Aquarium for breeding crayfish


Cultivation of crayfish in the aquarium

Under natural conditions for crayfish there are no obstacles for reproduction. Is it possible to breed them in a normal aquarium? Many crustacean owners attempt to breed animals. Many succeed, but others fail. Why this happens, even scientists do not know. Reproduction of crayfish at home is not a fully understood phenomenon, but it’s worth a try.

First of all, in the aquarium should be optimal conditions for the life of crayfish. Even the acidity and the content of trace elements is important. Only in suitable water is the female ready to mate.

Immediately it is necessary to prepare for the fact that the reproduction of crayfish in an aquarium will require large capacity. The tank should be at least 200 liters. At the same time, it is important to install a filter and oxygen, because it is impossible to change water during the period of gestation.

Mating usually begins in spring, after molting. During this period, the female releases the substance to which the males react. They begin to hunt in search of a female ready for fertilization. Mating lasts several hours. It looks impressive - the crayfish lean against the mustache. After this, fertilization takes place.

After 20 days, the female lays eggs. They are tightly fixed on her legs with sticky threads. Further, the cancer moves with its offspring.

Cultivation of crayfish in an aquarium implies the creation of necessary conditions.

Therefore, during the mating period, it is imperative to make a shelter where the female will hide. She reliably protects her caviar from infringement from outside. After the crustaceans hatch, they continue to be on the mother and disappear only after shedding. But even then they try to keep near the female, so that in case of danger she can protect them.

After the crustaceans grow up, they must be transplanted into a separate aquarium. There must necessarily be a lot of shelter so that each individual can hide from their fellows. In the period of the first molt, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that many crustaceans will die, but the majority must survive and continue to grow.

Surviving individuals should be transplanted into an artificial or natural pond, where the crustaceans can grow naturally.

If they stay at home, then for two individuals you need a separate aquarium. Otherwise, due to lack of space animals may die.

What do raki eat at home? Growing and breeding features

Although crayfish meat is not very popular, it is quite useful. It is believed that this product does not contain any harmful substances, since these arthropods can never be found in polluted water bodies. However, not everyone has the time to catch these animals, so many are beginning to think about arranging a farm to grow them. What crayfish eat at home, their content and other features, we will look at in this article.

Short description

These valuable invertebrates belong to the order of decapod crustaceans. A distinctive feature of these animals is the presence of three anterior thoracic segments, fused with the head. Together they form the so-called cephalothorax.

For those who do not know what home crayfish eat, this and other information will certainly be interesting. The head and body of the animal are covered with shell, which is called carapace. The capture of food occurs through the maxillary, formed from three front pairs of thoracic limbs. Crayfish color depends on the color of the bottom of the reservoir in which they live.

What types are suitable for breeding?

On the territory of Russia and most of the European states they grow long-toed, signal and wide-toed arthropods. Those who want to find out what they eat crayfish at home, do not hurt to learn that river individuals are not suitable for breeding. They give a lot of trouble. In addition, in winter they hibernate, which significantly slows their growth. Best for breeding suitable large blue or lake crayfish. These arthropods perfectly adapt to home conditions and grow quite quickly.

For breeding, it is desirable to acquire mature individuals, the length of which is not less than eight centimeters. And for one male there should be two females. The latter can be distinguished by a wider abdomen and an undeveloped first pair of limbs. Next, we will tell you what crayfish eat at home.

Growing up in an aquarium

This breeding method is suitable even for city apartments. But its scale will be much smaller than in the pond. This technique has a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Ease of control over the life and growth of pets.
  • The ability to strictly adhere to the desired temperature.
  • Simple catching crayfish.
  • Reduced feed amount.
  • Reduced wintering time.

Young animals that live in greenhouse conditions, grows and develops faster than their relatives. In order for your undertaking not to end in failure, you need to find the right aquarium. For the cultivation of crayfish, it is desirable to purchase a wide-bottomed container with low plastic walls. It is important that its volume was at least two hundred and fifty liters. The bottom of the aquarium should be filled with soil and pebbles. Also in it you can land algae and put there snags. A little later, we analyze what they eat crayfish at home.

Features breeding in the pond

Immediately, we note that this is quite a profitable and simple task. This activity can be carried out by any owner of the land plot on which there is a place for the construction of a reservoir. Preferably, the pond area is 25-60 squares, and the depth is 1-3 meters. It is advisable to pour sand and stones on the bottom so that animals can dig holes.

For fattening and retaining young stock, it is recommended to build separate concreted pools. It is important that the pond be equipped with reliable water flow and a source of its replenishment. This advice is useful to those who do not know that eating crayfish at home. Breeding of these arthropods in artificial reservoirs implies the obligatory availability of high-quality aeration and cleaning systems.

With the onset of cold, the inhabitants of open ponds need to be caught and transplanted into an indoor pool. Otherwise they may suffocate under the ice.

Requirements for an artificial reservoir

Before answering the question: “What do raki eat at home?”, You need to deal with the criteria that the pond intended for their maintenance must meet. It is important that it has a shaded sandy beach and a rocky bottom suitable for digging holes.

It is strictly forbidden to equip a reservoir in a sunny place. It is advisable to regularly check for the absence of pathogenic flora. To protect your farm from unauthorized catch of crayfish, you can install stretch marks with bells around the ponds, and stretch the net over them.

How to feed arthropods?

The time has come to find out in detail what crayfish eat at home. The peculiarities of their nutrition lie in the fact that these herbivorous animals do not disdain carrion and various organic remains.

The basis of their diet consists of earthworms, greens, insect larvae, small snails and bottom fish. This is what arthropods living in the wild feed on. Those who are interested in eating river crayfish at home can recommend supplementing the menu of these animals with grated carrots, fish, boiled potatoes, meat, and shredded steamed grains. The average daily rate of food should be 2% by weight of the individual.

Food for crayfish can be purchased on specialized markets, in greenhouses and enterprises related to the fishing industry. To the remnants of food do not spoil, you can not leave them for a long time in the water. Unfinished food must be removed from the reservoir in time.

Features of reproduction and growth

Having dealt with the fact that eating crayfish at home, you need to briefly consider another question. The mating season in these arthropods falls in the autumn months. Those who are planning to seriously engage in the breeding of data of arthropods, it is necessary to take into account that from one mature female you can get from thirty to sixty cubs.

The mating period, starting immediately after the molt, lasts for several hours. Twenty days later, the female lays her eggs and for some time carries them on herself. In order to preserve all offspring, it is advisable to plant the rachuha in a separate aquarium. Before the first molt, the young will hold on to their mother, and after that it is recommended to separate it from the young offspring.

The most common cancers

Like any other animals, these arthropods are prone to various ailments. Health problems can be caused by overfeeding, insufficient aeration, dirty water, untested food, a temperature disturbance, or an infection.

The plague and the “porcelain” disease are among the most common ailments with which cancers can become infected. All of them have a bad effect on the appearance of arthropods and on their ability to reproduce offspring. In some particularly severe cases, the infection can lead to the death of a whole generation of crayfish. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of the emergence of problems with the health of animals, you need to show the vet.

Useful recommendations

Those who decide to start breeding crayfish should provide them with conditions that most closely resemble natural ones. In addition, it should be understood that you are unlikely to immediately grow a large number of individuals. Experienced experts recommend buying several spacious aquariums in order to seed adults from young stock.

Mature arthropods should be kept in a separate pond, and babies should be left in their usual conditions. So you protect the younger generation from unnecessary stress and disease. In addition, it is important to comply with the recommended population density.

To create a farm you will need special equipment, including aquariums, pools and ponds. It is desirable that the former should be equipped with compressors, filtration systems and heaters for incubating the eggs. Ponds should have an oval shape, since it is believed that it provides the correct gas exchange. At the bottom of the reservoir it is necessary to build shelters for its inhabitants. They can be made from stones, snags and wreckage of plastic pipes. Do not plant artificial plants in a pond or aquarium. Cancers can eat them and die. These are the basic rules for keeping crayfish at home.

Where and how to breed crayfish? How beneficial is breeding crayfish?

Those who have tried crayfish at least once know how tasty and tender it is. Currently, the breeding of these representatives of the fauna in Russia is practically not mastered. However, the demand for the product is high. Some villagers manage to earn good money from the crayfish industry in their natural habitat, but in this way they have a negative effect on the natural population of these animals. Such a catch is essentially poaching. Even before the revolution, on the territory of Russia, they were successfully engaged in breeding crayfish in an artificial environment. The resulting meat was exported to many European countries. The current state of affairs is such that the main suppliers of this product to the world market - Turkey, China and Spain - are countries where there were no crayfish before.


How to breed crayfish in ponds? To begin, clean the reservoir, if it is silted or marshy. The neighborhood of crayfish with crucian carp, carp and other non-predatory fish is allowed. However, keep in mind that such a business will suffer with the arrival of winter. This is because crayfish tend to hibernate if the air temperature drops below fifteen degrees Celsius. In a state of anabiosis, they stop consuming food and, accordingly, do not increase their weight. If the reservoir is completely frozen to the bottom, your pets will die.

Nevertheless, many businessmen are wondering how to breed crayfish in ponds, because such reservoirs are the most stable aquatic systems capable of self-cleaning and self-renewal. At the same time there is an opportunity to save money well on the stern, filters and aerators. Crayfish will be happy to eat plankton, algae and insect larvae. The disadvantage is that in the natural environment the growth of these animals is not fast enough. Commodity mass is gained around the fifth year of life. Thus, the business will begin to generate income only after six years. It is attractive that the initial investment is practically not required.


How to breed crayfish at home? For this you need an aquarium with a capacity of at least two hundred and fifty liters (frameless). Pour the soil at the bottom of the tank, and place stones and driftwood there (your pets will hide behind them).

How to breed crayfish at home so that they do not hibernate? To do this, it is important to ensure that the water temperature fluctuates insignificantly and is not below fifteen degrees Celsius. In addition, it is important to provide high-quality filtration and aeration of the liquid. Under such conditions, it is allowed to increase the density of animal landing up to three hundred and fifty individuals per square meter.

The only drawback of the described business is its small volumes. Industrial scale is difficult to achieve due to the limited breeding area. However, some entrepreneurs have figured out how to breed crayfish in an aquarium in order to get the maximum profit. At home, they grow the larvae to the "young", and only then release them into a natural or artificial reservoir. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to organize a successful business. But how to breed crayfish at home to minimize losses? In the first place should be control over the quality of water. In this case, not very many larvae will die, in addition, they will develop much faster.


How to breed crayfish at home, if you do not want to clutter the living room with huge aquariums? Use your basement. For most people, it plays the role of a storage place for unnecessary things, and for you it will become a way to get money. If necessary, it will be necessary to warm the basement so that the crayfish do not hibernate at low water temperatures. To arrange lighting, purchase a two hundred watt lamp and hang it in the center of the ceiling. Equip the basement with multi-tiered shelving to house aquariums. After the preparatory work is complete, it will be time to ask how to breed the crayfish.

Where to buy

Buy larvae is not easy. Most likely, you will have to grow young stock yourself. You can even buy crayfish in the supermarket. Each male should have two females. Autumn begins mating time. At the end of spring females can be easily visually distinguished from males by the presence of eggs under the tail. A kilogram of these animals can cost you between three hundred and five hundred rubles. And even such small expenses can be avoided by catching crayfish on your own in a pond.

What to feed

How to breed crayfish so that they actively gain weight? For this, it is important to organize high-quality nutrition for them. Crayfish prefer earthworms, insect larvae and small snails. In an artificial habitat, they will not give up steamed and chopped grains, boiled potatoes and grated carrots. These foods should make up a large part of the diet of animals. Meat and fish will be a valuable source of protein. How to breed crayfish, avoiding mistakes in the process of feeding? Calculate the daily intake of animal food. It should be 2% of their weight.

Breeding features

Mating occurs in September and October. Males are able to fertilize up to two females in a row. If they get the third, they just eat it. This fact is due to the optimal ratio of individuals of different sexes in the pond (two females per male).

Initially, the caviar is located in the animal under the shell. After laying it is fixed under the tail. To embryos properly developed, the female constantly washes her eggs, thereby effectively cleaning her. After two months the larvae hatch out. For another three weeks, they rest under the tail of the female in order to avoid a multitude of dangers. After this time, completely independent crustaceans leave the cozy refuge forever. In the natural habitat, each female is able to grow up to twelve larvae. She cannot have more than twenty descendants per year. As for the home environment, this number is actually tripled.


In the first twelve months of their life, young crustaceans molt eight times. In the next two years they will have to go through this up to seven or nine times. Adults molt much less frequently - once or twice in 12 months. В этот период старый панцирь попросту сбрасывается, поскольку становится тесноват для растущего животного.

Как разводить раков правильно? Нужно уделять им особое внимание в период линьки, когда животное становится особенно уязвимым к нападению не только хищных рыб и птиц, но и своих сородичей.


Основные недуги раков можно разделить на инфекционные и инвазивные. The causative agents of the latter are parasites (most often these are microsporidia, branchiobdella, trematodes, and metacyrcorya). The most dangerous infectious diseases are plague and burn disease. They develop under the influence of various pathogenic fungi. In addition, the business may suffer from a decline in livestock due to overfeeding, insufficient filtration and aeration, a sharp change in water temperature.

Breeding sites

If you are serious and are planning to turn the breeding of crayfish into a highly profitable business, we advise you to organize a farm. Only in this case will it be possible to establish the production of a tasty product on an industrial scale. This will require the following:

- Incubation aquariums. It is very important that they are equipped with powerful heaters, compressors and filtration system.

- Pools where bred crayfish, which became independent individuals. There they need to grow up to the stage of juveniles.

- Indoor ponds. They should be at least two, but it is better to try to organize more. Thus, the business will grow faster. The minimum area of ​​the reservoir should be 25 square meters. m, and depth - 2 m. Note that in the ponds of elongated shape, gas exchange occurs better. It is recommended that the water in them was running. That is why it is so important that the river flows nearby. If this is not possible on your farm, drill several water wells.

At the bottom of the reservoirs be sure to place shelters for crayfish. They can serve as fragments of pipes made of plastic or ceramics, stones, snags, etc.

Important point

What kind of crayfish is better to breed? In Russia, the most common are the Far Eastern and European species. The second is most often used on an industrial scale. They are divided into long-fingered and wide-fingered. The latter are the most valuable species. It is their belly in cooking called "cancer necks". However, keep in mind that this species is listed in the Red Book, therefore, it is still better to breed long-crayfish. This way you will avoid problems with the inspection bodies.

Still distinguish lake and river crayfish. The first ones are best suited for home business, as they do not hibernate and can reach impressive sizes. However, there is one drawback: lake crayfish are very capricious. For their breeding and successful maintenance will require a warm room of at least twenty square meters. Crayfish are not so demanding, but they are smaller, respectively, and they are not so expensive.

When purchasing animals, do not miss out of attention the fact that in one reservoir crayfish of different species do not live.

Cottage not only for garden beds

When setting up a pond in the garden plot, keep in mind that it is very important for crayfish to have holes. That is why the pond should be with clay banks and a rocky bottom. It is very important that he is on your territory, then you will be able to control the process of breeding and protect animals from criminal encroachments.

How to breed crayfish in the country? If the site is large enough, it is better to organize three or four reservoirs. Of course, you can do it yourself, but an excavator can do this job much easier. Spare money and order the necessary equipment. After completion of this phase of work, think about the improvement of reservoirs. It is better to cover the bottom with stones and sprinkle them with river sand. Plant grass (field or garden) on the edge of the pond.

Next, proceed to the organization of water disposal. To do this, you can use a conventional pipe, which is closed on top of the valve. Wear a net on the pipe so that the crayfish will not be able to leave the reservoir through a kind of tunnel.

The most exciting moment is filling the pit with water and launching the first crayfish. Now comes the period of constant concern for the habitat of animals. Do not forget to change the water every two to three weeks. It is better to update the pond by about a third, so as not to disturb the established microclimate.

Is it profitable to breed crayfish?

For at least one ton of these animals in a few years you will need to purchase about six hundred individuals. The main costs are in the starting period. They make about 120 thousand rubles. on the equipment of reservoirs and 50 thousand rubles. for the purchase of young animals. When you invest two hundred thousand rubles, you will earn your first million in about two years. Of course, this is only an approximate calculation. In fact, income depends on sales prices. In addition, keep in mind that the more crayfish, the more expensive they are.

How to sell?

The absence of problems with points of sale is one of the main advantages of this business. The fact is that at present the competition in this area is low, and this is with a constant shortage of crayfish. Your product may be interested in numerous restaurants, cafes, bars. As a rule, they prefer wholesale suppliers.

Did you know that salted crayfish caviar is almost not inferior to red in taste and nutritional qualities? This, too, can be emphasized in the process of finding buyers. In addition, the chitinous shells of the examined animals, surprising in their properties, are widely used in various types of production.


We examined in detail how to breed crayfish. This business is profitable, but do not expect instant profits. Proper habitat organization and careful care of crayfish is the key to success.

Cultivation of crayfish in the aquarium

breeding crayfish in the aquarium

Breeding crayfish at home is like a business.

Breeding crayfish at home is like a business.