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Interpretation of wax figures in divination. Guessing on wax: the meaning of the figures, the interpretation of symbols

The most famous and common prediction - fortune telling on wax. It has come to us since ancient times and is still in great demand. There is an opinion that for accuracy and truthfulness it is necessary to take a wax candle, not a paraffin one. These manipulations can be made not only at Christmas time, but also on any other day.

What does fortune telling on wax mean? This exciting activity is interesting because it does not bring negative. There is a classic way of predicting. It is necessary to be able to correctly interpret wax figures during divination. How to do this, read our article.

What is fortune telling on wax?

Today there are many different predictions in order to know your future and destiny. One of them - fortune telling on wax. Many magicians claim that waxing with water is a strong positive combination for each person. That is why there is a perception that it is not scary to carry out rituals with these materials, since nothing bad will happen. Guessing on wax allows you to look into the future without negative consequences.

Before you start divination, you need to find a natural wax. Usually, paraffin candles are sold in stores. You can, of course, and guess at them, only, according to the magicians, the result is likely to be untrue. The prediction on wax shows a person various shapes that define the future or the present. They need to be able to decipher, because for each fate the value of the same figure may differ. For example, for one person, fish is a good sign, for another - a bad one.

It is important to know the interpretation of wax figures during divination. Only then can you understand what the prediction promises. Not only girls, but also mature women, serious men and windy guys are addicted to this exciting activity, because everyone wonders what lies ahead for them. Next, we describe the classic method of fortune telling on wax. Decoding of some figures will be provided. Everything else depends solely on your ability to fantasize.

Classic waxing techniques

To date, there are two options for obtaining such a prediction.

1. Take a bowl and pour water into it, just not from the tap, but consecrated or thawed. Take a real wax candle, crumble it in a deep spoon so that the wick does not get there. When you cook, turn on the gas or electric burner. Above it, hold the spoon until the wax melts. As soon as one liquid remains, pour it sharply and quickly into the center of the bowl. In just a few seconds you will notice that the wax turns into a shape that you have to decipher.

2. This fortune telling is called "Brownie." For him, you need to pour a glass of milk into a small deep bowl and put it on the threshold of the dwelling. Now melt the wax in the same way as described in the first method, you just have to pour it into a bowl of milk, while saying: “Brownie, I invite you to the threshold to taste milk and wax.” A wax figure will appear, and you will only have to decipher it.

Very interesting and fascinating fortune telling on wax. Decoding you may be shocking because she is telling the truth. Read the interpretation of the most common characters.

Wax Figure Embryo

It can be of two types, when divination is performed on wax - an embryo with and without umbilical cord. These are two different predictions. The first character indicates that you or your close friend will soon become pregnant. But this is optional. Allowed the beginning of new ideas, change of work, finding new friends. The umbilical cord itself means that everything new will be given to you with an obstacle.

How to explain if a wax divination brought an embryo without a umbilical cord? This is also for pregnancy. However, this symbol may still mean new beginnings in the near future. The only thing the embryo without a umbilical cord is good at is that you will go through any business without an obstacle. And if a pregnancy comes, it will be very easy.


There are several types of migrants that appear in wax. For example, if the figure looks like a crow or a magpie, then you are waiting for the loss of a friend or his betrayal. What else will tell fortune telling on wax? Bird can be interpreted in different ways.

Dove - get a pleasant unexpected news. Probably, it will be possible to get an answer to a very important question. This information will help you in the future, even decide the fate.

If you have a bird that is in flight, on the threshold of good news.

Have you seen a little bird that looks like a sparrow, a bird or a bullfinch? This means that it is necessary in the near future to carry out our plans. For example, if you have long wanted to quit your job, do not be afraid. Good luck will turn to you. Could not decide on a divorce or separation, but do you understand that the relationship you have gone to no? It's time to decide!

So, what does divination wax suggest? The bird will certainly bring happiness.

A fish

What does it mean if you had to see a waterfowl? What does such a guessing on wax mean? Fish will bring only good and good news. Most often they are associated with water. Even if you now do not know what is going on, then after a while you will definitely understand. For example, a girl might meet an overseas prince, and an older woman will travel to where there is a lot of water. It can be a sea, ocean or just a river. What else carries such a guessing on wax? Fish speaks about the imminent pregnancy and easy childbirth. Listen to your family and friends. They won't exactly wish you bad things.


What does the guessing on wax mean? A dog, as we all know, is a man’s friend. Similarly, in divination. If you see a dog in the water, it symbolizes the faithful and devoted friend you have. This image indicates that you are ready in a difficult moment to help someone who really needs it.

What else conceals such divination in wax? Is the dog running? This means that a friend is in a hurry to help you, he really wants to be around in a difficult situation. If a friend is a man, he will most likely be able to help you with his strength. A woman will give wise advice that can change your life for the better.

The dog is the most good-natured and wise foreboding. It will teach you a lot. If, for example, you have problems, and there is no one to help, most likely, fortune telling suggests that a reliable person will soon appear in your life who will help you to succeed.


It is very important to take into account the meaning of the characters in the prediction. What else can be divination on wax? The tree has several meanings. If you saw it with the branches that are up, success, joy and fulfilled dreams are guaranteed in the near future. There is an opportunity to climb the career ladder. Therefore, if you have an interesting offer, accept it, do not be afraid of anything. This is a great chance.

Sometimes it happens that the branches of a tree are omitted. This means sadness, boredom, bad mood. However, if the branch is raised on the right side, then not everything is so bad, and you have the opportunity to overcome your problems.


This symbol has several meanings. If you performed fortune telling on wax, the germ means that you are close to new deeds and victories. It is at this point that you can start a new business, and everything will definitely work out. You just need to try to overcome their fears, weakness and confidently move forward. Only then will the long-awaited result.

If divination is carried out on wax, the germ still means that your baby will soon appear in your family. But not necessarily you. There is a chance that a child will have a sister, mother or close friend. However, doctors can not be avoided, since the embryo warns of a difficult pregnancy.


This symbol is inextricably linked with the family. The interpretation of wax figures during divination can shed light on many things. Do you feel what is happening in the family? If so, then it will be easy to understand what the image of the house promises. He is a very good symbol. It is believed that your family will finally change for the better. Perhaps you are renting an apartment, waiting for changes. If you have long wanted to move, but could not overcome the obstacles, this means that now is the right moment.

Feel free to start changing your life for the better. For this, a sign is given from above. Now is the time to fear nothing and act.

A heart

This sign speaks of love. If you see a whole and smooth heart, do not keep yourself waiting for a large and bright feeling that will never fade.

If your heart is broken, it means that your love began to crumble, but you can still save it. You must be patient, and everything will certainly work. Relationships almost always depend on the woman, so try and fight for your love.

If you see a broken heart, this is a sign that you are looking for your love, or your feelings will not save anything. Therefore, you can part with a partner without hesitation.


Before you start divination, read the recommendations of the magicians who adhere to certain rules.

1. Water for fortune telling should be clean - melt, filtered or consecrated. It carries special information and energy, so you should not take it from the tap.

2. In a classic fortune telling, a mirror seriously helps. The prediction will be truer if you put a mirror on the bottom of the bowl and then pour water there.

3. Wax is better to use real. Paraffin candle - not an option for fortune telling, it is unlikely to tell you the truth. So many magicians think. But fortunate girls claim that paraffin has a force no less than wax, and shows only the truth.

4. It is impossible to break a candle as it is possible to damage a loved one. It is better to carefully cut the necessary amount of wax with a knife.

5. This wax is recommended to buy from beekeepers. They are unlikely to find a fake (which can not be said about the shops).

6. If you do not have the opportunity to buy wax from beekeepers, then purchase candles in the church.

7. If you are unable to independently interpret wax figures during divination, then it is better to take a look at the special literature.

All interpretations described in the article above are general. Remember that each person has his own decoding. When you learn to understand the meanings of symbols, then it will be much more interesting to do fortune telling on wax.

When complying with all the above rules proceed. Do not be afraid of anything. Argued that this is the most harmless fortune telling.

When fortune-telling on wax spilled fish ... What is it?

Smart boy

found only this: The meaning of the figures.
Fan - your plans will come true, but it will require a lot of effort, both physical and mental.
Grapes - a great sign - a symbol of tender love, faithful friendship, good luck and prosperity.
Mushroom - a sign of the fulfillment of secret desires.
Dragon - you are creative nature, living dreams. A flight of fancy is for the benefit of your enterprise.
The bell - news from afar. Even - good news, curve - not very.
Basket - ends a period in your life, its plot is exhausted. Do not be discouraged, a streak of interesting events begins.
A leaf of a tree - you are envied or even weave intrigues.
Medusa - you have something to hide. But is it not better to give up secrets and live carefree?
Hammer - you have more than enough strength, you are energetic nature. But is it worth crushing a mountain if you can get around it?
The bridge is the best way out - a compromise. If you insist on his, then lose.
Nose - sooner or later curiosity will come out to you sideways.
A monkey is a sign of a friend who is deceiving, a sign of pretense and ambiguous situations.
Points - make a mistake, but do not want to admit it.
Bee - do not change your principles, and you will succeed
Sink - the problems that will arise in a relationship, last very long.
Elephant - now you are in great shape, but excessive load can harm you.
The turtle is a symbol of wisdom and strong relationships. Everything that can happen is already destined by fate. Do not attempt to swim against the current.
A ball or a ball is in order. Keep the success and do not stop there!
Pants - a crossroads. You can choose a dangerous path - fate helps the brave!
The apple is a symbol of life, wisdom and health. The more your wax figure looks like a real apple, the more favorable its value. A crooked apple means temptations that are best not to give in.
The egg is an ancient symbol of the hidden, secret. May mean fears and concerns. however, if nothing bothers you now, this is a sign of renewal.
here's another:
APPLE - beware of gossip!
CLOUDS - your dreams will come true, but you will have to overcome a lot of obstacles!
FISH, it's time to think about what you expect from life, and make a difficult decision!
FLOWER - you will fall in love, but soon the young man will disappoint you!
KEY-unexpected event will turn your life!
STONE-do not harm, so that it does not turn against you.
HEART - your love will be mutual!
EGG-open up new features!
WOOD-prepare for change and take care of loved ones.
Sap-believe in yourself and do not be afraid!
STAR-you will face difficulties and overcome them!
ANGEL-there will be harmony in everything: in studies, in relations with family and friends.

Master DAO

Before the birth of buddha princess maya, she also had a white fish in the SNE.
In Buddhism, it is a symbol of the gracious ability to swim across the stormy sea of ​​this incarnation, and reach the coast of NIRVANA!
Think about it yourself.
Your Master DAO!

Divination on wax decoding

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Guessing wax is usually carried out on love, on the betrothed.

Follow these rules for wax telling:

1. Use real wax. He will give you exactly the information you expect from wax fortune telling. Wax can be bought from those who keep bees in beekeeping shops. If divination wax can only be obtained from candles, buy a few thin wax candles in the church, they are brown, they smell of honey. When you get home, take the wick out of them, any foreign object can distort the wax and the transmitted information. Then, without breaking, roll them into a tight ball, the wax is very plastic, and leave as such until fortune telling. By melting the ball, not the candles, you can be sure that you did everything correctly and the VOSKOM GUESSING will succeed.
2. If you use the simplest method of divination with wax, that is, simply dripping wax from the candle into the water, try to pour into one place to create a figure. It is not true that the more drops the better. If fortune telling on wax does not create a figure, the wax spreads out, which means that your request or desire will be scattered.
3. You know that water is also an informational material, pouring wax into old water, or tap water is ridiculous, she remembers pipes and sewage treatment plants. For VOSKOM GUADNESS, it is better to take the Epiphany water, and if there is none, pour water into a plastic bottle from under lemonade and freeze it in the freezer, and let it melt on the day of divination. Melt water has an excellent energy structure and will help you in guessing on wax.
4. You want to get even greater effect from fortune telling, put a small mirror on the bottom of the vessel with water and pour the wax into the water just above it. A great helper for GUESSING WITH THE WAIST, the mirror will reflect the information, will not allow it to disperse, and the casting will be clearer and more informative.
Pour cold water into a bowl and light a candle. When it flares up, tilt it over the water and let the wax drain into the cup. Wait for the wax to harden. Then take the resulting figure and see what happened. Here are some figurine meanings. And then let your imagination and imagination help you.
Have turned out small round droplets - OK. It is to money. They saw fan - waiting for difficulties at work, there may be unpleasant friction in the team.
Grapes - you will find luck in all your endeavors.
Mushroom - promises new vitality and longevity.
The Dragon - very good character. All your hopes will be fulfilled, promotion is possible.
Cross - a very bad sign. Be careful. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.
Church - brave yourself, hard times and trials are waiting for you. There may be great trouble and material difficulties.
Flowers - happy marriage or a new love story.
Animal beast or beast entirely - Beware, among your surroundings there is a person who is plotting something bad.
Stripes - fast moving or long road.
Asterisks - your career will go uphill: if you study, then there is a chance to become an "excellent student".
Person - make a friend.
Bell - Get ready for good news if the bell is symmetrical. To the bad - if the bell is crooked.
Ring - to marry
Baby figurine or ibryon - to the early birth of a child
Few bells - In the near future you will have to worry a lot.
Tree leaf - someone envies you and weaves intrigue.
Pants - Now you are at a crossroads, but you will definitely choose the right road.
Egg - Do not worry and fear the failure of new beginnings. You will succeed.
An Apple - a symbol of life, wisdom and health