Fish in the pond


Salad with sprats: a recipe. "Fish in the pond" (salad)

Seafood salads are always beneficial and advantageous. They are light and nutritious, elegant and easy to prepare. As an example, let’s look at a few original recipes, the “heroes” of which will be our favorite sprats. With what ingredients should they be combined to make culinary masterpieces, what to fill and how to decorate - you will read about all this useful and interesting in today's material.

Sprat abundance

The subject of our article is a salad with sprats: the recipe for “Fish in a pond” and other goodies. Even some 30-40 years ago, the jars with this little smoked fish were a delicacy that our parents got to with great difficulty for the holidays. Each sprat was carefully taken out of tin cans and laid out in saucers, surrounded by slices of the same rare then lemons or olives without pits. Since then, much has changed, the stores are bursting with scarcely scarce products, and the salad with sprats has become quite familiar to us. The recipe for "Fish in the pond" is simple in its composition. But the dish itself is nice in design and very tasty. You only need 2 carrots, 3 potatoes, 4 eggs, a jar of canned food and a bag of mayonnaise. Plus 100 grams of hard cheese. And lettuce leaves.

Recipe "Fish"

How is this salad prepared with sprats? The recipe for “Fish in the pond” looks like this: boil carrots and potatoes in salted water. Then brush and rub on a large grater. Boiled hard-boiled and peeled eggs finely chop. Fold up sprats with a fork, just do not forget to leave 5-7 pieces tselenkie, for decoration. Place salad leaves on plates. They will serve as decoration. And now lay out a salad with sprats in layers. The recipe for "Fish in the pond" advises to start with canned food. Spread mashed sprats evenly in the shape of a circle. From above make a mesh of mayonnaise. The second layer is potato. It can sprinkle with ground black pepper and pour a little sprats oil. And again mayonnaise. The third must be a carrot. Salt it lightly, also add butter and mayonnaise. Next, eggs, a layer of "Provensal" and grated cheese. Now attention: you need to decorate the salad with sprats. "Fish in the pond" - it's not for nothing that the dish is called that. Carefully cut the teaspoon in the salad with holes in the salad and stick whole fishtails in them with the tails up. And between them or in the center of the "composition" place the feathers of green onions or sprigs of dill or parsley. Well, effectively? And very tasty too!

Canned Salad

The next dish to our festive table is a salad with sprats and peas. It also includes 2 large potatoes, a few tablespoons of pickled or salted mushrooms, canned green peas, 1 onion, and mayonnaise for refueling. Sprats cut into small pieces. Boil the potatoes in uniforms, cool, cut into cubes. Chop onion with thin half-rings. Cut the straws into mushrooms, pre-rinsing them and folding them into a colander. Connect the products, add the peas. Drizzle with oil from sprats and season with mayonnaise. Stir. It would be nice to decorate the meal with halves of pickled plums, and you can serve on the table. Also the dish will be snapped up.

Fish and vegetable platter

The salad with sprats and corn may seem unusual to you. However, once you try it, you will become loyal fans of snacks. Moreover, the dish consists of a large number of vegetables, and therefore it is very useful. Ingredients: 2 boiled potatoes and 1 carrot and turnip (just do not take a turnip like the one in a children's fairy tale - only 1 small or half of a medium is enough for a salad!), A few salted or fresh cucumbers, a jar of canned corn. Sprats cut into pieces. Boiled vegetables - diced, cucumbers - thin slices. Combine products, add and pepper, season with mayonnaise. Cook 1 egg separately. Cut it into slices and cucumber - elongated oval slices. Put a salad in a slide, garnish with an egg and a cucumber, let the dish stand for a couple of minutes and try!

Salad "Rainbow"

Only 3 components consists of a salad with sprats and carrots. But the taste of it does not suffer at all! Boil a hard boiled 3 carrots and 5 eggs. Sprat mash. They will be the basis of delicacy. Brush with mayonnaise. The second layer is carrot, the third is egg. Mesh mayonnaise between them and the top. And you can decorate it with pomegranate seeds or chopped green onion feathers. This salad will delight the taste and eye on any holiday table.

Mushroom theme again

A wonderful variety of snacks from canned fish - a salad with sprats and potatoes, stewed mushrooms, eggs, pickles and green onions. Approximately 300 grams. boil fresh mushrooms until ready in salted water. Then cut into thin slices and stew them in a white sauce. Boil 3 potatoes, peel and cut into cubes. Chop the sprats and cucumbers into slices. Cook hard boiled 4 eggs. 3 crumble. Chop a small bunch of green onions. Combine components in a salad with sprats and mushrooms, salt to taste and season with mushroom sauce. If it's not enough, add some mayonnaise or sour cream. Cut the remaining egg into slices or slices and garnish with the salad laid out in a plate. Slices of red and yellow tomatoes or rings of sweet peppers will also look good here. Sprinkle the salad with parsley. Let all the ingredients soak in the dressing, and hurry to enjoy a wonderful meal!

Salad "Fish in the pond" with sprats

An incomparable version of the salad today will describe in this article. This appetizer will certainly impress all the guests and your creation will be remembered for a long time. We'll tell you how to cook amazing salad "Fish in the pond" with sprats in the main part.

Recipe for salad "Fish in the pond" of sprats with melted cheese


  • potatoes - 130 g;
  • sprats - 185 g;
  • egg (large) - 4 pcs .;
  • processed cheese (hard) - 210 g;
  • mayonnaise;
  • garlic;
  • green onion.


Wash the potatoes, boil "in uniform", peel and chop with a coarse grater. Put it in the first layer and spread it with mayonnaise.

Drain the oil from the canned food, remove the sprats and set aside a few whole fish for decoration. Spread the rest of the fish in a plate, mash with a fork and distribute the next layer.

Boil eggs, cool in ice water, peel and grind on a small grater. Sprinkle them over the sprat and soak it in mayonnaise. Pre-freeze the cheese and rub coarsely. Lubricate the surface of the finished salad mesh mayonnaise. Decorate the dish with the sprats put off earlier, by sticking them with your head down and sprinkle with finely chopped green onions.

How to cook salad "Fish in the pond" with sprats?


  • sprats - 1 small standard jar;
  • potatoes - 2 pcs .;
  • carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • onions (purple can be) - 2 pcs .;
  • eggs (large) - 2 pcs .;
  • Russian cheese (or other not very salty) - 65 g;
  • greens of onion, dill and parsley - for registration;
  • mayonnaise classic (can be homemade);
  • salt.


First you need to boil hard-boiled eggs, carrots to softness and potatoes "in uniform". Next, clean and coarsely chop on a grater. Cheese in the same way rub. It is important that each ingredient must be rubbed into separate containers. Sprat mash with a fork, but leave a couple of fish to decorate the dish. Peel and chop the onion. Now that all the ingredients have been prepared, you can lay the salad in layers. Take a suitable dish and distribute the first layer of potatoes, add a little salt and grease with mayonnaise.

Spread the onion with the second layer, do not soak it, spread the mashed sprats on top of the third layer and smear them with mayonnaise.

The fourth layer will be carrots, which need to be salted and smeared with mayonnaise.

The fifth layer is hard cheese, which you just smear with mayonnaise and now the sixth layer is crushed eggs, soak them, sprinkle with chopped greens.

Now you can decorate the salad with fish and green onion feathers, which is better to distribute along the edge of the salad. In several places stick tails sprats.

Salad "Fish in the pond": delicious, inexpensive and original

All kinds of salads are very diverse even everyday table. But nothing about the holiday and can not speak! In addition, in addition to the taste of magnificence, these dishes are very decorated not only the table, but also the room in which it is located. Especially if they were originally conceived unusually - what even the names of culinary masterpieces themselves already speak about. For example, with

Alat "Fish in the pond". It consists of not so intricate ingredients, everything is simple and inexpensive, however, thanks to the creative approach and design, it becomes even tastier.

Traditional salad "Fish in the pond"

Like any dish, "Fish" have a few recipes. Like any salad, they can be added to just about anything - as long as the components do not "feud" with each other. However, a couple of recipes are executed much more often than others; their components are found in other variations, so we will consider these recommendations traditional. For a start, let's use the classic to prepare the salad "Fish in the pond." Step-by-step recipe looks like.

  1. Two eggs are boiled, for the same number of potatoes and carrots. In the finished form, everything is cooled and cleaned.
  2. A large onion is finely cut as much as possible. If you do not accept its strong smell and taste, pour boiling water over it. Vinegar is better not to use - the taste and aroma will be different, but even more sharp.
  3. A can of sprats opens. If you are going to cook a puff salad with sprats "Fish in the pond", stock up on canned food with large specimens - this is important. In a part of the fish, tails are cut off, everything else is kneaded together with butter.
  4. Melted cheese is frozen in the refrigerator and rubbed on a coarse grater.
  5. Going salad. Each layer is smeared with mayonnaise. The procedure is as follows: boiled potato chips - sprats - onions - grated eggs - boiled and grated carrot - cheese. "Top" again smears mayonnaise, cut tails are stuck into it, everything is sprinkled with chopped greens.

Salad for impregnation should stand for an hour in the refrigerator.

Second classic recipe

No less popular "Fish in the pond." Salad differs from the previous one primarily by the absence of carrots and onions. To many cooks, the recipe is nice because it does not include boiled carrots: they consider it appropriate in a vinaigrette and “fur coat”, but superfluous in other salads. Instead of processed cheese, hard cheese is taken. It is recommended to add garlic, but this is how the hostess will decide. The rest of the salad "Fish in the pond" is prepared similar to the previous recipe; garlic (if you agree on it) sprinkled egg layer. In this variant, it will also be appropriate to slightly spray the potato layer with ground pepper.

"Fish in the pond" with pineapples

For the preparation of this option from the components removed the potatoes. Pineapple pieces are laid out on the bottom of a salad bowl, a large boiled carrot rubs on top, and hard cheese is placed on it. In total it will need 150 grams; half goes to this layer. The sprat mass is distributed over the cheese, and the remaining cheese is spread onto it. Please note that the layers of cheese - fish - mayonnaise cheese are not smeared. Four hard-boiled eggs are sorted into proteins and yolks. Proteins are rubbed on cheese evenly and covered with mayonnaise, and chopped and mashed yolks salad "Fish in a pond" is decorated with stuck tails and powdered greens. By the way, you can not sprinkle it haphazardly, but make a curb around the edge of a salad bowl.

Cucumber recipe

Very interesting "Fish in the pond"! Salad is complemented by pickles, and cheese is smoked for it. Carrot here again turns out to be superfluous, so it is removed from the list. The rest of the dish is prepared in the manner described. Cucumbers stand in line after the potatoes, followed by sprats, the last layer is cheese. When making a design, you can also use cucumber circles - they will completely disappear from the water lily leaves. By the way, in the season of availability of fresh cucumbers, it is quite possible to replace salted ones. Only for greater sharpness on top of them will have to spread crushed onions.

"Fish in the pond" with zazharkoy

The main stages are no different from sculpting a classic variety in the first version. The only difference that gives an unexpected taste to a familiar salad is grilled, made like in soup. Raw carrot is rubbed, finely chopped onion, both vegetables are well fried. Ready zazharku need to cool and salt-pepper. The sequence of the "assembly" is also classic. But the taste of salad "Fish in the pond" has a new one!

Chefs personal enhancements

The popularity of the dish is so great that even there are already disputes how to cook it properly. There are cooks who claim that the salad “Fish in the Pond” is low in weight, and they offer to rub fresh cabbage or cucumber with cheese. Other cooks insist that the main ingredients - potatoes and carrots - should be finely chopped; in their opinion, only eggs should be passed through the grater. However, in order to take part equally in these disputes and assess the correctness (or fallacy) of judgments, you must first prepare the salad “Fish in the pond” - at least in the classic version.