, a symbol of great luck. Most often, the three-legged toad is depicted sitting on a pedestal of coins with the symbol Yin-Yang. The coin in the mouth represents gold. This is one of the most effective talismans for the wealth zone. The easiest way to energize monetary energy with this talisman is to put one toad in the southeast sector of each room or put it on the table, but not straight ahead. Brings wealth, increases cash fortune. When the three-legged toad was a malicious creature. But one day, the Buddha came and conquered her and made a commitment to help people. Since then, Toad is paying the price for the trouble caused by spitting out gold coins. Usually, the figure of the Three-Legged Toad is placed near the front door so that it would appear as if it is jumping into your house.

Symbol of success - Model sailboat.

This symbol, attracting success in business, appeared in those days when the sailing vessel was associated with the arrival of goods and money. Accordingly, this talisman means symbolic "arrival" of luck. For effective work of the talisman, it is necessary that the sailboat be turned nose to the inside of the house, that is, it “arrives”. If you put pieces of gold on the ship’s deck or imitate it, this will greatly increase the talisman’s effectiveness. Placing ships at home or in the office is a very effective method. It simulates the creation of a “harbor”, where each sailboat represents one source of income. The more ships, the more sources of income. Their number depends on the prosperity of affairs in the “harbor” and the company's profitability. Sailboats should not see nails or guns that act as hidden “poison arrows” radiating harmful energy into the space of the room. A picture of a sailboat in the wealth sector (in the southeast) or in the director’s office also brings good luck.

The symbol of success is the Golden Fish.

In China, fish has always been considered a symbol of abundance, because In Chinese, the word "fish" and the word "abundance" are equal in meaning. Also, fish is an emblem of harmony of marital happiness. Putting home aquarium, medium size, with goldfish, you can attract happiness, luck, and prosperity to the house. In the aquarium, the water should be clean and saturated with oxygen, watch out, because the health of the fish depends on it.

In an aquarium one should have eight gold (silver-red, red) and one black fish, since the number "9" is a symbol of the harmony of heaven and earth. This combination will ensure happiness, prosperity and good luck. "Goldfish" - in China symbolizes wealth and prosperity, has literally two meanings: "Gold in abundance", or "Goldfish".

The symbol of success is the ladybug.

Ladybugs are. Finding a ladybird was considered a good omen. Many nations have a ladybug associated with various myths and rituals. The Dutch ladybird, flown by hand or clothing, is considered a good sign. Czechs also believe that the cow found will bring good luck, and the French believe that the amulet with its image protects children from misfortune, warns of danger. The name itself speaks of the role this insect played in the lives of our ancestors. It was believed that the ladybird lives in heaven, and only occasionally descends from heaven to convey the will of God to man.

Many nations believed that the gods themselves feed on her milk, so the ladybird could not be killed under any pretext.

In English-speaking countries, the ladybird is called Ladybird, Ladybug or Lady Beetle. The word "Lady" which unites these names implies the Virgin Mary, respectively, the ladybird in Catholic countries is considered to be an insect of the Mother of God. It goes without saying that you cannot kill him. In many other European countries, the ladybug was associated with the Mother of God (hence its name in various European languages: the bird of the Mother of God, the beetle of Mary).

In Bulgaria, it is called "God's beauty"; in Germany and Switzerland - “candle of God”, Mapia beetle, God's bird / horse, golden cockerel, sun bird, sun cock, sun calf, in France - chicken, God animal, chicken of Saint Michael; in Lithuania - "God Mupyushka"; in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine - the sun; in Argentina, the cow is St. Anthony, and in Tajikistan is the red-bearded grandfather.

The talisman with the image of the ladybirds always brought good luck. And the more black specks on the back of this insect, the stronger was the talisman. One speck - a ladybug will help in any new venture; two specks - a symbol of internal and external harmony; three - a person will learn to be reasonable and be able to make the right decisions; four - protection from robbers and gangsters (it is good to take a talisman with such a ladybug on long trips); five - will increase the ability to creative work; six - will help in learning; Seven - a divine sign, a ladybug with seven spots will bring its owner good luck in all matters and happiness.

Symbol of success - Chimney sweep.

In Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Poland and a number of other countries, the chimney sweep has long been considered a symbol of good luck and well-being. Therefore, the inhabitants of these countries give objects with his image.

Why is it that meeting with a chimney sweep brings good luck? This belief came from Germany. The fact is that in the old days the chimney sweep broom was made from birch, and this tree has been a symbol of fertility since pagan times. Similarly, with soot, which symbolizes fire and life-giving heat. And in folk myth creation, everything that warms and bears fruit brings happiness. There is another explanation. The profession of a chimney sweep is quite dangerous. So people think - since a chimney sweep can do anything at the headwater and nothing happens to him - it means that he is lucky and we must not be too lazy to touch it.

This is not all the characters that bring good luck. For Americans, the “irredeemable nickle” is the “first earned dollar” that brings good luck in finance. For Japanese, the symbol of good luck is Maneki Neko, also known as "money cat", "cat of happiness" or "cat of luck", traditionally depicted with a raised left or right foot: the left one “invites” financial prosperity and success, and the right one - happiness and good luck For every Italian, the symbol of happiness and good luck is the key, perhaps it came from ancient times, when Genoese merchants carried the keys to their treasuries around their necks, considering them as talismans.

In order to understand what will become your symbol, you just need to pronounce what you are aiming for and watch what good luck signs first come up in your mind. This will be your personal symbol. Do not try to come up with this image, let it appear itself. And the most important thing to remember is that a positive mood and the power of thought multiply the strength of any symbol and talisman.

The symbol of success.

Golden fish is an integral part of Buddhism. Every Buddhist temple had swimming pools with goldfish that could not be eaten.
Aquariums populated with goldfish are especially popular in China, Asian countries, they are believed to contribute to the prosperity and happiness of the family, protect against accidents. Fish in China symbolize wealth, and goldfish represent a happy union. In the Middle Kingdom, there are many legends about the origin of goldfish. These are the revived tears of the beautiful girl, and the inhabitants of the heavenly palace who have fallen on the earth, and the gifts of the depths of the ocean. During the time of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), it was customary for the fish to be presented to a Buddhist temple. This marked the beginning of their breeding in captivity. For many centuries, the Chinese people brought amazing beauty of fish, not previously encountered in nature.
The total number of fish in the aquarium is also symbolic, best of all, to be eight or nine (eight gold and one black).
The Japanese goldfish symbolizes weakness and fragility.

The contact between divine power (Rybka), humility (Old Man) and demonic ambition (Old Woman) - this is the deep plot of Pushkin's fairy tale. The whole dynamic of religious-mystical symbolism in The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish is built on the rise of tension between the evil (the Old Woman) and its redemption (the Old Man), which ultimately gives Rybka reason to pass a neutral rather than a judgment of conviction to these people. Using one more way from the literature of the 20th century, let us say that the Old Man — and thanks to him his Old Woman — did not deserve the light: they deserved peace. Consciously or unconsciously, the Old Man at Pushkin fulfilled the order of the Apostle Peter ("Servants, with all fear and obey the masters, not only kind and meek, but also stern. For it pleases God, if someone, thinking about God, endures grief, suffering unfairly" - 1 Peter 2: 19-20) - and thereby saved his wife and himself. The miracle of this wonderful fairy tale is not that here the fish “speaks humanly with a voice”, but that here the Last Judgment is merciful and simple: let it be for everyone according to its deeds. More details.

There is a legend that when the Divine Sage of the Shakya clan reached Perfect Awakening, he was presented with eight auspicious symbols: golden fish, shell, precious vessel, lotus flower, wheel, banner of victory, endless knot and umbrella. These symbols are popular in Tibet and in countries where Buddhism has spread along the northern branch.
Two goldfish is a symbol of overcoming Ocean Sansara and the achievements of Nirvana. The achievement of Nirvana in the Buddhist sutras is compared to the achievement of Togo Berega. Goldfish (Sk. Suvarnamatsya; Tib. Gser-nya) - this is also a symbol of victory over worldly desires: fish are not afraid of the ocean and swim where they want. The golden color symbolizes the merits gained in the process of spiritual practice. Golden fish are the two rivers of India: the sacred Ganges and the Yamuna are its longest and deepest tributary. Such is the pre-Buddhist interpretation of ancient symbols. In ancient symbolism, these rivers merging into one personified the right and left channels in the human subtle body. In one of the ancient texts, the eyes of the Buddha are figuratively compared with two goldfish.

Snow Cat ™

Goldfish bred over 1600 years ago in ancient China. Its progenitors were unattractive silver crucians living in the slow and calm waters of Chinese rivers. Sometimes these crucians gave offspring with very beautiful red scales. Эти-то рыбки и отбирались для дальнейшего разведения. Долгое время содержание золотых рыбок являлось привилегией китайцев, начиная от бедняков и заканчивая императорами. Все отличие состояло лишь в цене сосуда и оригинальности внешнего вида особи.
В Европу рыбка попала лишь в 1728 году благодаря капитану Филиппу Уорду. Он привез несколько особей в Англию кавалеру Матфею Деккеру, который подарил их герцогу Ричмондскому. And in 1745, Louis XV presented goldfish to the trendsetter of the time - the French Marquis de Pompadour. Goldfish were brought to Germany in 1786. And in 1874, a goldfish appeared in America. This is what Hugo Moulert said about her appearance: "There was such an increased interest to the brought fish, and not only among aquarists, but also among the public that there was a fanatic who offered $ 2,000 for a couple. The admiral, as a true amateur, rejected all the offers and built a pool for breeding veils and tails. The fanatics did not calm down and even tried to steal them. They had to fence the reservoir and put up guards. In the end, tired of these troubles, the elderly admiral ordered to drain the water and catch all the fish. " Goldfish aroused great interest in Russia. There are cases when for two pairs of fish an entire village was given with serfs.
But this is all a story. And what do ancient Chinese legends say about the appearance of goldfish? There are a lot of them, but here are 2 of the most popular.
That was many years ago. Then people still lived in heaven and did not swim anywhere overseas. And there lived a young man and a girl who loved each other very much. And it seemed that nothing could destroy their happiness. But here on heaven attacked the enemies. And the young man began to gather for war. Her sweetheart wept bitterly. Falling to the ground, her tears turned into beautiful roses.
But the war is over. And they began to return home bold wars. But all did not come and did not come her lover. Soon the girl learned that he stayed in a foreign land with another. Then the unfortunate went to the pond and burst into tears there bitterly, and her tears, falling into the water, turned into goldfish.
They also say that very beautiful girls lived in the same village. They were very cheerful, carefree. All day long they only did that they walked and laughed. And this annoyed the old witch who lived nearby that she turned them into fish and released them into a pond. Swimming in crystal clear water, they constantly looked up to the shore. Thus, one of the species of goldfish appeared - the celestial eye, whose eyes are turned upwards.
Now there are many other varieties of goldfish. Among them:
Heavenly eye

Goldfish - a symbol of good luck

Fish is a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements in cultures of different nations. It is impossible not to recall the famous "Golden Fish", which fulfilled desires.

Many people believe that the fish-shaped pendant is a strong talisman that can attract good luck to its owner. A variety of fish-shaped pendants are made from different materials, metals, or semi-precious stones. For example, you can choose your “happy fish” with pearls of black or white color, a fish with precious stones, a fish made of white or yellow gold, and so on.
Someone may incorrectly believe that the tale of the "Golden Fish" is simple and banal. However, this story has a deep meaning. The old man making wishes is our consciousness. The old woman is our Ego, immersed in the routine. The fish itself is a symbol of new opportunities opening up to man.
In one of the divinations known in Tibet, a goldfish means help from fate itself. This symbol falls, as a rule, to those people who, even in the most difficult situations, retain faith in themselves and see positive moments. This is a special character trait. Therefore, if you want to always win and find a way out of difficult situations, the fish-shaped pendant will become a reliable ally for you.

Career Symbols

Glass Goldfish GLASS FISHED GLASS - a great money symbol. Place this beauty on any north wall or in the northern sector. Let her swim there and bring you success and money! Pay attention onlyso that you have this fish not behind your back.
Bagua sector - north. Career and life path Goldfish in the water (in the aquarium) GOLDEN FISHES IN WATER - Wonderful feng shui business and monetary luck. The greater the number of fish, the greater your luck in business! Such a wonderful picture (if the aquarium cannot be) can be hung on north, east or southeast houses. You can even enlarge it and hang it in your office. And in such a way that the fish are always in front of your eyes. Bagua sector - north. Career and life path Bagua sector - southeast. Wealth. Aquariums with live fish (eight gold and one black for protection). Just be sure to keep the water clean. Dirty, stagnant water brings financial problems. If you keep the aquarium in southeast corner and one or two fish suddenly die - do not panic. The Chinese believe that misfortune was thus averted. Just hurry to replace them with new fish. But!!! No need to start an overly large aquarium. Water is a very powerful element, and it must be used with caution. Too much water can symbolically “flood” your Wealth Tree. Observe the measure. Fountain FOUNTAIN - The image of water is generally good in the north, and the fountain is just what the doctor Feng Shui prescribed! The fountain is such a popular symbol of good luck that it has already become a universal expression of good feng shui. Personally, I prefer those fountains that are directed upwards and not flow downwards. Up, up, everything must grow and rise up! Career, energy, mood, money. Let everything grow with you with this wonderful fountain! • In addition to the northern sector, you can hang the image of the fountain at the front door. It also works wonderfully for bringing beneficial chi energy into a home. Only ensure that the water is to the left of the entrance door, if you look outside the house. It is also useful to install water fountains at the entrance to the office or apartment. Pay only attention to so that water flows into the apartment symbolically. If water flows from the office or at home, then money flows with it. Bagua sector - north. Career and life path Turtle TURTLE - will provide you with support in business, success in your career, health and longevity. It is believed that if you meet the eyes of a living turtle, then most of your failures will disappear. These slow giants possess such power. In Feng Shui to the turtle is a very special relationship. She is one of the four mystical creatures. Turtle seat - on north, behind your back or in the bedroom.
If you hang the image of this cute helper in your behind your back in the workplace, she will provide you with support in business, in the bedroom - good health and longevity, and in the north - good luck in your career.
I have a lot of talents and abilities, I have everything to succeed.
I achieve everything I strive for and more.
I am learning to see the new opportunities that my life is full of.
I do what I like and get good money for it.
I steadily grow and develop, my career is gaining momentum and brings me success that exceeds all expectations.
I'm always lucky!

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