How many swordtails live in an aquarium


The Swordsman died: how long do the Sword bearers live?

The Sword-bearer is an aquarium fish, which is distinguished by an unusual bright color and a tail in the form of a sword. This fish is considered picky, but this does not mean that it does not require care.

Lifetime of the Sword

How many swordtails live? Everything will depend on the conditions of detention. On average, their lifespan ranges from 3 to 6 years. The long, happy and long life of these fish depends on three things: food, water and plants. Swordtails are unpretentious, so they eat various animals and vegetation. In the aquarium should be placed thick thickets and floating plants.

What aquarium is required for the sword bearer?

Speaking of an aquarium, it is worth noting immediately that it should have a cover on top, since swordtails tend to jump high above the water. Coming to the store, it is necessary to choose a water displacement unit with a minimum size of 30 cm and a volume of 50 liters. For each pair put at least 6 liters. water. Water must be subjected to strong aeration and filtration. Every seven days you need to replace 30% of the water. The environment should be salty - for this you can use both cooking and sea salt, at the rate of 1 tbsp. l 10 liters of water.

What causes the swordtail to die?

If the swordtail has died, it must be urgently removed from the aquarium. Premature death is characteristic of fish stained with large black spots, and the cause is a malignant tumor.

If we talk about the behavior of these fish, then you need to adhere to a certain rule: there should be two to three females per male. If you do not comply with these proportions, a strong male can score a weak one. By the nature of the Sword, they are cheerful and lively, peacefully tuned to other types of fish, but they cannot be kept together with individuals with long fins, and with large aggressive representatives of the water world.

Swordtails: reproduction and maintenance. Aquarium fish swordtails

In every home where there is a child, sooner or later, talking about pets begins. The kid asks the parents several times a day for the bird, the dog, the kitten ... He wants to take care of and watch someone, feed the pet, play with him and take him for a walk, show off his new friend to his comrades. But what to do if the apartment is too small for a dog, the papa is allergic to the cat's fur, and the mother simply does not tolerate the piercing sounds made by the parrot?


Great exit - get an aquarium! Hassle with fish at least, and the whole family will receive the aesthetic pleasure to the maximum! In addition, these bright tropical creatures can be admired endlessly. Such contemplation of the home underwater world calms, gives composure and a beneficial effect on the psyche.

Plus, the aquarium will bring a juicy touch to the room's décor, and your child will be looked after by its inhabitants, thus getting used to discipline and responsibility. Moreover, a modern "house" for fish can look like anything! You can easily choose an aquarium so that it harmoniously blends into the overall style of the nursery. Be sure to take the baby with you to the pet store, let him, as an adult, help you choose a tank of the desired shape and size, will find residents for it. In addition to fish, you can buy unhurried snails, a variety of algae, as well as all sorts of paraphernalia - decorative locks and elegantly curled shells. As for the choice of pets themselves, it is better to start with unpretentious species of fish, such as guppies, mollies, danios, barbs, neons ...


For more effeminate scalars, funny shrimps and slow telescopes, if you want, return later. Explain to the child that you first need to learn how to handle simpler fish. Naturally, in any case, it is necessary to consult the seller. He will make sure that predatory and peaceful fish are not in the same “house”; advise food, soil, jewelry, a net; will tell you which compressors, filters and lighting devices are the most convenient to use.

Surely in the list of proposed inhabitants it will be the swordfish fish.

These undemanding small fishes (most often bright red or black in color) with beautiful sharp tails are ideal as the first pets for your kid. Firstly, they do not need special conditions of detention, secondly, they easily get along with other types of fish, and thirdly, they are viviparous. Reproduction of swordtails in an aquarium, it can be said, happens almost by itself. And imagine how much joy the child will have when he sees the first fry that will grow before his eyes!

Reproduction of aquarium fish

So, the choice is made - the swordmen. Their reproduction is a fairly simple process. Fish reach sexual maturity at the age of 6-8 months. The female swordsman is larger, the male is smaller, but only he has the famous long tail in the form of a sword, for which, in fact, this species got its name. Therefore, it is not difficult to distinguish them and understand how many “boys” and “girls” are in the aquarium. It is better to have more females than males. There is one more detail: if there are only two males, they can behave aggressively towards each other and often fight.

Therefore, let him either be alone, or four or more - then their attention is sprayed, and the aquarium swordfish fish will behave much calmer. Consider this nuance when buying them.

Tips for keeping and breeding

To get the offspring, you need to maintain a stable water temperature, make sure that the filter works well, there were areas shaded by algae where the fry can hide. Moreover, it is desirable that the plants were different - and those that are planted in the ground, and those that float on the surface (duckweed, riccia, pistis).

About once a week or as far as evaporation it is necessary to accurately add a certain amount of clean water to the aquarium. Only, God forbid, not from the tap!

At first, it should stand for at least three days, and only then this water can be used. Of course, henceforth the holy duty of the child is to feed the fish in time. Swordtails are eaten mostly with live food, such as bloodworms, pipemaker, daphnia, or cyclops. However, they do not disdain and combined types of food, and pounded oatmeal, and can pinch the algae.

Swordtail aquarium fish will not be lost, even if you decide to leave them for a week, for example, to go on a vacation to the village. They can easily find food at the bottom of the aquarium and its walls, among the pebbles and on the plants. But this does not mean that they can be left to themselves, without looking into the aquarium for 2-3 weeks.

Features of the content of fish

When biological equilibrium is established in the “fish house,” the swordtails get used to each other, their reproduction will take place without outside intervention. One fine day, the child will simply notice that one or even several females noticeably "rounded", became more pot-bellied and sluggish. Explain to him that soon there will be kids in the fish. There will be joy!

Pregnancy lasts about a month and a half, and after this time a whole flock of fry is born. They can be as much as 15-20 pieces, and much more, sometimes the number reaches as much as one hundred. These are fully formed fish, only small and translucent. They independently swim, eat, possess an instinct of self-preservation - they hide in the branches of algae, swim under decorative ornaments. However, if you want to save all the fry, at first they still need to create special conditions. So, a pregnant female shortly before birth is better to be separated from other inhabitants of the underwater world.

Important note

A small aquarium or even a regular glass liter jar, washed with baking soda, is suitable for this purpose. There you need to pour part of the separated water and part of the water from the aquarium, plant a couple of plants. It is desirable that the algae were small-leaved and of both types - ground and floating, then it will be easier for newborns to hide in them. Let the child carefully, with a special net, catch the future mother and quickly launch into the prepared temporary shelter.

After the offspring is safely born, the female needs to be returned back to the aquarium, since with its sharp teeth it can destroy unwary fry. It is better to feed newborns with cyclops and daphnia. When the fish in the bank grow up a little, they can be shared with the rest of their relatives.

Interesting feature

In fish such as swordtails, reproduction under favorable conditions - a stable water temperature, good lighting, live food - can occur every month. Fry quickly turn into mature individuals. So, already in 3-4 months, the males will acquire a sword tail, and in a couple of months, full-fledged adult swordsmen will swim in the aquarium. Fish breeding will begin on a new ... However, if pregnant females are not relocated to another tank, the law of nature, such as natural selection, will act, during which not all fry will survive, but only the most nimble and brisk.

Small conclusion

Here they are unpretentious, swordfish fish. Reproducing them, as you already understood, practically does not need any correction, and, if you give them free rein, the inhabitants of your underwater world will breed to such an extent that it will be possible to bestow fry on all their acquaintances and relatives. We wish you success in their breeding!

Aquarium fish swordtails: reproduction and maintenance

Swordtails are very popular among professional aquarists, and among fans. But before you get these bright fish, it is better to find out the details of care, breeding, compatibility with other types of fish, etc.

The natural habitat of the swordtails is Central America and South Mexico. Such an interesting name was given to these fish because of the unique shape of the fin. It is only for males and is used by them for reproduction. Surprisingly, females of the swordtail can change their gender by growing a sword fin, and even in such a state give birth to offspring. In length, they are from 8 to 12 cm, not counting, of course, its fin. Swordtails live about 4-5 years.

Swordtails - aquarium fish: species

The natural swordtail is usually green, all other multi-colored fish are hybrids bred artificially. Varieties of swordtails:

  • mountain;
  • high altitude;
  • green;
  • Bulgarian white;
  • citric;
  • red;
  • lyretail;
  • red-speckled tiger;
  • Ada;
  • calico;
  • rainbow;
  • the black.

Aquarium for fish

Swordtails do not require any thorough care. This way they are easy to maintain. They do not need a special composition or a certain amount of water, they withstand a good lowering of the temperature (the optimum water temperature for them is 23-25 ​​° C). Water hardness also does not become a problem for these fish - 8-25. Acidity is acceptable within 7-8.

To equip an aquarium, you first need to figure out what shape it will be. It is better to take a rectangular aquarium without any decorations, which only interfere.

As for the volume, then for two representatives of this species or fish of similar size, an average of 8–10 liters of water is needed, that is, 10–15 individuals per capacity of 50 liters.

Install the aquarium should be closer to the window, because the light is needed and the fish themselves, and plants. But putting it on the windowsill is a bad idea, because the sun or the heat of the battery will overheat the water and it will bloom.

The surface must be flat, otherwise the walls of the aquarium may burst (if this happened, the article “Repair the aquarium at home” will help to correct the situation).

It is better when there are plants in the tank, then you can not be afraid to leave your pets without food in rare cases. Aquarium plants should be selected as thick as possible so that the fry can hide from more adult individuals. But there should be a space for the free movement of fish. To do this, fit, gloss and glossy cabomba.

At least once a week, it is recommended to replace 20-30% of the aquarium water with clean water, and you can also add sea salt to it.

As the soil for the aquarium, you can take the usual pebbles. Aeration of water is desirable, but not necessary, at a low density of fish population.

As for food, here too the swordtails are universal - any food, live or dry, is suitable for them. It is recommended not to forget about vegetable types of feed, and to use them in addition to algae. For this fit variety of lettuce, spinach or oatmeal.

Having decided to start these fish, you need to remember the so-called hierarchy, and therefore it is better to place more females in one aquarium. There will be enough males and a few, preferably 3-4, so that between them there is no particular competition.

You should always cover the aquarium with something from above, as the swordtails are very nimble and like to jump out of it.

Aquarium fish swordtails: compatibility with other species

These are, in general, fairly calm fish; they only sort out relationships with each other, so you can keep them in the same container with other species. The only thing that they can aggressively treat smaller fish.

Barbs, cockerels, discus, tetra, labo, guppy, gourami get along well with swordtails.

Not very successful combination with them are eels and shrimps, but cichlids, goldfish and astronotuses are completely incompatible with swordtails.


For mating, the choice of the female falls on the most active and brightly colored male, that is, on the most productive. The more his fin, the better. In females it is an internal fertilization, therefore it brings fry several more times without the participation of the male.

Carrying fry lasts about 40 days, and their number is always different. This number ranges from 150 fry per pregnancy, but sometimes more.

At the time of gestation, the female individual is taken from the rest of the fish and transplanted into a small container of 20 liters. You also need to constantly monitor that after birth, she did not touch the babies, it is better to leave them alone, and return the mother to the aquarium.

Fry quickly form and swim almost immediately and eat well. For the normal development of children need to feed them as often as possible. You can use, for example, artemia, microcores, or shredded tubers.

Each individual develops differently, so from time to time it is necessary to select grown-up fish from still small ones and replant them separately. Once fish reach 4-5 months, they can be considered adults and are capable of breeding.


Before the acquisition is recommended to check the fish for infections. Need to pay close attention to the rash, fluff or sores. If something like this is present on the body of the fish, then it is sick.

Even with full confidence in the purchase of healthy swordtails, just in case, they should be left for 10-15 minutes in a container with salt water, and then transplanted into an aquarium.

With a clear disease of the fish, for example, the appearance of white fluff, it is placed first in a salted bath, then a weak solution of methylene blue is made and the swordtail is kept in it for 2-3 days. The temperature of this fluid must be at least 24 ° C. Tripapaflavin and biomitsin help in infections and diseases of the gills.

It is interesting and very exciting to keep and breed the Swordsmen. For example, you can cross fish of different breeds and get unique fry with new coloring or fins. And even a child can cope with elementary ways of caring for them.

Video on how to keep the Sword in the aquarium:

Propagation of the Sword in Captivity

The breeding of the Sword is one of the main issues that bother novice aquarists. However, it is easy to solve, since breeding of the swordtails is possible both in the general aquarium and in a separate spawning ground. In order for reproduction to turn out to be fast and correct at home, such moments should be considered:

  • Creation of proper conditions for producers;
  • Proper spawning organization;
  • Quality care for the fish.

How to create optimal conditions for reproduction?

Swordtails are viviparous fishes that produce fry ready for a full life. They become sexually mature at the age of 6-8 months, some specimens may be ready for reproduction at the age of 3 months. To reproduce succeeded, you need to pay special attention to the diet of future producers. Protein food will allow you to produce as many healthy fry as possible.

The optimal feeding base for adult males and females is live and vegetable food. A few weeks before breeding, feed the fish with daphnia, cyclops, coregetra, artemia and bloodworms. Food with spirulina, spinach and lettuce leaves, dandelion leaves, and soft cereals (rice, millet, oatmeal without salt) are suitable from vegetable food. To saturate the aquarium with algae food is not necessary so that the water is not enriched with ammonia and nitrates.

See how to breed Swordsmen.

Reproduction can stimulate the substitution of water, as well as increasing its temperature by several degrees. Provide filtration in the aquarium with an internal filter, and aeration. Pure water saturated with oxygen will stimulate the mating of fish. Once a week make a replacement of 25% of water for fresh and clean.

Меченосцы, размножение которых будет происходить не в нерестовике, а в условиях общего аквариума, должны привыкнуть к постепенному повышению температуры воды. Температурный режим следует установить на уровне 26-28оС, повышая его в течение 5-7 дней. Кислотность аквариумной воды допускается при показателях 7.0-8.0 рН, жёсткость - 10-12 dH. От температуры воды зависит количество самок и самцов в выводке. In water with a temperature below 24 degrees there will be more females, above 25-25 degrees - males. Similar water parameters should be in spawning. In order for producers not to experience shock when moving to such a reservoir, the same parameters of the environment should be in a permanent aquarium and spawning grounds.

Preparation of fish and spawning for breeding

In order for the offspring to be beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to choose the right males and females for spawning. The age of males should be 8 months, their tail fin should stand out with a long lower ray, and gonopodia should increase in size. The female should be 8-10 months old, large in size and have a rounded abdomen, which indicates readiness for reproduction.

Fertilization of the fish swordtail intrauterine. If fertilization has occurred, part of the male spermatozoa will remain in the female's abdomen, which will fertilize the female again, without the participation of the male individual. Therefore, having gotten the Sword-bearers, you should know that these fish can produce offspring every month. In one spawning, the female sword bearer will give birth to 50-200 fry.

Why exactly this amount? The fact is that young females bring less offspring, mature ones more, and with each birth the number of fry will increase. Also, the number of calves depends on the species, the conditions of the fish. Pregnancy lasts 4-6 weeks; in the female, the belly will become round, before giving birth it will become almost square in shape. A month before giving birth you need to prepare a spawn.

As a spawning tank suitable capacity of 25-50 liters with infused tap water. It is recommended to plant small-leaved vegetation in the bottom of the tank, in which fry will be hidden. After preparing the spawning grounds, a female is fed into it, which is fed with live food. After the birth of the young, the female fish is deposited in a common aquarium so that she does not eat her brood. For delicate felling, use a net.

See how the swordtail fry are born.

Can swordtails change their gender?

Swordtails are special viviparous fishes that are capable of changing sex throughout life. This feature is due to the absence of sex chromosomes. Newborn swordtails do not have obvious sex characteristics, only at the age of 3-6 months they will be noticeable. Some fry breed at the age of 3-4 months, so they should be sorted by gender - females and males should be settled in separate containers.

During the life of the female swordtail can become a male, and vice versa. Such metamorphoses are inherent in those individuals who are trying to preserve the species in the face of the threat of extinction of the pack. In one aquarium can live 1 male and 2-3 females. With the passage of time, the male may die, and one of the females will begin to turn into a male. It forms gonopodium, lengthens the lower ray of the caudal fin. When the fish that have changed their sex from female to male reproduce, their descendants will be female.

You can adjust the sex of the fry of the future pets. If you want to breed males or females for sale, the water temperature must be raised or lowered by several degrees. Avoid early crossing of fry, they are ready for it at an early age. When species are crossed, beautiful offspring can turn out; when breeding breeds are crossed, degeneration will occur.

Aquarists: how many swordtails live and why do fish jump out of an aquarium?

Elena Kondratenko

With good conditions, balanced feeding, swordtails can live from 3 to 5 years. Jumping out of the aquarium fish for various reasons. For example, if you forgot to turn off the heater in the aquarium in time and the water temperature exceeded the permissible limits for this type of fish. Or, if the males are very keen on pursuing females, they can jump out unintentionally. Some species of catfish that breathe air, swallowing it from the surface, can not calculate and jump out. Most often, this will happen if the fish lived in another, deeper and overclocked after another habit of air before getting into your small aquarium. There are very shy fish that begin to rush around the aquarium during any of your sudden movement and also fly out of it. If there is a shortage of air in the water, the fish, on the contrary, become lethargic, rise to the surface and greedily gasp air by mouth. In this state, they hardly have the strength to jump out. Only one way out, cover the aquarium with glass and more, the water level in the aquarium should not reach the edge of at least 3-4 cm.


If you do not have a compressor, then it’s a matter of lack of air. For the swordsmen, it is imperative to blow the water at least a few hours a day. (I somehow broke the compressor, so they began to jump out.) The water temperature should not be above 24 ° C, they start to jump out above 27 ° C. These are two main reasons. If this is not the case, then water is poured to the edges of the aquarium.

Elena Gabrielyan

There is no specific period of life for aquarium fish - it all depends on the maintenance and care of the aquarium, proper feeding. With good maintenance, they can live 5-7 years - but usually less. for Swordsmen, jumping out of the water is a usual thing - the fish themselves are jumping, so that this does not happen the aquarium should be closed with a lid or cover glass. It can also serve as a lack of oxygen, changes in atmospheric pressure, elevated temperature in the aquarium.

Question about the fish how many guppies live? How many swordtails live? How much is an aquarium at 40 liters.?

♥ Daniella ♥

Aquarium fish do not live as long as we would like. For example, all known guppies can live only 1.5 years, or maybe 5 years. But mostly their average life expectancy is limited to three years.
How long guppies live with you depends on the conditions that you create for them. Some manage to change the water in the aquarium once a year, and then they are surprised by their massive mora. Yes, and they are trying to make claims to someone: they say, you promised that they would swim happily ever after.

Artyom Sidorov

Guppies live 2-3 years. Swordsmen 3-5 years. Aquarium 40 liters on average from 900-1700 rubles. Take into account the equipment. In principle, the internal filter can be purchased from 500 and above. I have in the aqua filter Jebo ap112f. Bought for 650 rubles. Guppies cost between 40-70 rubles. Swordsmen from 30-75 rubles. I can advise Kerry fish. If there is equipment, they will live well. They cost 30-50 rubles. Neons with equipment also live well. The cost of 30-55 rubles.

Elizaveta Rodionova

Aquarium fish do not live as long as we would like. For example, all known guppies can live only 1.5 years, or maybe 5 years. But mostly their average life expectancy is limited to three years.
How long guppies live with you depends on the conditions that you create for them. Some manage to change the water in the aquarium once a year, and then they are surprised by their massive mora. Yes, and they are trying to make claims to someone: they say, you promised that they would swim happily ever after.
Swordtails - pretty unpretentious fish. Their life expectancy, with good maintenance, can reach 5 years, which is an average.
40 l aquarium costs from 5 700 to 17 600