How to get rid of small snails in the aquarium


How to rid the aquarium of snails coils

Snail aquarium - useful and beautiful creatures that can be useful in the care of the tank. They are harmless, omnivorous, unpretentious in content. However, due to their nature, they multiply very quickly. Experienced aquarists and newcomers are sometimes confused by the fact that there are so many snails. How to get rid of snails in an aquarium so that it does not disturb the biological equilibrium of the aquatic environment, and does not harm the fish and plants?

About the reproductive system of snails

Snails are gastropods with a single shell. They have a big muscular leg, with which they move. On the head there is a small mouth and a pair of "antennas", which are tentacles with eyes. They are two-breathing creatures, able to breathe both lungs and gills.

There are snails of opposite-sex and same-sex (hermaphrodite). Some species bear and lay eggs, others - viviparous, produce small snails, ready for a full life. Hermaphrodites have male and female reproductive organs. All aquarium species quickly produce offspring, and some can be bought already pregnant. Ampulyarii - mollusks of different sexes, lay eggs above the surface of the water. The coils will turn out to reproduce clutch without the participation of a male or female, it is a hermaphrodite. Melania, Helena, tilomelany - viviparous species.

These mollusks perfectly adapt to environmental conditions, so their population is rapidly increasing. They eat almost everything - algae, plants, carrion, and decaying plants, unedited food. Perfectly cope with the purification of aquarium water, eliminate the "bloom".

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How do snails get into an aquarium?

To control the population of aquarium coils, ampoules, neretins, melania, tilomeleaniya, fizy, mariza and other species, you need to apply measures according to their physiological characteristics. When you control the population of mollusks, the aquarium is not harmed. They do an excellent job with algae, mix the soil, do not allow it to rot. In fizy and coils high reproduction rate, as a result of which the aquarium is very quickly populated. They do not give passage, clogging up all the scenery and arrangements.

Snails get into the aquarium, if you buy them, or bring them together with plants, snags. If you do not want to see such a cohabitation with fish, before planting in the tank of a new decoration or plant, treat them with Hydra-Tox solution. Rapid reproduction means that something is wrong with the bio-balance or water parameters. In a balanced environment, these mollusks are absolutely harmless, they can even be useful.

Also, they become a lot because of the overfeeding of fish. Mollusks eat the remnants of food, and the more of it, the more it becomes this living creatures. Waste accumulated in the ground encourages reproduction, so in time to siphon it and remove food debris.

How to deal with snails?

  1. The chemical method - you buy in the pet store special drugs, because of which these animals die. Is it worth it to do? This method is best used as a last resort, as the rapid death of animals will disturb the aquatic ecosystem. Chemicals have side effects - a bacterial outbreak, diseases of fish and plants, changes in water parameters. Drugs can be toxic to all living things. Do not use drugs that are not intended to fight snails. Means to help remove snails: Tropical Hydra-Tox, ZMF Limnacid, Sera Snailpur, Sera snail-Ex, JBL Schnecktol, Aquacon against snails, Dajana Molucid.
  2. Set traps for mollusks - you can buy traps in the pet store, and do it yourself. Prepare a leaf of cabbage, scald it. Put the bottom of the aquarium on a plate. In the morning the cabbage leaf and the plate will be in snails, which are easy to clean. A regular procedure will reduce their population. If herbivorous fish do not allow cabbage to "live" until the morning, you can improve the way. Take a plastic bottle, make small holes in it, in which the fish will not fit, and the snails will easily crawl through them. Place scalded cabbage, lettuce leaves in a bottle, and flood it at the bottom of the tank. In the morning there will be a lot of these animals in the bottle.

    See how to catch snails from the aquarium.

  3. Fish - many fish love snails as a treat. However, well-fed fish will not eat mollusks. We'll have to underfed the fish, or plant them on a fasting day. Eat well snails tetradons, clown fights, macropods, gourami, catfish (eating their eggs).

  4. Large snails, predators - there is such a snail Helena, which eats both small fishes and small snails (coils, ampoules, and others). Now buy Helena is not problematic, its size is 1.5-2 cm. Helena can destroy almost all the relatives in a matter of days. However, it should be noted that Helena also multiply, and can bring with them another brood of the same "devourers". Control the population of all species in the aquarium.
  5. The mechanical method is to catch clams with a net. The process is time consuming, but if you do not have a lot of aquarium snails, you can handle it.

How to get rid of snails in the aquarium?

Usually snails do not pose a danger to fish and plants that live in an aquarium, but on the contrary, they are involved in maintaining ecological balance, as they eat leftover food and waste products, which are deposited on the bottom and walls of the aquarium. However, sometimes they can multiply too much, so you need to know how to get rid of the snails in the aquarium.

Natural methods of dealing with snails

The most safe and harmless to other inhabitants of the aquarium are methods of dealing with snails by folk remedies or by introducing predators into the ecosystem that eat snails. Most often, aquarium breeders are wondering how to get rid of small snails in an aquarium, since large species are not prone to rapid reproduction.

If you are thinking about how to get rid of small snails in an aquarium, then try using special traps. To do this, at the bottom of the aquarium, place a plate or bottle with small holes in which to place the scalded leaf of lettuce or cabbage. Leave the bait overnight, and in the morning you can easily remove the leaf covered with snails and, thus, reduce their population.

Predators are another way to get rid of coil snails in an aquarium. Some species of fish with pleasure eat such snails. They like tetradon snail fish very much, but you should pay attention to the fact that such fish have a rather aggressive and nasty character, and they may not get along with other inhabitants of the aquarium. Other species that help in the regulation of the snail population are: clown combat, some gourami species, macropods, catfish, eating snail eggs. It is worth noting that if the fish is full, then it is unlikely to look at snails, so the residents of your aquarium will have to keep a little hungry all the time.

Helen predatory snails will easily clean your aquarium from smaller species. After that, the snails of this species can eat like all others: the remnants of food and plants. Such large snails are very beautiful and not prone to breeding. But if they multiply, then you can quickly and profitably sell them, as now they are in great demand.

Chemical control methods

In pet stores you can buy special chemical compounds that regulate the population of snails. One of them - the drug Hydra-Tox, in which you can withstand the plants and the soil before being placed in an aquarium. These substances kill snails, however, they can disturb the fragile chemical balance in the aquarium, which can affect the health and livelihoods of other inhabitants, therefore it is necessary to use such preparations very carefully, carefully following the instructions, and it is recommended to resort to them only in the most extreme cases.

How to destroy the snails in the aquarium? Wrestling

Snails multiply very quickly and abundantly: in a normal aquarium they have no natural enemies that can control the size of their population. When the snails are no longer able to see the fish, the time comes to get rid of uninvited guests. There are several effective ways to deal with aquarium snails.

The first way is to catch all snails (or at least most of them) manually. It is quite simple, but it will take a lot of time, and there will be several individuals in the ground that can later multiply to the same size.

To spend much less time, you need to put a banana peel or a leaf of lettuce on the bottom of the aquarium. It is preferable to still use the peel, because the salad is often loved to eat fish, thereby reducing the effort to lure snails to a minimum. When all the snails are gathered on the peel, you just need to take it out of the aquarium - but as carefully as possible. This procedure is done repeatedly, otherwise the problem will arise again, how to destroy the snails in the aquarium.

If time permits, it is possible to make natural enemies of these creatures - predatory fish will eat everyone, whatever their number, but there is a danger that they will eat other inhabitants as well, so you need to choose - either old-timers or novices.

A radical method of struggle will be the removal from the aquarium of all its inhabitants and washing the walls with a solution of salt or bleach, as well as boiling the soil. The disadvantage of this method is that the entire internal ecosystem will be destroyed, and it will take a long time until it is restored again. This method can be used for any disease settled in the water - for example, to combine it with the fight against blue-green algae.

The fight against snails in an aquarium can be crowned with success even in the case of buying a special tool in a pet shop, and it must be borne in mind that the means intended to combat snails often contain copper, which is dangerous for fish and plants. After processing, when the snails are dead, it is necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible, because, decomposing, they will pollute the water.

Whichever method of destruction of snails is chosen, it is rather difficult to get rid of them, therefore before planting a couple of cute Ampularia in your aquarium, you need to think carefully about the consequences that can bring a lot of trouble.

How to get rid of snails coils, melania in the aquarium Snails in the aquarium

How to get rid of the coils in the aquarium. Red coil snail

How to get rid of snails in the aquarium? A lot of small snails. All the glass is strewn with these snails.


This question is repeated regularly, it will be necessary to prepare a cheat sheet!
1. Press a few pieces with your finger on the glass every day - the fish will be happy with the variety of the diet.
2. Throw a slice of cucumber or a piece of lettuce. Feed the snails to the turtles or throw them into the toilet.
3. To get macropods, bots, tetradons, and so. - they are happy to eat small snails.
4. Create a predatory snail helen. Keep in mind, 1 helena eats no more than 2 snails per day, because you need to take a dozen for an average aquarium.
5. Impose perfect cleanliness in the aquarium, get rid of excess organics and do not leave uneaten food, this will slow them down a bit.
6. If fish endure this - create soft acidic water, snails do not like it.
7. In the most extreme case, take advantage of chemical malacicides, but there is a great chance that you will poison all the inhabitants of the aquarium. I do not like such chemistry!

How to catch snails from the aquarium