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FISHING stencils

Cutting paper snowflakes (patterns)

New Year's Eve with their own hands


Snowflakes - the traditional decoration of the New Year holidays.

Every snowflake is uniquespecially made by hand. Paper snowflakes are beautiful and simple in design, because for this you need only paper and scissors.

Thanks to the simplicity, snowflakes are a favorite craft for children and adults.

How to make a snowflake

New Year's window decoration

How to cut paper snowflakes

These snowflakes are hexagonal., but you can also try making a quadrangular or octagonal snowflake.

Here is a simple instruction how to fold the paper for a snowflake. The main hexagonal shape remains the same, and the pattern that you will cut out of this shape makes it different.

You can use any paper for making snowflakes: brown paper, old magazines, printer paper etc.

However, do not use very thick paper, as it will be difficult to fold and cut.

Hexagonal Snowflake

· Fold a square sheet of paper in half to make a triangle (Figure 1).

· Now fold the triangle in half, connecting the ends (Fig.2).

· Fold the resulting triangle three times (Fig. 3), as shown (Fig. 4).

· Cut off the top so that it is straight (fig.5). Begin to cut the pattern according to a pattern or according to your wish, using straight and curved lines.

Open the snowflake.

Quadrangular snowflake

Pentagonal snowflake


  • You can use any paper size. For example, if you want to make a lot of small snowflakes, then you can cut 4 snowflakes out of a single A4 sheet.
  • Leave less paper. The more paper you cut, the more elegant it will be.
  • If you are unable to cut the pattern with scissors, try using a stationery knife.

Snowflake Patterns (print)

Beautiful paper ballerina snowflakes

It is easy to make such an elegant snowflake-ballerina with your own hands with children.

The basic form of the ballerina is symmetrical, so we need to fold the sheet of paper in half and cut ballerina template.

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A pack of ballerina do in the form of a snowflake. We fold a sheet of paper only 3 times instead of 4, so that there are not too many layers to cut. Use different patterns.

After you cut out the tutu, fold it in half to pass through the figure of a ballerina, and only then straighten it.

Snowflake Patterns for Cut

Cutting Paper Snowflake Patterns

Such snowflakes on the theme of the cartoon "Cold Heart" can be cut out with the children.

Paper Snowflake Stencils

You can make a garland of snowflakes to decorate the house.

Snowflakes can also be cut from coffee filters.

Snowflake decoration for the New Year

Hang the snowflakes on the window, holding them together with hooks or clips.

Thread through the 2 holes in the snowflakes to connect them to the garland.

Sticking together several snowflakes with the same pattern, you can make 3D snowflakes.

You can decorate your gift with a self-made snowflake.

Use double-sided tape, toothpaste or soap solution to glue the snowflake to the window or decorate your house or other room with it.

Author: Filipenko L.V.

Drawing fish patterns

It would be nice to catch a goldfish. Make many wishes and let them all be fulfilled. Highlight the main thing is very difficult. Well, if not catch, then at least draw.

In all illustrations, the golden fish is a magnificent-tailed round beauty with large intelligent eyes. But for good things, not so much the form as the content is important. Therefore, the templates will help you choose your fish, and maybe everything for a cozy night lamp, vase, candlestick, made with stained glass painting or other techniques, to draw with children, to make an application out of colored paper or felt.

The printed pattern can be transferred to a solid object using carbon copy. To get an image on a light-colored fabric, you need to put the fabric on the drawing and circle it with a pencil. Reduce or enlarge the image on the copier or set the size and display on the printer. Many people apply paper or cloth to the monitor and copy pictures. One of my friends copies the pictures from the monitor directly to T-shirts!