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How to distinguish the floor of goldfish :: how to determine the sex of a goldfish photo :: Aquarium fish

Tip 1: How to distinguish the floor of goldfish

There is a misconception that goldfish easy to maintain. In fact, they are very demanding, and when they are bred, many nuances arise. But, having learned to overcome difficulties, most owners think about the breeding of their aquarium pets. If for many species of aquarium fish it is quite simple to distinguish a female from a male (in color, size), then with goldfish the situation is different.

The question "opened a pet shop. Business is not going. What to do?" - 2 answers

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  • Aquarium, goldfish, magnifier


1. Goldfish are becoming sexually mature by two years, although it depends on the usefulness and diversity of the diet and the conditions in which they are contained. At the same time, the volume of the aquarium plays a very important role - one goldfish needs at least 40 liters, and the whole “glass house” must be at least 100 liters. In small volumes, the fish develop poorly, become "drawn out" and incapable of spawning.
Under ideal conditions, there were cases of earlier puberty - by the age of one and a half, while the diet was full of proteins. Therefore, before this age even an experienced owner cannot distinguish between a male and a female.

2. When the fish are ready for breeding, the first differences between the male and the female begin to appear. The body of the female takes a rounded shape, a small spherical tummy appears, while the male is more lean.

3. On the male's front paired fins, there are characteristic notches that resemble small saw teeth in appearance. This is the main feature by which one can distinguish a male from a female not even in the mating period.

4. Since the beginning of spring in the mature gold fish begins the period of courtship. At this time, the male differs markedly from the female by its behavior. He behaves very actively, vigorously caring for his girlfriend, pursuing her throughout the aquarium.

5. Another main feature of the male is the appearance of white bumps on the head and gill covers in the spawning period. Sometimes these bumps can be on the front fins.
The same symptoms can occur with a serious disease of aquarium fish - ichthyophthyriosis. On the fins of the fish appear bumps similar to semolina. It is important not to confuse the spawning attributes of a male with this disease.

Tip 2: How to distinguish goldfish

Goldfish are a subspecies of silver crucians. Despite the name, these fish may differ colors. Often in nature there are red, white, black individuals. In addition, goldfish are able to change color during life. Mostly the change occurs in the first year of life, but in some cases the fish may change the shade of the scales even after puberty. On average, goldfish spawn at 7–8 months of age, but it’s better if they begin to multiply after they have turned 2–4 years old. During this period, they reach the maximum brightness of the color of scales and fins. Until that time, it is extremely difficult to understand exactly what sex your goldfish is.

You will need

  • In order to understand what sex your pet, you need to carefully look at him during the spawning period. If two different-sex fish live in an aquarium, then you can immediately determine which of them is male and who is female.


1. First, compare the sizes. fish. Males are usually somewhat smaller than females. In this case, the latter have a more rounded belly.
Also, males have a slightly convex anus, in females, on the contrary, a depression can be seen in this region.

2. A few days before spawning, white specks appear on the gills of males. On the first rays of the pectoral fins, one can also notice small bright notches, which some breeders call a "saw".

3. During the spawning period males become extremely active. They begin to drive the females through the aquarium, as well as “stick” to the brides, clamping them into the corner.

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If you want to breed goldfish, then do not forget that they need quite a lot of space for normal coexistence. Therefore, before you buy a partner or partner for your pet, take care of expanding its living space.

If a goldfish lives alone, then determining its gender will be quite difficult. However, sometimes males who are ready to spawn, sexual signs can appear regardless of whether there is a number of partner. In this case, many novice breeders get scared and think that the fish is sick with something.


If spawning is successful, then you need to remember that goldfish can eat their offspring. Therefore, immediately after spawning, they need to be transplanted to a spit. It must be equipped with a filter and air supply, and differ from the aquarium only in a smaller volume.

Helpful advice

It is best to contain goldfish at a temperature not higher than 24 degrees.

❶ How to find out the sex of the fish :: how to determine the sex of the fish :: Aquarium fish

How to find out the sex of the fish

A beginner aquarist is not always easy to navigate in such a colorful and incomprehensible world of exotic fish. What to feed, how to keep and what to do if the fish are sick or decided to get offspring? Of course, one of the main issues of concern to novice lovers is how to distinguish males from females. Mastering some of the wisdom of this business.

The question "opened a pet shop. Business is not going. What to do?" - 2 answers


1. Carefully peer into your wards. In some fish, sexual dimorphism is expressed very clearly, so it’s not difficult to distinguish boys from girls here. However, if you have no idea how exactly ladies differ from gentlemen, the external differences of the fish, although they will be noticeable to you, will not give any information. When breeding guppies, it seems to many that it is not so easy to distinguish a male from a female. It's a delusion. Look closely at the anal fin fish. If it is pointed, then the boy is in front of you, but if it is rounded, you are considering a girl. By the way, by the way, it is possible to determine the sex of the fish even before the onset of their sexual maturity, when, apart from the anal fin, males are practically no different from females. When the fish grow up, a beautiful colorful tail and dorsal fin become a characteristic feature of the boys. Females, on the contrary, remain inconspicuous and gray, their tail fins are much shorter and not so bright.

2. Pay attention to the shape of the anal fin. Not all aquarium fish sex difference is so noticeable. Relatives of guppies mollies do not have bright tails or specks. Both males and females have a uniform black color and resemble each other, almost like two drops of water. Here you will be helped by observation and a keen eye. Mollies also differ in anal fins. In females, they are rounded, and in males they have a pronounced peak-like shape. Some types of mollies are the owners of an elongated and slightly curved anal fin, so the boy can always be distinguished from the general crowd.

3. Look at the size of the fish. Often, females are slightly largest males, and in some species of fish this difference is quite noticeable. Of course, not one size to navigate is not worth it, because in pet stores often sell fish from different litters. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to other signs. In neons, for example, the strip on the abdomen of the female has a small rift, slightly bending in the middle. Males are owners of a perfectly straight back, and the strip on their body is parallel to the horizon. If you decide to separate males from females in a flock of danios - also pay attention to their size and location of the strips. The females are the largest, and the bands on the belly have a little blur. Males have a more toned shape and even stripes.


Before you go to the pet store or go to the market, study the special literature and get at least an approximate knowledge of gender differences. Unfortunately, sellers often deceive unsuspecting customers by selling them the same-sex fish.

Helpful advice

In viviparous fish, females already in the store may have an extended abdomen, according to which it is very easy to distinguish them from males.

How to distinguish the sex of fish :: how to find out the floor from the fish :: Aquarian fish

How to distinguish the sex of fish

Choosing fish, novice aquarists often get stumped, not knowing how to distinguish males from females. Young fish growth is extremely similar to each other, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between adults. However, there are some signs, taking into account that you will not make a mistake.

The question "opened a pet shop. Business is not going. What to do?" - 2 answers


1. There is no single and absolutely correct way to determine the sex of fish. It all depends on the specific breed and age. If you are a beginner aquarist, get a handbook with an exact indication of the breeds and their sexual characteristics. Do not buy too young fish - the floor of some fry is difficult to determine even for specialists.

2. Most often the secret of the floor is given by the anal fin located in the lower part of the abdomen. In some breeds, for example, gourami, guppy or liliusi, according to the shape of the anal fin, the field is easily recognized. In females, it has a rounded or soft-triangular shape, in males it is pointed or similar to a tube. With age "fin" differences become more noticeable.

3. Estimate the size of the fish. Adult females of barbs, guppies, catfish, swordtails are larger, the males are much smaller. Sex differences are seen most vividly in viviparous fish - females look much more voluminous, especially in the abdomen area. Males have a more streamlined shape and narrow body.

4. Pay attention to the color intensity. In many breeds, males are colored brighter. For example, adult male guppies are easily identified by their bright tail and dorsal fins. Pearly gourami during puberty differs from females in a bright orange belly. However, much depends on the color variations inside the breed. For example, barbs or scalar can have different shades, regardless of the floor and a pale colored male can be easily confused with a female.

5. It is easiest to identify adult fish that have already passed spawning. Then the most difficult in the definition of breeds manifest external sex differences. For example, the male scalar gains a distinctive, pronounced profile with a steep forehead. Males of goldfish acquire white tubercles on the gills, and their pectoral fins become covered with small notches.

Helpful advice

If you are interested in breeding fish, choose individuals with the most pronounced sexual characteristics. They are more active during the spawning period and produce more viable offspring.

External differences between males and females of Sumatran barbs

Sumatran barbs (lat. Puntius tetrazona) are beautiful schooling fish hailing from freshwater bodies of Southeast Asia. Usually they are bought by a flock of 10-20 individuals, of which in the future they choose couples for breeding fry. How to distinguish a male from a female if these fish are so similar to each other?

Gender differences at the Sumatran barb

Puntius tetrazona is an active fish that aquarists like very much. The body is round, flattened at the sides, short and high. According to the external description, it looks like an ordinary crucian (also related to it is the carp family). But the color of the body is slightly different - on a silver background there are four vertical stripes of black color, the most extreme pass through the eyes and the base of the tail.

Sumatran barb has the first sexual characteristics at the age of 3 months. Distinguish between male and female can be on the tail fin and color. At the male, the extreme rays of the tail are colored red. The sexual maturity of the fish comes at the age of 8-10 months, until this age all youngsters should be kept together.

See how to distinguish the female from the male at the Sumatran barb.

Later, the Sumatran barb matures, and acquires obvious sex differences. The male has a bright body color, during spawning it becomes even brighter, and the fins are colored. In females, the color of the scales is faded, the abdomen is full and round, the body size is noticeably larger. The male has an angular body, active behavior.

From the age of 8-12 months (depending on the conditions of detention and feeding), barbs can be diluted. During one spawning the young female can bring more than 500 eggs. However, not all caviar will be fertilized, and not all larvae will become fry. If the female is not allowed to spawn, the roe will harden, which can lead to the death of the fish. Breeding is a natural necessity for all fish, so do not be afraid to breed them.

Sexual differences in mutant barbus

Barbus mutant is a popular aquarium fish that looks like a Sumatran barbus. In fact, these fish are related species. The mutant is a descendant of the "Sumatran", and with each spawning the mutant fry have more and more similarities with their ancestor. The mutant has a spectacular color scales - the body is dark, it has orange fins. After spawning fish, you can see that 25% of their offspring are one-on-one similar to Sumatran barbs. Mutants can breed with Sumatrans, and in litter 75% of the fry will acquire the traits of a Sumatrant parent. The body size of an adult mutant reaches 7-10 cm. The body is elongated, low and flattened at the sides.

Look at the aquarium with the Sumatran and mutant barbs.

The main color of the breed breed "mutant" is green, with blue shimmer, there are no stripes on the body. The dorsal fin and ventral fins have a red border. Other fins may be partially colored, or colorless. Together, these fish can be kept only from the age of 10 months (when they have become sexually mature). Otherwise, the young will not withstand the competition, more active fish will destroy their weaker counterparts. The female mutant, unlike the male, differs dim body color, body size is larger. The first three months of life fry, sex differences are barely noticeable.

The mutant male barbus is slightly smaller than the female, characterized by a bright, green body color. Puberty occurs at the age of 7 months (depending on feeding and conditions of detention). To breed these fish, you need to choose young producers, the male must be 3 months older than the females. Adult "mutants" can breed in the general aquarium, however, part of the roe and fry will be destroyed by their parents.

Effective breeding will provide spawning volume of 20 liters, at the bottom of which you need to put a separator grid, plants (Javanese moss, cabombu or peristristum). The barbus mutant is ready to spawn at a water temperature of 26 ° C, the rigidity of the aqueous medium is 8o, the acidity is 6.5 pH.

In spawning, you can run a pair - a male and a female, or 2 males and one female. Before breeding, heterosexual fish are seated in the bails for 1 month, and during this time they are fed live and vegetable food. The diet of males should be saturated with protein food (daphnia, bloodworms, shrimps, mussels), and females need more plant food. In the female ready for breeding, swelling is seen in the posterior abdomen.

Mollies - how to distinguish the female from the male

Aquaria today attracts many people. With aquariums draw city apartments, and even offices. It is interesting to consider ornamental fish in a small pond created in the apartment. Just choosing the fish, it does not hurt to first find out in what conditions they can live. Many individuals have a great sensitivity, for their content will have to spend a lot of effort. It is easier to reproduce swordsmen, guppies or mollies. Some aquarists engaged in breeding fish, do not know how to distinguish the male from the female.

How to distinguish the male

For the habitat of the last individual, it is necessary to create favorable conditions, because it has a special sensitivity. Its habitat is brackish warm reservoirs. Mollies love to hide behind plants, so there should be a lot of algae in the aquarium.

A naturalist can distinguish mollies by looking at how an anal fin works. Females have a round fin. In the male, this limb is coiled up, as seen in the photo. You can distinguish them by educated genital - gonopia.

How to distinguish the female

The difference of females is in their size. It is hardly possible to find a large male. But the color of the male is very bright, and the body has large fins.

It is possible to plant mollies in a usual situation. Special conditions for this do not necessarily provide. The main thing that the temperature in the aquarium was 22-30 degrees. Sharp drops for the fish are harmful. Water should be clean. Do not allow its flowering.

Instructions for determining the sex of mollies

  1. The fish are examined and the anal fin is found. You should look at the belly of the individual and find the anus. It is located near the tail unpaired fin. If the individual is feminine, then it has a triangular fin, if masculine, then the shape of the fin resembles a tubule. With this fin, the individual produces internal fertilization, as the viviparous fish. This sign is used to determine the sex of any viviparous fish.
  2. There are individuals of mollies, which are distinguished by size. The size of the male is smaller than the female. The activity of males is higher. She talks about the ability of individuals to produce healthy offspring. Sailing mollies look different.
  3. The adult male Mollienesia velifera has a huge dorsal fin in the form of a sail, so this fish is called Sailing: photo

The female has an ordinary, not large dorsal fin.

Going to the store or the market for fish, you need to be able to distinguish a girl from a boy, because the seller’s task is to sell his goods quickly and he may not understand such matters. You can get a beautiful fish in the aquarium, only it should have the ability to breed.

Of course, who would not want to get luxurious mollies with paired fins in the form of large brushes. Only in this case it is difficult to distinguish the male individual from the female individual, because the pair fin will also end in a large brush. The same with the anal fin. This occurs because this fish was created from two species of individuals and is called guppinesia. Having stumbled into a similar fish in a store, it is worth knowing that it is sterile and not suitable for breeding.

Is it possible to find out the sex of the fry

If we consider these fish in a live-giving trait, then you should pay attention to the size of their abdomen. Pregnant individuals are deposited in another section of the aquarium. This is necessary so that the fathers do not eat the offspring. In a separate aquarium make thick plantings. Malkas like to hide under them. If there is no separate aquarium, the females are isolated with special devices.

Fry eat infusoria and other small live food. Their food must have herbal ingredients: photo

Being engaged in breeding sailing species, you should use large aquariums, as this species can grow up to 12 cm in length. No need to put together with the fry of large viviparous fish. They can eat them.

The sex of calves of a normal or balloon type is not immediately determined. When they reach puberty, it becomes clear who will be the father and who will be the mother: photo

How sick males and females mollies

With improper maintenance, feeding and care, the inhabitants of the aquarium begin to feel unwell, but they cannot say so. Often that an epidemic has occurred, they will know when it is already late.

The aquatic environment should have favorable habitat conditions so that infection does not occur. She appears and because of hypothermia. The disease is manifested by dots, pimples on the body of the pet. Elevated spots or sores may occur. Black individuals become ill with melanosis. This results in increased pigmentation of the skin. As a result, a tumor is formed.

Preventive measures are carried out by observing the temperature of the water, make sure that the pets eat clean food. Washed soil and scenery.

Every sick inhabitant of the aquatic environment is separated from a healthy society. Patients should be in a different tank in quarantine with a balanced diet, regardless of their gender. When they recover, their appearance and behavior will improve and it will be possible to place them to healthy fish.

If you know in advance about all these features, then there will be no negative manifestations in the aquarium, and its inhabitants will always delight their owners with their beauty.

How to distinguish the male goldfish from the female?

Ray of hope

Gender Differences
Breeding goldfish and its varieties is not difficult. When kept in good conditions in the second year of life, the fish become sexually mature and retain the ability to reproduce for many years, and two or three year olds should be selected for breeding. In goldfish, it is usually very difficult to determine the sex. With much experience, you can see that the front ray of the pectoral fins of the male has a notch. Females are somewhat more complete. The manifestation of sex differences increases during the mating season. In March-April, when the daylight begins to lengthen, young males begin to swim behind the females, keeping their egg deposit. On this basis, you can accurately determine the mature and ready to spawn fish. Mature female, apparently, emits substances that have a specific smell, which is especially strong around the genital opening. This smell attracts mature males to females. If this is observed until April, males and females should be divided in order to avoid early litter, which is difficult to provide with natural live food. In this case, the females must be maintained so that they cannot rub against the plants, which can cause agitation and spawning. Spawning can also be delayed by lowering the water temperature. It is best if spawning occurs in May and June.
The male ready for spawning has characteristic differences: the saw on the first ray of the front pair of pectoral fins appears in the form of a series of notches and warts appear on the gill covers, usually the size of a semolina grain. The female, ripe and ready to tag, has a fat, caviar-filled belly. If you look at it from above, then the curvature of the body of the fish caused by the presence of caviar is noticeable. The resulting curvature often remains after spawning.
When breeding a goldfish and especially its ornamental species, it is very important to carefully select the producers, to spawn the healthiest, most beautiful, with well-marked secondary sexual characteristics and specific distinctive properties.

How to distinguish a comet fish female from male?

Alexandr Tihomirov

Yes, not those comets now went, not those. About 20 years ago he kept comets (he was breeding for sale), so they were much sleeker, with longer tails, and the dorsal fins were veiled.
In principle, all crucians (and the comet is the same crucian) are distinguished by the shape of the fin (in males it is slightly tapering), and, the main difference, is the spots on the gill covers. The females do not have these spots. Spots appear in the period of puberty, from about one and a half to two years.

Dima Epikhin

It is rather difficult to distinguish the female from the male. Only with some experience can one discern small notches on the pectoral fins of the males. A male ready for spawning has characteristic differences: the saw on the first ray of the front pair of pectoral fins is in the form of a series of notches and usually warts the size of a grain of semolina on the gill covers. The female, ripe and ready to tag, has a fat, caviar-filled belly. If you look at it from above, then the curvature of the body of the fish caused by the presence of caviar is noticeable. The resulting curvature often remains after spawning.

How to distinguish female catfish from male.