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Aquatic microorganisms are tiny algae that inevitably appear in the aquarium environment. Especially fast they multiply in low light. Sinking on the glass walls of the aquarium, the brown-green algae can make the glass so muddy that the fish will no longer be visible.

In addition, from the excess of such algae can create unfavorable conditions for habitat of ornamental fish. A caring aquarist must clean the glass of microorganisms and plaque using a special tool - a scraper.

Aquarium Cleaning Scraper: Varieties

Scraper is a special tool that allows you to effortlessly clean and tidy the house for fish. As a rule, in the simplest version, it is a dense sponge attached with a metal frame to a straight handle.

In a specialized pet store, you can choose such a scraper with a handle of various lengths, depending on the size of the aquarium. There are scrapers with a rubber work surface and metal blades to remove a thick layer of dirt. There are also combined tools - scrapers with a sponge on one side and a blade on the other.

Magnetic scrapers have become widespread in recent years, the device of which will be discussed below. There are on sale and ultra-modern scrapers on batteries.

For example, the German company Eheim offers a cleaning device that automatically removes very effectively, not only plaque, but even limescale. A nice gift for professional aquarists!

Aquarium Scraper with Blade

Such a tool well helps to clean the walls of the aquarium, if they are very overgrown with microorganisms. The working surface of the scraper resembles a safety razor.

The design of the device, where the blade is movable, allows you to clean out the plaque, even in the most inaccessible corners of the aquarium.

Plastic strap protects the glass from scratches, and the interchangeable blade itself is made of stainless metal. Manufacturers offer a wide range of scrapers, as well as extension nozzles for them.

How to make a scraper for an aquarium with your own hands?

You can try to clean the vertical surfaces of the aquarium with improvised means, but experts do not recommend using for this, for example, a simple household sponge. If the aquarium is small, an ordinary safety razor, attached by wire or fishing line to the handle of the required length, is suitable.

Recently, many owners of aquarium fish have adapted plastic cards for wall cleaning, which have become obsolete for their intended purpose. If there is no desire to get your hands wet, then such a card can be easily attached to the pole. Such a homemade cleaning tool is quite effective and does not scratch the walls of the tank.

Magnetic scraper for aquarium: the pros and cons

Such a cleaning tool is very convenient to use and quite effective. The design and principle of application are already in the name of the instrument.

It is a combination of two flat magnets with a strong magnetic field. The attraction of two parts of such a device provides a fairly effective cleaning of vertical surfaces both inside and outside the aquarium.

Tools are issued for glasses of various thickness. The thicker the aquarium glass, the stronger the magnetic field.

The undoubted advantage of magnetic scrapers is

  • the ability to clean without dropping hands or any objects into the water,
  • the process does not irritate and frighten the inhabitants of the aquarium.
As a disadvantage, it is possible to mention its low efficiency when cleaning a thick layer of microorganisms or when removing lime scale.

For ease of use and storage, many manufacturers of aquarium accessories make the inside of the instrument floating. In the non-working condition, the scraper is freely located on the surface of the water.

Unusual products for glamor aquarists

The range of cleaning scrapers is quite extensive. Leading manufacturers of aquarium accessories, such as Karlie, Penn Plax, Hobby, JBL, Hagen and some others, offer scrapers of all types and a wide price range.

The world of glamor has touched the sphere of aquarium accessories. For example, for wealthy fans of ornamental home fish and connoisseurs of expensive things, the NANO Gold scraper was created, the blade of which has a gold plating. Such a tool is a great gift for any aquarist, and can also be a source of pride for a collector.

The owner of the aquarium can decide which cleaning tool suits him best. It is important to remember one rule: no need to wait until the glass walls are covered with a thick layer of plaque. Cleaning the glass at least once a week will help maintain the ideal state of the aquarium.

Video on how to clean the aquarium using a homemade scraper:

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