Water is blooming in an aquarium how to fight


Why is the water green in the aquarium and how to deal with it?

Self-purification of water in natural aquatic ecosystems occurs due to physicochemical and biological processes involving hydrobionts: living organisms and plants. The condition of the aquarium water depends on the organization of the system (maintenance mode, power and type of filter, the presence of living plants, drifts, the number of fish and food). The color of water can change under the influence of various factors. Thus, the low content of oxygen in it, which is consumed for the oxidation of organic matter, leads to an increase in the concentration of decomposition products. The water becomes cloudy, gets the smell of hydrogen sulfide. But there are cases when it becomes green. So why is the water green in the aquarium?

The reason for its turbidity is the mass reproduction of bacteria, and the water turns green usually from green microscopic euglenic algae that multiply in an aquarium. Euglena is normally always present in the aquarium, but during its reproduction begins the "flowering" of water, which can be painted in yellow-green, green colors. More often it is observed in aquariums with excessive brightness of the light source. Often, fans of ornamental fish, acquiring aquariums for the home, place them in the most convenient and "cost-effective" place - near the windows. Direct intense sunlight contributes to the active reproduction in water of green algae, which cover the glass aquarium, decorations, plants. Strong artificial lighting also contributes to the reproduction of euglena. It can be brought into the aquarium and with live food for fish from natural waters.

The first actions that are taken by novice aquarists are a complete replacement of water, cleaning plants, decorations. Similar, logical at first glance, events only aggravate the situation, causing bewilderment and the question of why the water is green in the aquarium, despite all efforts.

Changing water does not improve the situation. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of its "flowering" - turn off the light for several days, obscure the aquarium, located near the window. After this, the regular change of water and cleaning of the soil will allow to correct the situation, since light and nutrients only stimulate the growth of green algae. Keep the aquarium clean at all times.

You should know that the process of water self-purification will accelerate with the addition of "old" water (1/3 of the total) to the aquarium, pre-stored, rich in humic acid and a set of microorganisms that help restore a healthy environment. You should know that it is harvested from a prosperous aquarium, not overcrowded with fish, with well-growing plants.

In order not to wonder about why the water is green in the aquarium, you can run daphnias into it. In this case, it is better to seed the fish so that they do not destroy the crustaceans.

You can also purify water with the help of special preparations acquired in pet stores. Algae die off when a solution of rivanol, trypaflavin, penicillin, streptomycin is added to the aquarium.

Special diatomaceous filters and UV sterilizers help to eliminate the "blooming" of water.

In order to no longer wonder why water is turning green in an aquarium, it is necessary to achieve the necessary biological balance for its aquarium inhabitants. To support it, you need to adjust the lighting: apply curtains, screens, change the power of the lamps. Remember that it is important where the aquariums are installed. The fish will feel great with proper lighting, proper feeding, aeration and filtering.

It is useful to acquire new inhabitants of the underwater world who eat algae. These are pteregoplichts, antsitrusy, which remove plaque from glasses, mollies, Siamese seaweeds, Japanese shrimps, snails, ampouleries.

Why does the water bloom in the aquarium :: green water in the aquarium what to do :: Aquarium fish

Why does water bloom in an aquarium?

The flowering of water in an aquarium often begins suddenly. At first, the water becomes slightly cloudy, then becomes green and slightly transparent. To combat these phenomena, you need to know its nature.

The question "opened a pet shop. Business is not going. What to do?" - 2 answers

You will need

  • - lighting
  • - aquarium filters and sprayers
  • - compressor
  • - plastic can
  • - needles for burning holes


1. The reason for the blooming of water is the mass reproduction of unicellular flagellated microorganisms. Botanists attribute them to algae, zoologists - in part to the simplest animals. But it will be important for you that all these microorganisms are capable of photosynthesis, that is, light is necessary for their development.

2. It is the excess light that is always indicated as the main cause of water blooming. When installing the aquarium, you must ensure that direct sunlight does not fall on it. An exception can be made only for spawning aquariums and only for the immediate spawning period, if necessary.

3. The spectral composition of light is also important. Higher plants prefer the "warm" light of incandescent bulbs, while the algae multiply rapidly with the "cold" light of fluorescent lamps. Use a combination of different light sources and try to choose the illumination so that it is sufficient for the growth of aquarium plants, but no more. It is necessary to light the aquarium from above.

4. For photosynthesis of flagellates, the content of carbon dioxide in water, which is abundantly released by aquarium animals, is of great importance. Higher plants are competitors of flagellates in the absorption of carbon dioxide, but they also release it in the dark. Ammonia dissolved in water is also a food for flagellates.

5. Be sure to use aeration and filtration of water in the aquarium, and around the clock. Thus, you will create conditions for normal gas exchange, and this, in turn, will reduce the likelihood of water blooming. Filtration will allow you to get rid of suspended organic residues, which are the nutrient medium for lower organisms, such as euglena - an active participant in the flowering process.

6. If the water in the aquarium has already blossomed, then you will have to fight this phenomenon. A complete change of water will not give results. The unicellular flagellated chlamydomonads can form drought-resistant spores, and eugleins are cysts. After a while, the aquarium will bloom again. Better use biological methods to combat flowering.

7. Microorganisms that cause water blooming are the food of many animals. Young tadpoles of a spur frog will clear the aquarium flagellates in a few hours. If you run the large daphnia Magna in the aquarium, they filter the water for a couple of days, and the fish themselves will eat them later.

8. You can use the mollusks-filter feeders. Bicuspid sharovki reliably clean and protect your aquarium from water bloom if you plant them in a plastic jar with small holes, burned by a needle. The walls of the banks will protect them from fish.


Do not use snuff or perlovits as filter mollusks in any case. These mollusks infect fish with their larvae - glochidia.

The raid in the aquarium, on the walls and stones: green, brown, brown, white, mucus in the aquarium!

All types of aquarium plaque.

Green scurf in aquarium,
white bloom in the aquarium
mucus in the aquarium !!!

This article is devoted to such a problem of "aquarium hygiene," as plaque on the walls of the aquarium. So:

First of all, a raid on aquarium walls or glasses is not formed from the good life of the aquarium world - in other words, in your aquarium, something is wrong. And to eliminate any plaque on the walls of the aquarium, you first need to restore balance of aquarium environment. This is achieved by proper and regular cleaning of the aquarium, as well as the use of necessary drugs in case of deviation from the norm. It should be noted that excessive care: cleaning and changing aquarium water can also lead to adverse consequences. Accurate recommendations regarding this issue are difficult to give, because it all depends on: the volume of your aquarium, the types of fish, plants, the location of the aquarium, etc. In general, you should follow general recommendations - i.e. recommendations on weekly cleaning of the aquarium and cleaning equipment. I would also recommend you to remember that "old" aquarium water is always better than fresh water - do not overdo it with cleaning and changing water. Remember the balance of plants and fish, never overload the aquarium, do not make him a hostel. In your arsenal should always be the primary means of response: aquarium coal, methylene blue or malachite green.

Secondly, all types of raids - "clouding of the aquarium wall", caused by various factors or pests. Actually, therefore, all the attacks can be divided into color: on green raids in an aquarium (green-brown), white raids in an aquarium (whitish) or aquarium mucus.

How to deal with them? ... Simple enough!

Relative to green scale on the walls of the aquarium, which can also be formed and the decorations of the aquarium (artificial plants, stone). This plaque is caused by excessive "water bloom" - the formation of an uncontrolled amount of algae. This plaque is caused by the lack of care for the aquarium and as a result of an excess of organic matter (ammonia decomposition products).

Remedy: clean the aquarium, replace the aquarium water with fresh water, turn off (do not turn on the backlight), increase the filtration and aeration of the aquarium; in the pet store you can buy tablets from “blooms” - from algae. I will cite as an example, one of them - TETRA tablets for algae control.

TetraAqua AlgoStop depo - It is soluble pills to control the development of algae. Effectively destroys various algae in freshwater aquariums, including "black beard" and blue-green algae, and also prevents their further growth.

Mode of application: Tablets are placed on the ground in the free flow area. The drug lasts for 6 weeks, after which the tablets are removed from the water. Tablets contain a complex of substances that are gradually released into the water. The tablet does not dissolve completely, but retains its original shape. After 6 weeks, it ceases to release the active substances and must be removed from the water. The slow dissolution of the drug in water allows you to use the active substances AlgoStop depot, for a long period of time. With proper use of the drug does not harm aquarium fish and plants.

Dosage:For prevention: 1 tab. on 50 l. water. For the destruction of filamentous algae: 1 tablet per 25 liters of water.

The article on other Tetra algae tablets is here!

The above preparations also cope with other types of algae with brown patina (diatoms), filament (green threads), black villi (black beard).

Aquarium: walls, decorations or equipment covered with white bloom - whitish mucus, what to do?

The appearance of whitish mucus is a frequent problem in new aquariums. It occurs because of the excessive content of organic substances in water (PJ, dead organic matter). White scurf consists of numerous colonies of saprophytic bacteria, which actually feed on excess organic matter. These bacteria and mucus are harmless, they do not harm hydrobionts. But their presence is unpleasant to the eye and speaks of the delicate biological balance in the aquarium. As a rule, mucus envelops natural snags (the place of the highest concentration of organic matter). Often, abundant colonies are observed on the walls of the aquarium in the place where the flow from the filter is directed - the bacteria "catch the sweets with the wind", which gives them a stream of water.

This slime is removed simply - mechanically. Some aquarists are advised to have antsistrusov or others fishermenthat will clean up the mucus. But even without this, the raid will disappear as soon as the biological balance is tuned. To make this happen faster, it is recommended to enhance filtration, reduce the amount of feed, that is, in every possible way contribute to the reduction and rapid oxidation of PJ. From aquarium preparations can be proposed to apply Tetra Bactizim and Tetra SafeStartwhich will promote the growth of colonies of beneficial nitrifying bacteria and, therefore, reduce the concentration of poisons.

Dear reader! On our site another, more complete article on this issue has been published - Algae in an aquarium. Be sure to read it!

How to get rid of flowering aquarium ?? ? my often, but not very good helps…

Yury Balashov

The fight against evulennoy (green water).
1. Complete blackout of the aquarium for several days. (But it is necessary to put the compressor.)
2. Water treatment with a UV lamp.
3. Let the willow branch into the aquarium. As soon as the roots begin to grow on this branch - all the greens will disappear.
4. Land the fish, and run a lot of living daphnia - it will devour all the algae and the water will clear.
5. A bag of activated carbon in the aquarium for several days.
6. Double-molded mollusks, Druza zebra mussel cleans literally in 2-3 hours and forever.
7. Iron vitriol very quickly helps.
8. CHEMISTRY. Pour in Sera Algovec and after 20 minutes the water is clear and enough for 2 weeks.
9. Dimming does not always help for a long time, unfortunately.
10. Do not feed the fish until complete purification of the water.
11. Do not substitute water, fresh water gives the stimulus to reproduction euglena.
12. Wash the filter, only the cat will become clogged.
13. Lighting limit to 6 hours.
In any case, do not forget about the mandatory aeration during flowering, especially at night - euglena in the dark will take out all the oxygen and allow carbonic acid - the fish can die from suffocation.
Patience and good luck.

User deleted

Why does the water in the aquarium bloom and how to deal with the blooming of water. The process of flowering of water in the aquarium, begins at a time when conditions in the aquarium begin to favor the rapid growth of algae in it. Here it is necessary to clarify that in aquarism, there is a division into directly algae and aquatic plants. And if the last you go to buy at the pet store, then you yourself get the algae in the appendage, besides your desire. These algae are microscopic protozoa, which multiply rapidly and make the water opaque. So, how to get rid of algae in the aquarium, and therefore stop the flowering of water in it?
Method one. If the water in the aquarium blooms, it means that conditions in the aquarium favor the development of algae in the water. One of the main factors of water blooming in an aquarium is a large amount of organic matter in it. In particular, during normal biofiltration in an aquarium, the concentration of nitrates in aquarium water greatly increases. According to personal observations, the bloom of water in the aquarium begins when the concentration of nitrates grows to 30 mg / l and more. Thus, one of the main ways to get rid of the flowering of water in the aquarium is to maintain the concentration of nitrates in it below 30 mg / l.
The second way. In this case, the answer to the question of how to get rid of the flowering of water in an aquarium lies in the technical field. What needs to be done to get rid of the flowering of water in the aquarium in this case? The answer is simple - purchase and install a flow-through UV sterilizer. The fact is that when passing through a UV sterilizer, the water flow is irradiated by a UV lamp, which has a detrimental effect on all life, including algae. Thus, you can install a flow-through UV sterilizer in the aquarium to get rid of the flowering of water in the aquarium. Why precisely flow? - The fact is that the flow-through UV sterilizer can be used to sterilize water in an aquarium populated with aquarium fish and other living creatures, since it does not directly irradiate the aquarium itself, but only the water flow passing through it.
The third way. Reduce the illumination in the aquarium. Usually, the aquarium is completely darkened for several days, it is recommended not to feed the fish in the aquarium. Algae without a source of light and food, die in a few days. The disadvantage of this method is that it helps to get rid of the flowering of water in the aquarium only for a while, then, if you do not take measures to change the conditions in the aquarium, the flowering of water in the aquarium will start again.
The fourth method. In this case, special preparations for controlling algae in the aquarium will help us to get rid of the flowering of water in the aquarium. Preparations to combat the flowering of water in an aquarium inhibit the development of algae in it by chemical means. The downside of this method is that preparations to combat the flowering of water in the aquarium often also affect aquatic plants and invertebrates, which are also in this aquarium.
I hope this article has helped you and answered the question why the water in the aquarium is blooming and how to get rid of the algae in it.

Anna Shipitsyna

may bloom for various reasons:
1. on an aquarium direct sunshine get.
2. Filter or absent or junk.
3. poorly functioning ecosystem as a whole (for example, a lot of food, no live plants)

the water in the aquarium grows cloudy and greener

Water is constantly blooming in the aquarium. Water changed, cleaned. There are two filters. What can it be and how to fight? Thank.

Elena Grigorieva

Aqua is placed in the darkest corner of the room (without sunlight), the lights are turned on for no more than 12 hours a day, ideally if you break the 12 hours into 2 intervals with a break of a couple of hours during the day (the light relay adjusts once and then works independently) , reduce the feed rate, cleaning the bottom and changing the third of the volume of water produced at least once a week.

White chocolate

depending on how it blooms ... to fight with a remedy for vodroles ... + rearrange the aquarium! there should not be any sunlight! Sometimes there are algae due to lack of light (often include a lamp)
What is your problem of 2? little light or plenty of sunlight? should not stand near the window and t ... p.
I also want to note that it is very difficult to completely remove this bloom ... especially without means ... it is often proposed to shade the aquarium until the water becomes transparent ...

Tatyana Klachkova

I have already been answered - a lot of sunshine. Rearrange or darken. And you can start up in the aquarium, if the inhabitants allow - catfish - they very well eat the greens on the walls of the aquarium, and the water is not so green. Good luck.


Formation and subsidence on the leaves of brown flakes - the simplest brown alga. There is little light in the aquarium.
Water turns green, grows turbid, an unpleasant smell appears - a lot of light.


If it turns green, it means a lot of sun. Take it away from the window or glue specials. decorating film with some waterfall. And, if harmful algae grow, you need specials. means (there is in pet stores). The light should be lit (lamp) for at least 14 hours.

How to deal with the flowering of water in the aquarium (pool)