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How to install and use aquarium filters

The aquarium filter performs a cleaning function, removing chemical and mechanical impurities from the water. In order for it to function correctly, it must be correctly placed in the tank. The life of all the inhabitants of the aquarium depends on his work.

How to put internal filters?

Internal filters are installed inside the aquarium. The most popular - internal pump filters and airlift. They are inexpensive, they are easy to install yourself, they are convenient to use during operation. However, these mechanisms have their drawbacks - they must be cleaned of dirt almost every day, they are overall and noisy. Before purchasing such a water purifier, determine whether it fits in your tank.

Will it be possible to install the internal filter correctly the first time? Completely if you carefully read the instructions. The device must be placed in the tank when it is half filled with water, when there are plants planted in the soil. Before turning on the filter in the network, it should be assembled in parts, and mounted on the wall or above the aquarium.

Water purification devices such as internal filters should be completely immersed in the aquatic environment. Above the filter should be another 3 cm of water. The device itself should not touch the bottom. If you bought an internal filter, or made it yourself, then attach it correctly using suction cups to the glass wall.

See how to disassemble, assemble and install the internal filter.

Included with the branded filter is a hose for air supply. In the homemade device, it should also be present, however, the principle of attachment is the same. Take one end of the tube and attach it to the special opening of the filter, the other end of it out above the water and fix it with the help of the fastened material to the upper edge of the tank wall. The tube must be above the water level, otherwise the air will not be properly sucked.

On the tube or directly on the filter should be an air supply regulator. Its location affects the flow of water in the aquarium. After installing the water purification device, the regulator should be correctly placed in the middle position. Then watch the behavior of the fish - some will love the flow of water, others will avoid it. Adjust the water flow level so that the fish feel comfortable.

Internal cleaners should be installed after they are completely immersed in water. Before you get it out of the water for cleaning, the device must be disconnected from the power supply. Also, do not leave the mechanism turned off in the water, and turn it on after a long period of stagnation (if you did not have time to clean it).

How to put external filters?

External filters are more bulky, and more expensive for the price. Despite the financial costs, these types of water purifiers have many advantages. The most important thing is fillers, which consist of filtering materials. Periodically they need to be replaced, which is quite simple to do.

See how to clean and replace the filler in the external filter.

External cleaners are not very noisy, they are suitable for spacious aquariums from 100 liters and more, they provide a biological method of water purification. In such an apparatus there may be several fillers: stones, sponge, rings, etc. Therefore, experienced craftsmen with the availability of skills make external filters with their own hands. The principle of operation of the external system of cleaning the reservoir: the aquarium water gradually pass through a special tank, in which there is a filler of filter materials. Then purified water flows back through the tube to the tank.

Clean this device is not difficult. The cleaning process should occur in the aquarium water itself, which must be drained into a separate container. Further filtering matter is gradually replaced. For example, a sponge cannot be replaced completely, but only a part of it. Cut off half of the old sponge and put a new one in its place. After a few days, useful bacteria multiply in it, and the biological environment will not be disturbed.

To install an external device for water treatment correctly, you need to read the instructions. If it is homemade, then it must first be assembled by placing all the fillers with sponges in their cells. It is also required to close both taps where the tubes are connected.

The device will be able to function properly if it is installed below the water level (20 cm). To the external filter are 2 tubes that take water and release it. They need to be fixed on opposite corners of the tank. When all parts are connected to a fully assembled device, it will need to be filled with aquarium water using a drain. Otherwise, the air from the tubes will not allow the device to function properly.

To release the air plugs, you must connect and open a hose that takes water. Wait for the filter to fill with water. Do not allow water to flow out of the hole for the second tube. After filling the unit, turn off the inlet hose.

After that, you need to connect a hose that releases water. To do this, turn off its valve, and water will accumulate in the hose. Only after these procedures can you connect it to the system of water intake from the tank. You can later open two taps and connect an external filter to the power supply. Only with the observance of all the rules of safety and operation, the mechanism will work as it should. Never turn on the machine if you notice mechanical damage on it. Be careful in working with aquarium equipment to ensure a comfortable life for fish and plants.

Installing the internal filter in the aquarium

In order for the filter to work properly and the water in the aquarium was not muddy, with particular attention, approach the question of choosing a filter. It is important that it fits exactly your tank, and its quality was first class. In this case, you should rely on well-known manufacturers, which will ensure the absence of problems in the future.

If choosing a cleaning system is difficult, seek advice from retailers or professionals. They will share their experiences, talk about the proper care of the fish and their "living space." Thus, your purchase will be doomed to good luck.

After purchasing the device, be sure to pay attention to its instructions. Installation of the internal filter in the aquarium is made on the basis of these instructions. It is important that the cleaning system is filled with water at the time of immersion. Do not forget to temporarily overpower the fish, because they can interfere with the installation process. In addition, residents face a burn: the body temperature of the fish is much lower than the human temperature.

So, immerse the filter in the water column to a depth of 15-20 millimeters. It is necessary that the device is completely in water. After determining the location, attach the filter to the wall of the aquarium. As a rule, it is equipped with special velcro, thanks to which the installation process is greatly simplified. You can lock the device to the desired position, where it will remain for a long time.

Do not forget that the filter is equipped with a special tube to which the hose is attached. The tube should be outside the aquarium; it is she who plays a crucial role in water purification. Through this element comes out "used" water, which enters the mini-hose through a sponge at the end of the filter.

One of the steps in the operation "how to install a filter in the aquarium" is to turn on the device in the outlet. When testing the device, do not forget the safety regulations. Wires must be complete, and the shell on them - intact. In order to test the operation of the internal filter, place your palm over the top opening of the device. If you feel like water is being pushed out of there, then the filter is working properly. Observe the cleansing process for a few minutes; malfunctions are often identified immediately.

After the operations, you can return the fish in their "water kingdom." Do not forget to mention whether it is comfortable for pets in the aquarium where the cleaning device works. It is important that the filter does not have a negative impact on the residents.

how to install a filter in an aquarium (how to install the filter in an aquarium)

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