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How to draw a goldfish


How to draw a fish?

Children love to draw, especially if they are helped by adults. Dolls, animals, toys remain popular among the young artists. Many people prefer to depict marine life, in particular, a goldfish from a beloved fairy tale. At the same time, not all kids have enough skills and abilities to draw a sea owner. Parents can show the crumbs how to draw different fish, thereby to please their child and make them believe in their strength. Well, of course, that before an improvised drawing lesson, adults should prepare themselves.

How to draw a fish step by step: for the little ones

A cute fish can even turn out in younger preschoolers: a three-year-old child can draw it. It is important to explain correctly, and then a new "masterpiece" will appear in your collection of your favorite children.

  1. First, draw an oval and the adjacent triangle - the body and tail of the future fish
  2. Then we add small triangles of different sizes from above and below - these are the fins of the sea dwelling.
  3. We depict a small circle and arc in the oval, we have an eye and a contour of the gills.
  4. Now you need to draw the lips of the fish and round off the transition from the body to the tail.
  5. Draw the details: stripes on the fins and tail, the arc on the body to give the outlines of scales.
  6. It remains only to paint the fish with pencils or paints.

As you can see, the fish is very simple.

How to draw a beautiful fish?

A 4-5 year old baby, who already has some drawing skills, can also portray an exotic fish.

  1. Draw a circle through which then draw a horizontal line.
  2. Using the outline of the circle, draw the shape of the body of the fish in such a way that the mouth and tail are on the horizontal line.
  3. Now select the head of the fish and the small fin, draw a fin from two arcs from above on the back.
  4. Add a big eye near the mouth of the fish, but do not paint it completely. On the fins and tail do the dash.
  5. Gently erase the contours that we drew in the first picture.
  6. It's time to paint the fish, not forgetting to make color stripes on its body.

Agree, the fish is simple, but beautiful turned out! If you show how to draw a fish in pencil in stages, the child will be delighted, because he was able to draw such a wonderful drawing with his own hands under your strict guidance!

How to draw a goldfish?

The favorite fairy-tale character of children - a goldfish - is not so easy to portray, but it is quite realistic.

  1. First you need to draw an oval, to which you then draw the upper fin, the mouth of the fish and the lines of the future tail and lower fins.
  2. We depict the mouth and eye of the fish, circle the half of the oval.
  3. Now wavy lines draw the tail, as well as the lower fin.
  4. Do the same with the fin on the back of the fish. To the right of the eye we denote the line of the gills in the form of a bracket.
  5. Add scales in the middle of the oval, draw the lower double fin.

It remains only to decorate our goldfish with felt-tip pens or colored pencils. If desired, you can decorate it with a crown.

How to draw a fish tank?

When the child has mastered the ability to image different kinds of fish, invite them to "settle" them in the aquarium. Draw together with the crumbs of the waves: the child - a wide tassel, and you - small. Now with the help of a piece of cardboard, pressing down its edge, stretch the green paint with wavy lines vertically - algae are obtained. Let the kid draw small fish of different sizes and colors and with fingers leave ovals of brown and yellow colors - the bottom of the aquarium. The aquarium can be hung on the wall to decorate the room.

How to draw a goldfish :: goldfish pencil drawing :: Drawing

How to draw a goldfish

Goldfish are charming and fascinating creatures, magical and beautiful. If we turn to history, we learn that the ancestor of the goldfish known to us was a crucian carp, which was bred in medieval China about 1000 years ago. Then they “sailed” to Portugal, and they got to Russia only 300 years ago. Since then, goldfish have become the most popular inhabitants of aquariums and ponds. Let's draw a golden one together today fish.

You will need

  • We need pencils, an eraser and a few pencils of different shades of yellow.


1. Draw the body of the fish. Her body is almost regular oval, draw an oval and outline the gills.

2. Smooth lines draw fins and tail. If you do not have in front of the eyes of this goldfish - look at the picture and, for a start, try to copy it.

3. Hatch the fins and tail. Carefully and diligently paint the scales. It is the iridescent scales that give the goldfish charm and beauty. Note that in the center of the body the scales are larger, towards the sides they become smaller and smaller.

4. Color the gold fish different shades of yellow.


Start learning to draw with a simple pencil and eraser - such a drawing is always easy to correct and bring to perfection.

Helpful advice

Do not hesitate to first copy the pictures that you like. Over time, you will become accustomed to act more freely with pencil - and begin to create your own author drawings.

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How to draw a goldfish

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