How to achieve clean water in the aquarium


How to make crystal clear water in an aquarium?

To make the water in the aquarium crystal clear, as in a public or store pond for fish, you must achieve a certain level of transparency in various ways. Very clean, almost blue water is a liquid without turbidity, dirt and harmful impurities. In such an environment, any decorative pet will feel safe, demonstrating health and beautiful appearance. New aquarium, or old - it does not matter, it is better to wash it thoroughly and clean the water. There are conditions, the maintenance of which will make the aquarium water crystal clear.

Original purity

To get clear water, you need to clean the tank with table salt - it will neutralize bacteria, the glass walls will gain luster. After washing, rinse the container with tap water, using a hose.

Put in the aquarium a dark ground of a large size - it perfectly emphasizes the color of the fish, as opposed to light soil. Since poor-quality sand and stones can cause water pollution, the soil should be sorted out, removing organic impurities from it. Then rinse the sand until the water is clear. And the last step - boil it and rinse it again under running water. This applies to river sand, and not purchased in the store. Store sand is already cleared of pollution. It should be laid in a layer of 4-5 cm.

  • Do not fertilize the soil with peat, clay, silt, chernozem and other fertilizers! It will pollute the pond.

How to plant plants correctly

For water transparency, it is desirable to plant simple-to-maintain plants that do not pollute the water space and take root in the new soil. Among them:

  • Hygrophilus;
  • Fern ceratopteris;
  • Vallisneria;
  • Peristuphrium;
  • Ludwig;
  • Sagittarii;
  • Ambulia

See how to plant aquarium plants.

Plants are recommended to plant bushes of the same variety - so they grow better. Vallisneria can not be planted next to other species. In order to avoid water turbidity, first plant the plants, and then add water to the tank. Seedlings should be placed in the recess, dropping the roots into the ground, and filling them with sand.

About the scenery

The purity of the decorations in the aquarium also affects the quality of the water. The rules that are best to follow when installing jewelry in a container:

  1. All decorations (grottoes, caverns, coconuts, snags, castles, labyrinths) should be treated from dirt and parasites in infused water (leave them for 3-4 days).
  2. If you decorate the bottom with stones, let them be red or black. However, the stones must be washed carefully, it is desirable to boil them. Calcium and magnesium in the stone which increase the hardness of the water spoil the parameters of the reservoir
  3. Put the stones in the poured water so that they "got accustomed" there.
  4. Cover the aquarium - as long as the fish do not live in it, it will be saved from dust and insects, and a film of cyanobacteria will not form on it.
  5. After installing the decorations, run the fish in 2-3 days until the water in the aquarium settles, establishing biological balance.

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See how to prepare a snag for an aquarium.

The secret of the purity of "residential" water

Many novice aquarists make a mistake when, after the first days of launching the reservoir, they begin to worry about the formation of mud and foam in it. It appeared bacteria that got into the aquatic environment from the air. Then the owners of the aquarium begin to change the water and do other procedures with it. It is better to wait 5-6 days, and the clouding will disappear. Otherwise, there really is something wrong with water.

Having been patient and waiting for 6 days, you will find clear and slightly yellowish water in the tank, which in professional circles is called “living”: infusoria and organic matter appeared in it, but there are almost no bacteria, neutralized ciliate.

Such water is a guarantee of health in an aquarium; it can be completely not changed for several years. If this water is renewed by more than half, bacteria will appear in it, causing turbidity.

Water Purifying Filters

Known so-called "live" and "inanimate" filters that help clean the water from pollution and bring it into a beautiful view. For aquariums install mechanical filters with a cassette and a sponge. However, once in the store where the fish are sold, you noticed that they swim in an ordinary tank, where there is no filter. It turns out that it is possible to maintain perfect purity without mechanical devices, sometimes their constant use brings harm. If there is no such filter in the aquarium, it means that it has a biological filter.

Biological, that is, living filter - these are plants that are planted in a lighted place. Infusoria and microwells that feed on bacteria are well developed in them. Thickets also keep dirt and turbidity in the aquarium with their stems and leaves.

Excellent "filters" are bottom fish (catfish) and snails that eat carrion. Based on the observations, the cochlea is able to make the water absolutely clean in a matter of days. This is probably the most affordable "filter" for a tank of water. Just be careful - some species of fish and amphibians are not averse to eat it.

One more representatives of the underwater world who are able to clean the environment in an aquarium are clam clams. Pea and sharovka love warm water, and toothless and perlovitsa - cold. Unfortunately, like snails, these mollusks can be eaten, so before putting them into the tank for "cleaning", it is better to evict the rest of the pets from it. Also, the larvae of toothless and perlovitsy parasitize on fish. Most likely, after cleaning the reservoir, you will have to quarantine the aquarium.

Spur frog - vertebrate amphibian, which will bring the aquarium to transparency. She can constantly live in the nursery with small fish, in parallel helping the water to be updated. The frog always lives in the water, but if it brings in fry - and there are a lot of them, the aquarium "jungle" will not rest. Carefully monitor the parameters of the water in the aquarium: regularly update the water, plant the correct plants, settle the “orderlies” into it, then it will get a wonderful appearance and healthy balance.

How to make the water in the aquarium transparent :: how to get the water color :: Equipment and accessories

Tip 1: How to make the water in the aquarium clear

Aquarium maintenance is a rather laborious process, especially for a novice breeder. The basis of health for fish and plants that inhabit the aquarium, is quality water. It should be transparent, not have color and smell, which is achieved as a result of special preparation of the liquid.


1. The most important thing that a novice aquarist should know is that fish should not be run into an aquarium with untreated tap water. This can lead to the death of living organisms. For fish and plants to take root, prepare in advance watermake it transparent. In the new clean aquarium pour water from the tap and let it stand for 2-3 days. As soon as the water loses the smell of chlorine, it is sufficiently settled. You can lay the soil and plant.

2. After laying the ground water can again lose transparency, becoming first blue and then muddy. This soil particles, stalks and roots of plants pollute water. Therefore, it is not possible to plant fish there yet. After about an hour and a half, the soil will settle, and fish can be planted in the aquarium. If you still doubt the quality of the water, add a special tool for water treatment (for example, "Aquaseyf"). This mixture will make water completely habitable fish and protects it from the development of pathogenic flora.

3. After the fish and plants settled in aquarium, water for another 3-4 months will have a bluish tint. And only after a certain time, when all living organisms take root finally, the water will regain its colorlessness and transparency. This means that the water has reached its most optimal stage, which is called "old" among experienced aquarists. In such water, both animals and plants feel comfortable. Fish do not get sick and actively reproduce, and the plants have a bright, saturated color. Determining that water has reached this stage is simple. In a dark room, highlight the front wall of the aquarium with a table lamp. If the water is not visible, the fish, as it were, hover in the air, then you have achieved the ideal state of the water.

4. If your aquarium is equipped with modern water purification and filtration systems, then it is often not necessary to change it. Update water only in the event that the water became turbid, many algae particles floating in the water and fish waste products appeared. Then a portion of the water is poured and an appropriate volume of distilled or prepared tap water is added. The more often the water changes in aquariumthe smaller the volume needed to drain.

5. If there is no cleaning system to do water transparent, you have to change it from time to time. Cast from the aquarium should be no more than 1/4 of the water, replacing it with a settled water supply. This should be done no more than once every 2-3 weeks. Fish are very hard going through the change of fluid, so it is better to get a filtration system. And do not forget to wash the walls of the aquarium from the plaque. That it can be the main cause of turbidity of water.

Tip 2: How to make the aquarium clean

Everything aquariums without exception require water treatment. The fact is that in it, over time, the formation of dirt, mucus and microorganisms. Currently, this problem can be solved quite simply.


1. In modern industry there is a whole range of devices that help solve this kind of problem. Most often, people use cleaners that are built into aerators and mounted on the bottom of the aquarium. There are also special devices that collect waste from the aquarium. If you are a beginner aquarist, then remember that the best form of organization of uninterrupted life in an aquarium is a combination of water and soil purification means with the establishment of living beings. These creatures are able to maintain the natural balance in the aquarium.

2. Consider, the aquarium needs constant care. It is necessary to monitor it every day, but not once a week. Naturally, every day you do not need to engage in water change. Active bacteria that breed in water, as well as in the soil, are not always superfluous guests. The most important thing is to create a natural balance. It should be similar to the one that exists in natural, natural conditions.

3. Do not forget that almost all modern biological filters are ways to create an environment for the emergence of bacteria, not only in the aquarium water. In order to localize them, a variety of products of companies that produce closed cleaning systems for aquariums work in the sockets of the filter. But even they can not save you from the constant change of water and the annual boiling of the soil. However, it makes it possible to enjoy the contemplation of the inhabitants of the aquarium for many days.

4. You can also get a normal snail. In the people they are called "suckers." As a result, you can much less often engage in cleaning glasses. Get catfish. They will feed on algae that form on the walls of the aquarium. These fish are very hardy. The appearance is striking in its archaic refinement.

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❶ How to clean the aquarium :: Equipment and accessories

Tip 1: How to clean the aquarium

Aquarium - a great decoration for the apartment, as well as an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with the world of underwater inhabitants closer. In order for your aquarium to always be beautiful and well maintained, you need to clean it regularly.


1. Care of the aquarium can be divided into two parts. The first is the weekly activities, the second is the general cleaning.

2. In order to less often clean the aquarium, you must install a good cleaning filter. It is also recommended to have a few snails and catfish, which are natural orderlies of a water house.

3. Weekly inspect your aquarium. Immediately remove residues of uneaten food. Otherwise, it will decompose, thereby creating excellent conditions for rapid reproduction of microflora. If fish excrement has accumulated on the bottom, it is necessary to remove them with a special tube. If you notice bloom on the glass or excessive reproduction of algae, then scraper will help to clean the glass again. All items for the care of the aquarium are sold at the pet store.

4. Rinse the filter sponge weekly. It accumulates a lot of dirt, which affects the quality of the unit.

5. Weekly replace a third of the water in the aquarium with fresh. Watch out for plant growth - remove the rotten parts in time.

6. The frequency of general cleaning in an aquarium depends on its volume, fish population, availability of aeration equipment. As a rule, the larger the volume of the aquarium, the less often you have to clean it.

7. At general cleaning, it is necessary to deposit the fish in jars, turn off the equipment. Then you can start washing the aquarium itself. Do not use aggressive detergents - they can later harm the fish. Rinse the ground thoroughly. Some experts advise him to boil. If there are snags or decorative stones in the aquarium, they can also be boiled. Wash the plants, remove overgrown shoots.

8. Pour into the aquarium soil, fill it with water for a third, install the snags and plant the plants. Fill the aquarium with water (30-50% of the water must be poured from the old aquarium). Turn on the equipment. If the water is dimmed, then you need to wait a few days until its color normalizes. To speed up this process, you can use a special conditioner, which is sold at a pet store. After the water becomes crystal clear, you can run the fish back into it.

Tip 2: How to clean the aquarium

For the aquarium world requires special care. Necessary conditions for its inhabitants are created with the help of various devices and devices - compressors, filters, etc. Special attention should be paid to the hydro supply and lighting of the aquarium. However, the most important event, of course, is its proper cleaning. Cleaning the aquarium alone is not at all difficult.

Clean the aquarium start with glasses
In principle, the algae that grow on the walls, do not represent absolutely no danger, but they spoil the type of aquarium, so you should get rid of them. This should be done regularly, about once every two weeks. To remove algal fouling from the glasses, you should use a special scraper, which can be purchased at a specialty store. It is best to use a magnetic device. If the scraper is not at hand, replace it with a new sponge or razor blade.

Clean the bottom of the aquarium

The next step is the ground siphon. Your task is to remove all sewage that has accumulated on the aquarium floor. To do this, use a rubber hose with a metal or glass tip, the diameter of which must be such that the hose can pass water with all the garbage. Another option is to use a special mud scrubber.

How to determine whether to clean the aquarium

To understand whether you need to clean the aquarium, it is advised to tangle the ground. If bubbles do not rise from the bottom, cleaning is not needed yet. In the presence of bubbles drive a rubber hose tip over the aquarium bottom, periodically sticking it into the ground. Then you should make a water change in the aquarium to remove substances harmful to the inhabitants who have accumulated in it. This is usually done twice a week, with about 20-30% of the total water volume being replaced. This process is often combined with a ground siphon. You can change the water less than twice a week, but then you should avoid changing more than 30% at a time, as this does not affect the health of the fish in the best way. If tap water is used for substitution, it should be settled for several days.

Clean the filter

Cleaning an aquarium properly means paying special attention to cleaning its filter. In the fillers of the filter accumulates dirt from the water that passes through it. It is these fillers that should be cleaned; they should only be washed if the contamination prevents the pumping of water. Note that in this case in no case can not use detergents. Ideally, the filler should be rinsed in the water downloaded from the aquarium. You do not need sterile purity, it is enough to achieve free flow of water through the pores of the filler. To clean the filter nozzle, you can use an old toothbrush.

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Why does the water in the aquarium smell like a swamp?

With the help of an aquarium your home will be filled with beauty, comfort and warmth of exotic reservoirs. Aquarium is a great place to observe beautiful fish and calm meditation. However, a damaged tank can ruin both your mood and the health of its inhabitants. Sometimes the water goes out and it stinks like a swamp. Muddy water spoils the impression, and makes the nursery unfit for further use. The problem requires an immediate solution, which involves finding out the cause and its immediate elimination.

If the water in the aquarium began to spawn - the reasons

The main reasons why the water from the aquarium smells unpleasant, are indicated below:

  • Irregular cleaning of the tank or poor cleaning (filtration);
  • Improper aeration, due to which the water is not saturated with sufficient oxygen;
  • Unsuitable aquarium plants;
  • Nursery overpopulation - little water is allocated to one adult animal;
  • Overfeeding fish, reptiles or amphibians;
  • Feeding pets low-quality food;
  • The sudden death of the inhabitants of the reservoir, the body goes dead and decomposes;
  • The appearance of sludge in the soil and water.

Muddy water that smells like a swamp - what to do?

If the aquarium fluid has become rotten, which has strongly started to smell, and even smells like a swamp, it is possible to establish the causes of the imbalance of the aquatic environment through practice and observation. In the course of the research, it will be possible to determine the method by which turbid water, which goes dead and smells unpleasant, will be neutralized. To solve the problem should be phased actions.

  1. Decide whether you chose the right fish food. To do this, change the water, buy another, better food and test it in a few days. After a day, a turbid liquid that smells like a swamp has disappeared and is clean, odorless, which means the cause of the problem was unsuitable food. In the case where the action did not lead to a result, other reasons should be sought.
  2. It so happens that you feed the fish and other animals with high-quality feed, but the aquatic environment is still muddy and "gives" the swamp. Probably, you overfeed the inhabitants of the nursery, and they do not have time to eat all the granules. Not all fish eat a lot, so arrange unloading diets for them and add less feed to the water. After a few days, smell the tank - if the unpleasant smell has disappeared. If yes, then you have found the reason. The uneaten food is mixed with the soil, decomposing.

    Watch a video on how to feed the fish properly.

  3. If you are a beginner aquarist and for the first time launched an aquarium, due to lack of experience you could create the wrong neighborhood in the nursery. It turns out that not all types of fish, snails, amphibians and reptiles get along together. Some will disturb others, and because of close space, someone will fall ill and die, quietly sinking to the bottom. Due to severe stress, insufficient shelters and swimming places, the inhabitants of the reservoir excrete feces with a characteristic aroma. After a day or two, muddy water will appear with a stench. What to do - get a spacious tank, pour water into it with suitable parameters, and populate compatible pets there. Or buy two aquariums at once, if many species are incompatible within the same space. Also carefully inspect the bottom - maybe one of the fish died, and the body is still not removed.

  4. Wrong decorations can "decorate" the aquarium with an unpleasant smell. This is not a perfume, but a living growth, it has its own life. In this case, contact a specialist (a seller in a store or a botanist), and ask whether the purchased plant is able to secrete flavored vapors. Specify the size of the tank capacity, type of soil and water parameters. Replant the plant in the right environment - it may need a larger or smaller aquarium.
  5. When the fish behave excessively actively, they try to lie to the bottom - the reason for the incorrect supply of oxygen, impaired work of aeration. To fix the equipment, you must:
  • install a compressor with high power;
  • replace the filter with a new one, with a forced circulation system;
  • Ask a specialist how to adjust the oxygen supply to an acceptable level.

See how to replace the water and clean the soil in the aquarium.

In the aquarium, the liquid is rotting and the marsh stinks - how to clean the water?

Did you find out why the aquarium stinks, but you are not exactly sure what to do? Proper cleaning of the fish nursery is your main assistant! When all the above tips have not led to the expected result, you will have to make a new plan to save the reservoir and its inhabitants. It consists in the correct cleaning of the container from harmful impurities and parasites, which are the main causes of an unpleasant smell. Before capital cleaning prepare such tools:

  • at least 5-10 liter jars with infused water of appropriate parameters for the temporary settlement of fish;
  • net, scraper and sponge;
  • big bucket;
  • thermometer;
  • special liquid to remove contamination from aquarium glass (available in stores);
  • aquarium pump;
  • pH adjuster.

Remove all animals from the nursery with a net by placing them in a jar of water. Disconnect the tank from the supply of current, light, turn off the filter and aerator. Rinse and clean the sponge. Use a scraper and a sponge to clean the windows, removing plaque, algae and other droppings from them. Take the pump, lower one end into the bucket, the second into the tank with dirty water, then pump out from 20 to 50% of all the water, depending on when it was last changed. Put gauze on the pump, and run it along the bottom of the ground, the air will make the bottom siphon. After cleaning, remove all decorations.

The scenery should be pulled out and processed, leaving them in a separate container with a little salted water (1 teaspoon per 20 liters) or scalding them with boiling water. If plaque forms on them, scrape it with an unnecessary toothbrush or gauze. After processing, place the decorations on a clean cloth to dry, then reinstall in the aquarium.

Pour into the aquarium a new, clean water of the same parameters that fish and plants used to (temperature, pH, hardness). Infused water should be three days for chlorine to evaporate from it. Polish the outer glass of the tank (liquid for aquarium glass), and then reconnect all the devices. After the procedure, gradually run the fish. Cleaning can be done in a few hours, the main thing - to adhere to accuracy.

Experienced breeders strongly advise settling in the nursery of the “orderlies” of the reservoir - freshwater snails, speckled catfish, mollies, antsistrusov, gyrinoheyls, labo, Japanese pond shrimps. The fishes living in the lower layers do an excellent job with the uneaten food that fell to the bottom, the snails eat carrion, and the shrimps and other fish mentioned above do an excellent job with algae. When settling, you should consider compatibility with each other, then your aquarium will resemble a natural biotope, with crystal clear water and beautiful living creatures.


How to achieve perfect water clarity in an aquarium

Moneypenny, Jane Moneypenny!

1. Do not start large fish, digging the ground and raising the dregs from the bottom (goldfish primarily, as well as catfish - corridoros, speckled in particular, they simply “plow” the soil in search of food).
2. The aquarium should be large enough (from 100 liters)
3. Do not overcrowd aquarium.
4. Do not overfeed fish.
5. Use high-quality feed, and in general it is desirable to give preference to live feed.
6. Powerful efficient filtering system. I will share a secret: filtering material from the filter should not be washed under the tap water, bleach contained in the water and God knows that the microorganisms that settled there during the filtration period create a biological equilibrium. Ideally, the filter sponges are washed in water drained from the aquarium during harvesting.
7. Compliance with the light regime (a lot of light - algae will be bred, not enough - not enough for plant photosynthesis)
8. Do not move aquatic animals to fish (turtles, Cuban frogs, newts, axolotls ...)
9.To clean the bottom with a dirt spreader in time and clean the inner surface of the glass with a special scraper with a blade or sponge.
10. To put a cladofor in a tank in an aquarium is a live filter!

Roman of Eden

The "imperfectly clear" water in the aquarium may be because:
- "lifted turbidity from the bottom";
- bacteria multiplied - the so-called bacterial murk.
Hence the treatment:
- clean the aquarium and use filters;
- to establish the same biological balance.
But, of course, the best advice would give on aquarium forums. For example // - this is specifically your question. And // too

Advise how to achieve transparency of the water in the aquarium. There is a filter, but it only excites the water?


it is not already, but MORE muddy. Do not touch the water now it is established microflora and turbidity is a consequence of the active reproduction of bacteria, which are necessary for the normal existence of fish and plants. After some time, the water will become transparent and acquire the "correct" yellowish tint.


Remove the aquarium from the sun, so that no direct rays would fall on it. A special liquid for water in the aquarium is sold 10 grams per 50 liters, add once. Do not feed much food, only in the morning and in the evening. Buy special fish for cleaning sand, catfish ( 50 liters for 3 pieces), and fish that clean the walls of the aquarium. Wash the filter once a week (if it is not of very good quality)

User deleted

First of all, Luda shouldn't run there right away, since everything should be settled in akv-me. Plant the plants, put all sorts of pebbles there, etc. When the so-called biological equilibrium is established, that is, the water becomes clear, launch the fish. There are, of course, various baubles for water, such as ANTI_SINE_ GREEN ALGORAZ, but you don’t need them in FIG. Drain the fish in a can of compressor and leave the aquarium alone for a while. Do not forget to settle there snails! Good luck!


Can the soil is poorly cleaned, the algae are not washed. Can filter with a defect. The aquarium should not stand in the sun. Feed the fish only in the morning and in the evening. The amount of feed is minimal. Catfish and snails collect fallen food from the bottom.


The filter can not be suitable for your aquarium. Och it is important to clean it in time ... or just too much water pressure. There are still snails, but there is a problem with them, they breed very quickly. Small ones can get into the filter ...

How to make sure that the aquarium was crystal water.

Andrei Kozmin

you just need to take care of the aquarium. at least twice a month, it must be cleaned and partially replaced with water. while everything will be fine. You can hire a servant who will do it professionally. in our city it costs 70 rubles a month.

Lyalka Ischo times Lyalka

buy snails that clean the walls, often the water is clean, and there is a raid on the walls, so it seems that the water is dirty. Do not overfeed the fish, clean the filter more often, get different catfish for cleaning the bottom and for cleaning the walls-EVERYTHING !!!


The larger the aquarium, the easier it is to care. There can be a lot of reasons - water blooms, rarely washes a purifier or vice versa (often the necessary bacteria die), plants are poorly taken root, overfeeding, overpopulation of fish, etc., in general, a lot of everything ...

Elena Grigorieva

Good filtration (preferably with activated charcoal), do not pour excess feed, maintaining a normal temperature. mode, replacing 30% of the water weekly, put the aquarium in the darkest place in the room (no direct sunlight), light no more than 12 hours a day (light relay), then the water will not bloom. And there is no problem — water is like a tear.

Natalia Ivanova

The water in the aquarium will not become cloudy if it establishes an ecological balance between all the inhabitants. The larger the aquarium, the faster it is installed. It is necessary to install an aquarium in such a place that direct sunlight does not fall, but the lighting was good, you can highlight it with a fluorescent light. Do not rush to run the fish. Pour the soil, plant the plants, pour water, settle the snails, cover with glass, leaving a gap. And leave alone for 2-4 weeks. Run the fish, strictly observing the norms, do not overcrowd the aquarium: no less than 2 liters of water for a small fish, but rather more. In this case, the water does not have to change, only to add to evaporate. It is necessary to top up distilled, in order not to increase rigidity. For unpretentious fish such as swordtails, angelfish, placium, barbus, etc., this method is perfect. Verified by personal experience.


To correctly answer your question you need information about the volume of the aquarium, its inhabitants, the presence of living aquatic plants.
From personal experience: volume 150 liters, continuous filtration (normal filter, without activated carbon), 2-3 times a month partial water change (part 4-5), snail blasting (cool sweepers, live beetles), cryptocoryne plant. The water is perfectly clear, with a slight yellowish tinge, it smells a little like a river, the fish are comfortable, there is almost no need to clean the inside,


1. Constant aeration
2. Do not overfeed! ! In nature, they can go without food for several months. Feed two or three times a day, but in very small portions at the same time. The food should not sink to the bottom
3. From the first days the water will be clean, but white. Do not pay attention. From fish, it will become LIVE in a few days.
4. And this is advice from my experience. Do not wind up goldfish, red hats, telescopes. These are the same crucians. And they live in the swamp marsh. Eat a lot and shit a lot. Best of all mollies. Black Molly. This is my love, Strong, tenacious, the algae from the leaves are cleansed, breed well. And the water is clean from them.