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Why dream of fish in the aquarium. Dream Interpretation: fish in an aquarium

Every person believes exactly what he likes. But, despite different opinions, the interpretation of dreams still has some basis, and people who do not even believe in it know that if a boy is dreaming, for example, it means to be hectic.

About the essence

If a person wants to understand what dreams of fish in an aquarium, it is worth noting that such a dream can mean changes that will soon occur. However, it is necessary to take into account various nuances. For example, women like to dream more often than men, because it is water that has a female focus.

About marriage

If a young girl dreamed of fish in an aquarium, the dream book promises her early marriage. However, in this case, the place for the fish should be large, and in the aquarium various beautiful fish should swim in an uncountable number. It should be said that if it is bright and colorful fish, the girl's husband will be a wealthy or even rich man. If all the inhabitants of the aquarium will be varied in their colors and sizes, it is not too good, because it means that in the future marriage there may be no understanding, and everyone will, as they say, put on themselves in wanting to take the head of the family. Also, this can mean a big difference between the spouses of age, beliefs and even ordinary views on life and family relationships.


If a person dreamed of a fish in an aquarium, be sure to remember exactly what water she swam. If it is clean, then the changes will be good, pleasant, and if it is dirty, then we should expect sad events in life. However, when reading all the negative interpretations of dreams, it is important to remember that these are only warnings so that a person is ready for various turns of his own destiny. We go further. If in the dream someone changes the water to small fishes, it means that dramatic, dramatic changes will occur in life. And, most likely, they will be extremely positive. As for size, you should see small fish in a large aquarium - for troublesome business and routine, if residents of medium and large size should wait for joyful changes, which, however, will radically change nothing, but bring a good mood.

About fish

What else can tell dreamed fish in an aquarium? Dream interpretation says that if the sleeper feeds them, then this foreshadows uninteresting and monotonous everyday life, but without a negative reflection of reality. If the process of feeding pets to a person is to its liking, this may mean that uninteresting and hard work will eventually yield a positive result, and the efforts spent on its implementation will be rewarded.

Unimportant predictions

We consider further what dreams of fish in an aquarium. If the sleeper is watching the dead fish, you should expect sad news or events. Losses are also possible, but not necessarily from among people. If the aquarium is completely empty, it can be said that in a short time a person can wait for deception. However, everything can be changed, if constantly be alert.


What else dreams of fish in an aquarium? If there are two of them floating in the tank, you must remember the trajectory of their movements. After all, this dream can tell about how relationships between close people will develop. So, if the fish swim towards each other, the couple will be fine, and no differences are foreshadowed, peace and quiet. If the fish diverge in different directions, it is necessary to guard, because, in addition to differences, it can even mean a break in relations with a loved one.

gold fish

It is also worth understanding what the dreamed golden fish mean in the aquarium. Generally speaking, this promises wealth to the sleeper. It can also mean easy money, such as winning the lottery. If a golden fish dreams of a young unmarried lady, this suggests that her future husband will be a rich man. If the animals are having fun and playing in their aquarium, this indicates that a person who has a dream will go on an interesting and exciting journey with little spending.


What else can mean the dream "fish in the aquarium"? There is already worth remembering the various little things. For example, if a person cleans a tank where such pets live, one should expect deception or even betrayal. If one fish swims in an aquarium, some important event that a person has been waiting for so long will happen soon. Here it is also important to take into account the size of living creatures: the more, the more desirable and more important the changes will be. If the sleeper breaks the aquarium, and all the contents is poured on it, it speaks of the imminent wealth and success in business, especially financial ones. If a person dreams that someone is considering his aquarium, you should take a good look at this person in life, because in a short time this person can become a good friend or even more, almost a relative. A dream in which someone buys an aquarium in a shop says that rather large spending of money is coming in life, therefore it is better to be more careful with your finances, for fear of unnecessary rather large purchases. The following interpretation is also interesting. If a young lady dreamed of a lot of small fish, this may promise her an early pregnancy. Especially if the lady wants to catch their hands.

Denise Lynn

What dreams of fish in an aquarium, the author of the dream book, Denise Lynn, can tell. According to her, such dreams are often visited by people with a fairly small cash wealth, as well as those who crave praise and compliments. Why so? The author says that it is the fish in the human subconscious that symbolize the emotional sphere of life.


In the dream book Shuvalova said that sleep with aquarium fish does not promise anything bad, everything will be fine and even a little better. This dream can mean gaiety, improved health, good or joy. If the sleeper uses a fish caught from an aquarium, this may indicate that its influence and the power of influence on others grows. Sick pets or even the dead Shuvalov interprets as a threat to health, because a sleeping person just assumed too many responsibilities and cannot cope with them. It's time to stop the fast pace of your life a bit, otherwise negative changes in your own health can occur.

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Tip 1: Why dream of fish in an aquarium

Fishes in an aquarium may foreshadow marriage, pregnancy, travel, change, and more. Of great importance is the purity and transparency of the water, as well as the number, size and color of fish.

The question "How to view where the order is going" - 2 answers

If a person has a dream and, on waking up, wants to know what fish dream about in the aquarium, then it is worth noting that such a dream always foreshadows changes that should occur in the very near future. I must say that dreams of this kind are most often seen by women, because water is the female element.


If the fish in the aquarium dream of a young girl, this means that she will soon get married. However, the prediction can only come true if the aquarium has a large volume, and the number of beautiful fish floating in it cannot be counted. If the color of most fish is bright and variegated, then the future husband will be a wealthy and even rich man. If in a dream among the thickets of an aquarium floated fish of different colors, then this is not a good sign: there will be no understanding in marriage, everyone will try to take the place of the head of the family. This can occur due to the large difference in age between spouses, differences in religion and the usual outlook on life and the upbringing of children.
The purity of the water in the aquarium is very important. If it is transparent, like a tear, then the coming changes will bring only joy and pleasure, but if it is muddy and dirty, then do not expect a good one. If the sleeper sees how someone changes the fish's water, then in life you should expect dramatic, dramatic changes for the most part positive. If you dream of fish in an aquarium that the sleeper feeds himself, then the coming days will be monotonous and monotonous, filled with the usual routine work. If the sleeping man feeds the fish with pleasure, then the long work on some project will come to an end and will bring its worthy results.

What else predicts such a dream

If you are dreaming of dead fish in an aquarium, then sad events and news cannot be avoided. If, for some reason, the aquarium is empty, the sleeper may be trapped in failure and deception. If there are only two fish in an aquarium, then often the interpretation of a dream is connected with a new novel that is just emerging. It is very important to remember how the fish behaved towards each other: if they floated all the time together, then the novel could turn into something more, if the inhabitants of the aquarium dispersed in different directions, so will its outcome.
A goldfish swimming in an aquarium promises a sleeping profit. If she is having fun and playing in clear water, it’s worth preparing for an interesting and exciting journey associated with some expenses. If the inhabitant of the aquarium swims alone, then the sleeper can be sure: the event he had been waiting for will happen soon. And the larger the size of the fish, the more fully fulfilled what he had dreamed of. If a young woman catches fish in her sleep with her hands, then this may promise an early pregnancy.

Tip 2: What dreams of fish

At the moment, absolutely anyone, going to sleep, almost never thinks about what kind of sleep he wants to see at night. At the same time, even the ancient people said that dreams are some echoes of the past or the future, which need to be treated with special attention and understanding.

A dream in which a man dreamed a fish

Quite often, waking up in the morning in utter delirium or, conversely, in bliss and pleasure, a person first of all searches for the interpretation of his dream in the dream book, to be 100% sure that his dream is a commemoration of some event.
So, quite often the young guys and girls in the dream "come" fish. And if for some this dream is a real confirmation of the long-awaited event of pregnancy, for others it becomes the ruin of certain hopes and plans.

Fish as a symbol of joyful events

According to a fairly common opinion, when in a dream a young girl sees a fish, this is an omen of the approaching pregnancy. However, in order for such a dream to really correspond to reality, it is necessary to bear in mind that the girl should be relatively adult and have a long relationship with the young man (in some cases, be married or get ready for the wedding). If such a dream was seen by a very young girl, naturally, he is not a harbinger of pregnancy.
In most variants, when sleep is associated with fishing, this means that in the near future there may be any success in work, material profit, or just a happy coincidence of circumstances that need to be used in time. At the same time, the more fish in a dream is, the water is cleaner and more transparent, from which a person catches it, the more success and better financial condition, respectively.

Fish as a symbol of a bad event

At the same time, not always fishing in a dream means good luck and positive emotions. When a person dreams of a rotten fish, it is a foreshadowing of any gossip and gossip that can lead to quarrels with loved ones and loved ones. Any fried, smoked or boiled fish means that in some moments a person needs to increase attention and be warned, as someone from his entourage wants to confuse him and "powder his brains." Dead fish in a dream will bring a person only illness and trouble. At the same time, the more dead fish dreamed, the more problems will fall on the head of a person.
In general, as practice shows, dreams always have a relative indicator of reliability and truthfulness. Only the person who truly believes and knows how to interpret dreams correctly will receive true pleasure and truth from them. In most cases, dreams still remain an ordinary picture, which a person dreamed of only once in his life.

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Who knows what dreams of fish in an aquarium?


Media mi Xacce
There is - happiness in the lottery; catch with your hands - make enemies for yourself; small fish - fear, illness; big fish is an important enterprise; catch - you will be deceived and disappointed
Sigmund Freud
Like any closed tank, an aquarium is a purely feminine symbol, and its connection with water indicates a great satisfaction from sexual relations. Aquarium in a dream says about the imminent pregnancy. An aquarium with a large number of fish and beautifully arranged symbolizes the family for the dreamer. An empty aquarium means sterility. Running in an aquarium fry speaks of the desire to have children, and launching an adult fish in an aquarium indicates a desire to have or change a partner. A broken aquarium says a possible rift with your partner. Be careful! The aquarium can be seen in a dream and by people who suffered from childhood enuresis.
Modern dream book
Sign of a sudden digestive upset that may happen to you in the coming days.
Yuri Andreevich Longo
To dream of an aquarium with fish swimming in it, which you feed, you will have a week, when you will need a lot of patience, be ready for monotonous work. Perhaps it will ultimately bring you success, but in the beginning such work will seem boring and uninteresting to you. It is imperative to go through this; Treat this work as a test that will bring good results. To clean the aquarium and pour fresh water into it - someone will try to strike you "below the belt", be careful in search of support, because detractors are not asleep. If you let your guard down and your intuition changes you, the ill-wisher will seize the opportunity to harm you. Watching someone look at your tank means that you will soon have a meeting with a person about whom you have a negative impression. At the moment you can be more objective and evaluate other people's actions are not so critical. You may see this person in a completely different light. At the very least, do not push him away at the very first moment. An empty aquarium means that it seems to you that you are in a claim to your loved ones: you are counting on strong support, and you receive only on-duty signs of attention. You can only advise one thing - do not be too sensitive to trouble, perhaps you now have such a band. When it ends, you will cease to perceive everything so dramatically. Buying a large, spacious aquarium in the store is an omen of high expenses, and not always justified; it would be wise to behave more intelligently and not to waste money, but for some time it will be impossible for you to do this. After such a "surge" in the affairs you have a lull. If you dreamed that you are acquiring a small but cozy aquarium, the dream foreshadows the rejection of the started business for reasonable reasons. Noticing that the company does not get along right from the start, retreat from it, otherwise you will face severe disappointments. Smash the aquarium - to a major altercation over your fault. Take a dream as a foreshadowing - be more attentive to what you are saying, otherwise conflict cannot be avoided; Take it easy on what your loved ones are saying: they can say something in their hearts that they will later greatly regret. Be tolerant of the shortcomings of others, otherwise you will encounter the dislike of others. Someone from your friends or relatives is sorting out the aquarium - you are annoyed by the lack of time, because of this, everything falls out of your hands, it seems to you that things are going badly and there is no way to fix them. In fact, you only need to focus on the main thing, discarding the secondary. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to do this. Analyze your position and determine what is most important to you now.


To dream of an aquarium with fish swimming in it, which you feed, you will have a week, when you will need a lot of patience, be ready for monotonous work. Perhaps it will ultimately bring you success, but in the beginning such work will seem boring and uninteresting to you. It is imperative to go through this; Treat this work as a test that will bring good results.