How to draw a fish in an aquarium in stages


How to draw a fish and aquarium - two master classes

If a baby grows up in a family, then sooner or later the parents will be asked the following question: "How to draw a fish?" And adults do not always know the answer to it. Therefore, this article provides step-by-step instructions explaining how to draw a fish and how to depict an aquarium without being an artist.

Cool fish in the design of the home

Knowing how to draw a fish can also be useful for decorating a child's room, for example, for applying cool drawings to wallpaper. Decorating with sea creatures of the bathroom or directly the inner surface of the bath will also make this room attractive and unique. And you can make a fancy lamp by sticking starfish and dolphins, fish and algae cut out of film on it. Some needlewomen can perform tapestries and carpets. Using fun funny fish as heroes of their works, they will be able to create a unique unique wall mat or bedspread on the bed or sofa.

Master class on drawing fish

1. Having carefully considered the picture attached to the article, you need to follow its instructions. Since it is easiest to draw a fish, starting with an oval or a circle, you must first draw a circle (or oval) with a pencil, crossed with a line at a slight angle to a parallel plane. Draw should be a simple pencil thin dashed lines, having an eraser at hand.

2. The second step is to design the contour of the body of the fish: you need to make a bulge in the back of it, lengthen the "face", outlining the mouth, make the tail.

3. The third step - the outlines of the upper fin are made. Also formed the gills and anterior lower fin.

4. Now you can put on the eyes of the fish, stripes in the tail and fins.

5. The eraser should remove all auxiliary lines, and the main circle with a pencil with pressure.

6. You can paint the fish with paints and felt-tip pens, as well as with colored pencils.

So it is so easy and simple to draw a cool bright fish!

Master class drawing a round aquarium

If someone cares about how to draw an aquarium with fish, then he should use this master class already. You should also draw with a simple pencil with dashed lines - without pressure, so that later you can easily remove all auxiliary lines with an eraser.

1. Start the drawing process should be with the outline of the oval.

2. Next, a novice artist draws the top of the aquarium - the "throat" of the tank.

3. This stage includes the design of the surface of the water and the thickness of the glass - in parallel along the walls of the aquarium a part of the circle is drawn that does not close down near the bottom, and a slightly concave line is drawn from above.

4. The artist, drawing on his imagination, depicts a sandy bottom and algae.

5. The eraser removes the auxiliary lines, brighter outlines the main ones.

6. When coloring the picture, it should be noted that there should be a glare in the middle of the depicted object, so in this place the color is less saturated or completely absent.

7. If desired, you can put fish or turtles, shells or snails in the aquarium. How to draw a fish, you can learn from the previous master class.

Now it remains only to dry the picture, insert it into the frame and hang it on the wall - let it please everyone, give a good mood and decorate the room.

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How to draw an aquarium with a pencil

The underwater world has always attracted artists. Bright fish, fancy algae, wonderful stones awaken the imagination. To draw an aquarium with a pencil is possible even for a novice artist.

It's just a ball

Aquariums come in different shapes. It can be a cube, a box, or a ball, so first you need to learn how to draw the corresponding geometric body. Step by step sketch start with drawing a ball. Sheet can be put both vertically and horizontally.
Draw a horizontal line. It denotes the surface of the table, which can not draw. The line is needed just to focus on the plane of the sheet. Draw a circle so that one of the points touches this line. The basis for the aquarium you have ready.
To draw a cubic aquarium, you need to know the elementary laws of perspective. The front wall is square, the side and top are parallelepipeds.

Carefully cut off the top plane

The ball you have drawn should naturally have a hole on top. Imagine that a part of a sphere is cut off by a transparent plane - for example, glass. If this plane is at the level of your eyes, it seems just a strip. Looking at it from above or below, you will see an oval. Use solid pencil to draw the inner contour. It is needed in order to convey the thickness of the walls. Do not forget to outline the inner contour and at the top of the oval.
The aquarium may be with a lid, but first you still need to draw a slice.

Aquarium and its inhabitants

The aquarium world seems a bit twisted due to the fact that it is located behind the convex glass. The fishes look thicker than they are, the algae look more curved, and the stones look flatter. At the bottom of the aquarium is usually a layer of sand. It is also better to depict the underwater world in stages.
Mark the soil thickness. Draw a few stones - it can just be ovals or circles. Algae can be outlined with smooth curves from the bottom to the upper oval. The configuration of the lines can be the most bizarre.
Populate your aquarium - draw one or two small fish with lush tails and large fins. However, a whole flock of small fish can live in a round aquarium - they can be depicted as ovals or long strokes.

To shape

Draw algae, fish and stones with a soft pencil, apply shading with a hard pencil. Start from the bottom. To make the aquarium seem really round, apply strokes in different directions — horizontal, then at an angle. Apply arc-shaped strokes to the back wall of the aquarium.
As for the front wall, its convex shape is best conveyed by strokes parallel to the side lines. At the contours of the line are thicker, in the middle of the lines almost no. Even if you put strokes in several layers, they should not obscure the contours of algae, stones and fish. Your drawing is ready.

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