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Drawing lesson. Watercolor "Fish".

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Drawing Lessons - Musyupick Discus

Let's try to depict the discus fish:

- Paper Arches 300 g / m2 cold-pressed
- Watercolor White Nights
- Squirrel brushes 2 and 4 number
- A simple pencil 3B
- Black gel pen
Try to take good paper whenever possible, on it stains and transitions of color look especially effectively. Since the accuracy of the image was important for me in this work, because watercolor will be presented to the discoverer of this variety of discus, as reference, I just took a photo of a fish:

I transferred the image to the sheet with pencil 3B using the window method and added an internal frame, as in the drawing with arovanoy. Slightly broke excess geometry, adding branches. In the natural surroundings, the fish will look more natural. Please note that I do not produce any constructions on the sheet, on which I will write in watercolor. Each eraser erased by an erroneous line will result in a easily distinguishable section with a strange texture that will in no way make the work more attractive. The sketch was previously made on a separate sheet of plain paper, and then transferred to watercolor:

I prescribe the lower side of the branches with a dry brush number 4 in several layers with natural sienna and burnt umber, and I add sepia to nearby branches. Distant slightly shading blue cobalt, as if they are visible through the water column:

Background I write the same brush blue cobalt with the addition of blue and ultramarine. When the water is slightly absorbed into the paper, with a clean, wet brush I touch the paper to places and get small stains like salt. I write the inner frame with natural sienna and burnt umber, repeating the colors of the branches:

I prescribe the fins of the fish with brush number 2, starting with the golden one, and then add cadmium red and light, while the previous paint is still wet, so that the colors smoothly merge into each other. I write dark areas with sepia, and glitters on the body of the fish - blue cobalt, as well as the background:

The work will be decorative, so you can add some tricks, for example, gaps in the places of the rays of the fins and between the background and the fish. After one evening of work, the fish takes the following form:

Then I continue to write the torso with the brush number 2, although I could easily take a four, but I don’t want to risk it, for a gift. I write dark stripes in sepia closer to the center of the body and add burnt umber and iron oxide light red around the edges. All colors are mixed right on the sheet, pre-wetting the area with which I work. I do not think that this is correct, but it is more convenient for me, because a painting session can end suddenly: suddenly the little ones will call for me to play or something else. The body of the fish is covered with the following colors, ranging from the middle to the edges: cadmium yellow medium, golden, titian and iron oxide light red at the very edge. I do small divorces in the same way - I touch wet paper with a wet clean brush:

And at the end I draw some contours with a gel pen:

So, now you know the method of making a simple and effective gift!

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