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Psevdomore Aquarium: design

The beautiful seascapes and the bright underwater world of the seas and oceans are always exciting, they attract particular attention and encourage some aquarists to create marine artificial aquatic systems. However, a real marine aquarium is quite expensive in terms of price and content. That is why a special style of aquarism, pseudo-sea, has been created and is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Psevdomore Aquarium - an imitation of marine reality

First of all, it should be noted that this refers not to some separate aquariums, but to a whole direction or style in aquaristics, the main feature of which is the creation of the illusion of the marine aquatic environment with its living inhabitants and the corresponding decorations.

Why an illusion? Yes, because instead of real salty sea water there is fresh water in this system, respectively, the inhabitants of this akvadoma are freshwater. But thanks to special techniques one can achieve such a strong correspondence to the natural seascape that only specialists can calculate the illusion. The ordinary viewer of the pseudo-sea aquarium is unlikely to be distinguished from the real sea.

Maintaining a true marine aquarium is not easy: you need to maintain the normal parameters of sea water. It is necessary to ensure the growth and existence of corals, to fulfill the necessary requirements for the maintenance of marine fish and vegetation.

Psevdomore free from all these conditions. This style allows you to create and diversify the internal content of the aquarium according to your own imagination. But some general rules for the design of pseudo-sea aquasystems developed empirically are still available.

General recommendations

Psevdomorskogo aquarium can be implemented in two versions: in cold colors or in a warm tropical style. The choice of one or another option depends on the situation, the interior of the room.

The sea is well suited, for example, for a room dominated by blue and red tones. This may be a children's room, a living room, not cluttered with furniture, or even a large bathroom. In a room furnished with massive brown (classic) furniture, the maritime theme is unlikely to fit.

If you need to create a pseudo-house in an office, then you should not install it in the office of the head: such a noticeable detail of the interior does not correspond to the business style and in a sense distracts visitors or subordinates. But in the reception or in the general hall of the company the seascape will be more appropriate, since it will create a benevolent emotional background.

There are no special requirements for the pseudo-sea form: it can be round or oval, rectangular or in the form of a prism, flat or three-dimensional.

But experts advise banks to choose a larger capacity, from 100 liters and more. This is due to several circumstances.

  • Firstly, African cichlids are very often placed in a pseudo-sea aquarium (because of their bright color), they need their own section of the underwater territory.
  • And secondly, the seascape provides for the presence of coral scenery, the size of which is far from small. However, in the aquarium there is an experience of organizing an aquarium-pseudomorie of small volume.

Lighting features

In contrast to the usual aquarium, where lighting serves mainly for the life of the plants, the light in the pseudo-sea plays an exclusively decorative role.

They try to make the lighting system so that the interior decorations look in the most advantageous perspective. That is why the main lamp is installed closer to the front glass panel.

There are no exact recommendations on the type of lamps, here each person chooses his own version, but in this particular case, fluorescent lamps that give cold light are more suitable. As an option: imported lamp Power-Glo, Hagen LifeGlo, Sylvania Coralstar or Marine-Glo, which are designed for both the sea and for ordinary aquariums.

Currently, there are special lights on sale exclusively for saltwater aquariums with an appropriate emission spectrum.

Psevdomorskogo aquarium looks much more spectacular when using halogen lamps that give directional light. Some additionally also install a neon lamp, using which white elements of the decor (corals, for example) become visually whiter.

As a rule, two fixtures located at the front panel and above the center are quite enough for a pseudo-sea. Lighting should not be too intense to prevent the development of algae and overgrowing walls. Some experienced owners of such an aquarium are generally advised to turn on the light for no longer than 5-6 hours per day.

Psevdomore: clearance

Perhaps this is the basis of aquariums of this type.

Background. The first thing to think about is the background that decorates the back wall (photographic film, photo wallpaper). As a rule, it is chosen in blue. Of course, there are various variations - sea water with corals, sea fish, algae, scenes of underwater life, etc. Do not overload the background too much, because the main thing is the interior decoration in combination with fish.

As a primer most often used natural marble chips, there are options for using artificial colored ground (glass beads, for example). But such a commercial substitute for natural soil has more disadvantages than advantages: most often it is toxic and does not perform the functions of biofiltration of aquarium water, since the bacteria do not settle in it. So, experts advise: or marble crumb, or sand of a large fraction.

Scenery Pseudomorie are most often large sea shells, corals (natural or artificial), large stones, stone grottoes, caves, terraces. This does not mean, however, that the inner space needs to be cluttered. On the contrary, the overall composition should emphasize the central element around which the details are concentrated.

Plants. As a rule, in pseudo-sea aquariums there is no natural aquatic vegetation. Its decorative functions are performed by synthetic artificial plants, which are now produced by many companies specializing in aquarium accessories. For example, the German company Hagen produces original plastic plants specifically for marine aquatic systems, as well as simulators of corals and shells made of synthetic material - stadon.

What kind of fish is better to have?

In such cases, African cichlids are the most frequent. A logical question: why these cichlids? The fact is that the natural habitat of these fish is water with an alkaline pH balance, and in the Pseudo-sea fish house there is a similar balance created by the limestone corals and shells there.

Red atherins, mollies, swordtails also feel well in such an aquatic environment. Beautiful haplokhromis cornflower is the best fit for a pseudo-sea environment with a black background and bright lighting.

Simply put, give birth to such fish, which are well tolerated hard, slightly alkaline water. Of course, the brighter the color of living creatures, the better.


The technical equipment of such a system is identical to a conventional aquarium: aqua-filter, aerator, thermometer and other auxiliary equipment. But it should be borne in mind that natural vegetation does not participate in the processes occurring in the pseudomore. Therefore, it is necessary to install a powerful filter with all types and degrees of water purification - mechanical, biological, chemical.

The lack of natural vegetation can adversely affect the condition of the soil, so this substrate should be siphoned more often. From time to time should be cleared from the slightest hint of green algae and all the elements of decor.

Do not forget about water changes. This operation should be carried out weekly, replacing 15-20% of the total.

Psevdomore: photo - some tips

Photographing a do-it-yourself pseudo-aquarium and sharing pictures with friends and colleagues is a natural desire. In order for photos to turn out to be of high quality and rich in color, you need to know a few simple rules and recommendations.

The aquarium is a fixed thing, it will not run away. Therefore, do not rush to remove it, you should carefully prepare, carefully look at the pseudo-sea through the camera display.

First of all, it is useful to clean the front wall of green algae, adherent organic particles. Thus, the purity of the glass should be close to perfect, otherwise the image will glare.

The same thing happens if you take pictures with flash. It is better to shoot when the ambient light is off or muted with maximum use of aquarium lighting. If there are light home furnishings near the aquarium, then it is desirable to drape them with some dark material.

The conclusion suggests itself: it is better to take pictures of a pseudo-sea aquarium in the dark. And indeed it is.

Of course, the beauty and attractiveness of the Pseudomore cannot be compared with a real marine reef aquarium. However, attempts to recreate the natural seascape can lead to a brilliant result.

Video from professional aquarists: how to make a pseudo-sea.

Psevdomore style aquarium decoration

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