How to install a compressor in an aquarium


Install the compressor in the aquarium

To maintain biological balance, the aquarium will need help. It is necessary to consider each aquarium as a complex organism, the viability of which can and should be maintained with the help of equipment. This refers to the basic equipment, which is necessary for each aquarium, and additional, which is installed at the request of the owner of the aquarium.

Compressors belong to the main equipment, as well as filters, water heaters, lamps. What kind of compressor is needed for an aquarium depends on the size of the "pond" - the larger the volume of the aquarium, the greater must be the capacity of the compressor. The compressor aerates the water, i.e., saturates it with oxygen.

In the daytime, living plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit the necessary oxygen for plants and aquarium inhabitants. At night, both plants and fish become oxygen consumers, because in the dark time plants do not photosynthesize.

So, at night in the water increases the level of carbon dioxide - an additional influx of life-giving oxygen is needed. Compressors pump air into the aquarium water. From the side it looks like streams of bubbles that rise from the bottom of the aquarium. The smaller the diameter of these bubbles, the more gas they give into the water. In addition, a running compressor improves the circulation of water, thereby equalizing the temperature in different zones. How to install a compressor in an aquarium

It is recommended to install the compressor so that it is above the water level and outside the aquarium. If it is not possible to install the compressor above the water level, it is necessary to additionally equip the device with a check valve. The check valve prevents the flow of water in the opposite direction - after all, the compressor installed below the water level can start to receive water from the aquarium. So, if the owner does not want to repair his apartment and the apartment of his neighbors from the bottom, he must take care that the water does not flow out of the aquarium through the compressor in case of a breakdown or power failure.

Choose a compressor for the aquarium

An air pump or compressor is an apparatus that provides aeration of water, enriching it with dissolved oxygen. For a home aquarium, this is a necessary device, since the glass pond is a closed space in which all fish and plants may lack oxygen. In the natural environment, water is saturated with oxygen during the movement of water. At night, the plants pass oxygen, and release CO2 (carbon dioxide). Not always enough plants in order to provide the fish with oxygen, for their full life you need a compressor.

How does oxygen flow in a closed environment?

In the compressor there are tubes for oxygen supply - through them it enters the water. Air pressure is regulated by special valves and clamps. To effect aeration of the aquarium, several nozzles must be attached to the air tubes, which are usually made of an abrasive substance or a white grinding stone. Being at the bottom of the aquarium, the sprayers emit a lot of air bubbles, creating a beautiful decorative effect. These bubbles are very fond of guppies, danios, neons, scalar and mollies.

The smaller the size of the bubbles, the greater their total area, which is favorable for intensive aeration of the reservoir. Aquarium pump you need to choose a powerful (from small bubbles - strong pressure). Air bubbles at the surface burst, resulting in the destruction of the bacterial film, and there is an improvement in aeration. In addition, the bubbles mix all layers of water, aligning its temperature in the aquarium.

See how to install the compressor in the aquarium.

Varieties of aeration equipment

The compressor for the aquarium are of two types: piston and membrane. If you want to choose an aeration device that makes little noise, then a piston compressor will do. When you need multiple compressors, you can choose two types at once - piston and diaphragm. The first can be included at night, the second - in the daytime. To avoid strong noise, you can put foam rubber under the compressor. Otherwise, you will have to move the device to another room and take it to the aquarium using a strong air duct. However, this risk requires a very powerful reservoir.

You can choose a membrane compressor if you want to save electricity in the house. Such a device is allowed to be connected at once to several aquariums, it has a long service life, it does not need to be repaired often. The disadvantage of such a device is that it makes a lot of noise. Unfortunately, there are no silent compressors - their principle of operation is based on vibration. The compressor, which is under water, will not be so noisy, but it will work around the clock. You can put the aquarium in a separate room, where no one sleeps - then you can connect a membrane aerator to it.

The aquarium pump will help to create coordination of air flows in tanks of different capacities, and will help to carry out water supply to the filter, also is the driving element of a filtration. The pump has 2 functions - it saturates water with oxygen and cleans it. If you have a large aquarium, it is advisable to purchase a pump that will help ensure the circulation of water in the pond, which is very useful for all its inhabitants. This device does not make a lot of noise, because it is placed in the water, not outside.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of branded aquarium compressors, you can do it yourself. However, such a device will work well only if you have the skills to create such mechanisms. Self-made compressors can cause a short circuit in water, which is very dangerous for life. Waterproofing in this case - a very necessary part of the aerator.

See how to make a compressor with your own hands.

Choosing an aerator for home pond

Today sold different models of aerators for domestic ponds. It is important that the compressor has sufficient power (0.5 liters per hour per 1 liter of water). The high power aerator is capable of working with a ceramic spray that delivers small bubbles, which is also useful for aquarium inhabitants.

Brands of aquarium compressors:

  1. The most famous manufacturers of aquarium equipment: compact Aquarium Systems NeWair, Resun, Tetratec, Hagen Marina, JBL, Ferplast, AquaEL, BiOrb, Hydor and others. Compressors of German brands are in high demand.

  2. Ferplast is an Italian company specializing in the manufacture of aquarium mechanisms. Aerators of this manufacturer are not very noisy, and inexpensive.
  3. German aerator Schego - has a strong capacity, pumps over water with a height of 200 cm. You can adjust the power, the efficiency of the device is high.

  4. Eheim is one of the most silent compressors to which high-quality sprayers and tubes are attached.

Aquarium Compressor

Compressors for aquariums, also called aerators, are instruments for enriching water with oxygen. Today we will tell about their features and main types.

Do I need a compressor in the aquarium and why?

Aquarium compressors are designed to provide fish with oxygen and prevent the appearance of a surface bacterial film on water. Often, fish in an artificial pond do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen from underwater plants, which is why they turn to the help of a sprayer for air. The smaller bubbles come out of the compressor for the aquarium, the better. These bubbles rise from the bottom, forming a kind of aerial lift. Thus, the water rises from the lower layers and mixes, the temperature in the entire aquarium is equalized. In addition, without aquarium compressors, water filters cannot function. Only during the operation of the aerator the water masses circulate and are cleaned in a special filtering device. Thus, it is safe to say that the compressor in the aquarium is indispensable for maintaining the health of the fish. Separately, it is worth highlighting the decorative function: the lights and pulsating bubbles make the underwater world much more mysterious and more beautiful.

Main types of compressors

There are several types of oxygen compressors for an aquarium:

  1. Depending on the internal device:
    • vibrating;
    • piston
  2. Depending on the type of food:
    • electrical - mains powered;
    • on batteries - autonomous.
  3. Depending on location:
    • internal - submersible compressors for aquarium, suitable for small tanks;
    • external, more noisy, but have more power.

How to choose a compressor for the aquarium?

The choice of compressor is based on several criteria:

  1. Noiselessness Often the aquarium is placed in the bedroom where people relax. Given this fact, it is best to buy a silent compressor, because this device must be switched on all the time. To reduce noise, the unit can be removed in the cabinet. However, in this case, you need a fairly long duct. The best option is to purchase an air compressor for the aquarium, it is he who is considered the quietest.
  2. Existence of smooth adjustment of a stream of air. If you can change the speed and force of the air supply, you can easily adjust the aerator for a different number of nozzles and filters.
  3. Compressor power. Optimum performance can be calculated by the formula: 0.5 l / h per 1 liter of water. It is clear that the power depends on the volume of the aquarium. For capacities from 100 liters, which are considered large, it is recommended to use piston compressors with low-voltage power. During a power outage, such equipment for the aquarium can be connected to a car battery.

How to install a compressor in an aquarium?

Install the compressor in the aquarium is quite simple. First of all, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be located. This may be the aquarium itself, a cover or a table. The device is placed on top of the water, or below the water level, but then a non-return valve is installed on the duct. It is desirable that the aerator is located next to the heater. So the heating water will mix, and the conditions for the fish will be the best.

When the noise of a running compressor causes discomfort, it should be placed on foam or foam rubber. This will reduce the noise, but will not give 100% of the result. Some act cardinally: put the device away and stretch a long hose. Any compressor needs to be cleaned periodically. If this is not done, the performance will decrease and eventually the device will break. Also pollution increase the noise level.

What to consider when choosing a compressor?

The compressor for the aquarium is designed so that you can provide enough comfortable conditions for living fish. This equipment conducts additional aeration of water, regardless of the capacity of the aquarium. If an internal air compressor is installed, then you should not worry about the health of the fish.

But first you need to choose the right compressor. But how to do it? Which is better? After all, there are several different types, in addition, each manufacturer offers its own models with individual characteristics. Therefore, it is important to understand what you should pay attention to when choosing a compressor.

Basic requirements for compressors

Quite often, an aquarium is installed in the same room where people relax. Therefore, you need to select a silent air compressor. The fact is that the operation of this device is constant. Of course, you can use a homemade compressor for an aquarium. For example, the compressor can be removed in the cabinet (which you will need to do beforehand). However, this presents certain difficulties. So, in the case of the cabinet, you also need to make a rather long duct. That is why it is better to immediately acquire a silent internal device.

If you still decided to make a silent compressor for an aquarium with your own hands, then you should stock up on a box from under the film and a wooden box. With the help of the box, the shock wave is compensated, and the air compressor itself is hidden in the already mentioned cabinet - a box made of wood.

When choosing a device also take into account the presence of a smooth adjustment of the air flow. If this adjustment is, then you can easily adjust the internal compressor for any sprayer and filter.

When choosing, you must also consider the size. So, for large aquariums, the volume of which exceeds 100 liters, a two-channel piston compressor is used. It is better that the device has a low-voltage power supply (i.e. 12 volts). Why do you need it? A piston device with a power of 12 volts can be connected even through a conventional car battery.

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Equipment installation

The installation of the compressor in the aquarium is quite simple. It is only necessary before installation to choose the place in which the device will be located. This may be the aquarium itself, for example, or the cover. And maybe the cabinet. After selecting the location, the air compressor simply needs to be installed as instructed.

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If the aquarium is round

Selecting an internal aquarium compressor is quite difficult. In a round aquarium can not be installed too powerful and large in size device. The high power of such a device can adversely affect the health of the fish, since the water circulates very quickly. For a round aquarium, it is better to choose a quiet, low-power device that is sold along with the tank.

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Do I need a battery-powered compressor?

Sometimes urgent transportation of fish is needed. But you can not leave fish without oxygen, because they can die. This can be done by using small, battery-powered equipment for small-sized aquariums. Since the operation of such a device is based on batteries, they can be easily replaced at any time.

Such a device helps to save the life of the fish, if they do not live in a stationary aquarium. This device is convenient to take on a trip, because it has a small size.

The battery-powered compressor is needed by aquarists even if the electricity in the room is turned off. After all, even a small lack of oxygen can lead to the death of fish.

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Now let's talk about models

And yet, which compressor is better? As we have already noted, there are many models. Some also include a filter. Therefore, we will consider some and get acquainted with their characteristics (which are always contained in the manual).


The Aquael compressors are presented at once by several models. The simplest Aquael internal compressor has a capacity of 100 l / h and is intended, as the instruction indicates, for aquariums up to 100 liters. As you can see, the internal Aquael compressor is powerful enough, but at the same time quiet, surprisingly easy to operate and, which is no less pleasant, very stylish. The device will decorate any aquarium.

Another model from Aquael is a more serious device. Two-channel submersible Aquael Oxyboost APR 300, says the manual, has a capacity of 300 l / h. This Aquael can be used in large aquariums up to 300 liters. It is noteworthy that the two-channel device has adjustable air supply to the aquarium. This Aquael model is also noiseless, and its design features ensure long-term operation.

It should also be noted that some devices of this manufacturer are additionally equipped with a 12 volt battery. Also included is a filter.


Hailea piston compressors are more compact devices. For example, Hailea Super Silent ACO-2201. Such a model, Hailea, despite its small size, has one significant advantage: the manufacturer equipped it with a unique system with a silencer, which made it possible to get the most silent compressor for an aquarium.

There is one more interesting model from Hailea - piston UAS-12 000. Such a two-channel internal compressor Hailea is supplied with an additional battery of 12 volts (there is also a filter). Because of this, the work of Hailea UAS-12 000 is possible even with a power outage. The battery charge, which acquires the piston Hailea, lasts for 6 hours of continuous operation - the most reliable device.


The Eheim line is also represented by several devices. Which of the devices Eheim choose? Depends on the capacity of your tank. The easiest Eheim for small aquariums, as indicated by the instructions, has a capacity of 100 l / h. There is also a two-channel Eheim with a capacity of 200 l / h (if the aquarium is medium) and a two-channel piston Eheim for large aquariums at 400 l / h.

Ehheim Compressors have a very convenient mount that allows you to attach the device to the wall of the aquarium. However, the most convenient option is to put the submersible Achheim as standard at the bottom.

All Eheim models are equipped with a performance control function. In addition, the company Eheim always offers consumers complete compressors (including the filter). Therefore, buying Eheim, you can immediately install it in the aquarium. In addition, the operation of individual models is permissible at 12-volt voltage.

Tetratec (Tetra)

Производитель Tetratec предлагает потребителям компрессоры для самых разных аквариумов. Так, можно приобрести Tetratec с производительностью 50 л/ч для маленького аквариума. Or buy a two-channel piston Tetratec with a capacity of 400 l / h for a large aquarium (+ filter).

By the way, it is necessary to emphasize that Tetratec and Tetra are the names used to refer to the same manufacturer. This is important to know, especially novice aquarists. Tetratec (or simply Tetra) makes really high-quality compressors, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Consider one of the models Tetratec - Tetra with a capacity of 50 l / h (for small aquariums). This Tetra model is equipped with special noise reduction chambers, with the result that the compressor is very quiet. Tetra is characterized by high reliability, quality and long service life. The considered Tetra model is supplied with a particularly strong membrane. For this reason, Tetra evenly supplies air. In addition, Tetra is equipped with an air valve, which allows you to adjust the air supply (how to do this, explains the instructions). In some cases, the kit includes a filter. Finally, Tetra has an interesting design that allows it to decorate the aquarium, and the dense walls of all the instruments from Tetra ensure their long service.

All these qualities in their totality determined the popularity of Tetra (Tetratec) devices.


One of the most numerous Atman series is the AP. This is a line of Atman devices with small dimensions, but with serious functionality. All Atman models have a robust case, high-quality membranes and a significant resource. At the same time, Atman is compact and durable. Almost all Atman models are supplied with an air supply regulator.

Another positive feature of Atman is that it is a quiet internal compressor. The performance of Atman models ranges from 60 to 360 l / h (in this case, a two-channel device is used). Models of this line are supplied with a 12-volt battery. Sometimes a filter is included.

Thus, to choose the best compressor in the aquarium, you just need to take into account all the characteristics. And, of course, proceed from their finances.

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How to install a filter in an aquarium :: aquarium installation :: Equipment and accessories

How to install a filter in the aquarium

Aquarium with fish is not only an element of home decor. It has long been proven that observing the behavior of fish swimming there behind the glass is soothing and relaxing. Thus, an aquarium can play the role of a stress reliever.
Filtering must be in every aquarium, otherwise the fish in the dirty water will not live long. Filters purify water from inorganic substances, remove organic compounds and other substances dissolved in it from water, ensure water circulation and enrich it with oxygen.


1. The process of installing the filter depends on its purpose and type. And at the location of the filters for aquariums are divided into external and internal.

2. Internal filters:
Airlift - the simplest devices that lift the water in the tube with the help of bubbles created by the compressor. Such filters are almost completely immersed in the aquarium, almost to the very bottom. Airlift set in small aquariums, spawning and nursery for fry.
Stakanny filters. Plastic "glass", having inside the substrate for filtration, is attached to the electropomp. Such filters often play the role of water aerators.
Multiple internal filters resemble ducts, divided into sections. Such filters combine several types of filtering at once. Each section has its own filtering. These filters are attached to the walls of the aquarium. True, they have a significant drawback - they are large in size.
Bottom aquariums set at the bottom of the aquarium. A plate or several connected plates are placed on the bottom, covered with sand. Bottom filters usually play the role of auxiliary filters.

3. External filters are multisection and canister.
Canister filters are installed outside the aquarium and communicate with it through the hoses for collecting and returning water. Very roomy. Support all types of filtering. Some models are equipped with a heater.
Multi-section external filters are very similar to their internal counterparts, only they are installed outside the aquarium.

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