Application paper aquarium with colored paper fish


"Fish in the aquarium" - application

The underwater world is always interesting for children, because its nature is so different from the nature of sushi. Sea plants, animals and fish attract kids with bright and unusual colors. In order to acquaint the child with the marine life, we suggest you make a craft out of colored paper - the application "Fishes in an Aquarium". In this article you will find two options for a master class on this topic - for kids (they need adult help) and for older kids. And the crumbs of the age of 1.5-2 years old can be offered to make the simplest application in the form of an aquarium by running the fish from geometric shapes.

Simple application "Aquarium"

1. This is the work we should have.

2. For its production we will need: white and double-sided colored paper, gouache of two colors (yellow and blue), a sponge for dishes, glue, scissors, "running" eyes.

3. We paint with a gouache and a sponge a white sheet of paper, visually dividing it into two unequal parts: yellow sand and blue sea.

4. Cut out the elements of the application from colored paper:

  • colorful fish (you can pre-make a template);
  • brown corals;
  • green algae;
  • sea ​​pebbles of different shades of pink, red and brown.

5. Gradually paste all the details on the painted and dried leaf: first algae and stones, then corals and fish, trying to evenly place it all on the sheet.

Application "Beautiful fish in a large aquarium"

  1. For this version of the application, we use a cardboard box, colored paper, strings and beads, seashells.
  2. We take a cardboard box from under the shoes.
  3. We glue it from the inside with colored paper, imitating the seabed. Instead of yellow paper you can stick a strip of felt.
  4. Sticking seashells to the bottom (for this purpose it is convenient to use real seashells and pebbles collected by a child during last year’s trip to the sea).
  5. From green paper (plain or self-adhesive) we cut the algae and also place them in the future aquarium.
  6. We make templates of various sea creatures out of white paper: they can be fish of various shapes, octopus, crab, seahorse and starfish.
  7. Transfer them to colored paper and cut them out. It is advisable to make double-sided figures, because, suspended on the strings in the aquarium, they will rotate.
  8. Glue the thread to each figure and hang it to the "ceiling" of the box. They can also be decorated with beads or rhinestones.

Aquarium. Fish in the aquarium. A craft of colored paper and cardboard.

Paper Fish Tank

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The original description is in English, but everything is perfectly clear from the pictures. Just in case I give small comments.

Scheme print in duplicate.

Cut the grass or corals, fish. Coral is, and the goldfish will have to search for themselves. Here is what I found in Yandex.

Glue corals and fish. Only on one side of the large and small ovals! Do not glue the cuts; ovals will then be inserted between them. I think it’s necessary to take color paper two-sided so that the card looks good from all sides. Fish should be double-sided!

Getting started:

First 2 large ovals and 2 large rectangles.

Then 2 small rectangles. Look at the picture, which side should be located grass.

Add small ovals.

That's it, the aquarium is ready! This is a pop-up card, i.e. it can fold.


For inspiration - even a goldfish, but in the technique of Quilling. True, beautiful ?! Found here.

Successes to you, happiness and fulfillment of desires!


Paper application. Fish.

We suggest you make application of fish from colored paper.

1. Glue the fins to a sheet of thick paper, evenly distributing them.

2. Over the fins glue the torso and tail.

3. Use a felt-tip pen to draw the eyes and mouth.


To make our application complete, stick different bubbles on top of it that form in the aquatic environment. We did it application of fish in the aquarium!

Fish made from colored paper Hand made-paper fish