Gold fish

How to make a goldfish out of paper


How to make a fish out of paper?

Paper crafts are not just a way to have fun with your child. Sometimes these activities turn into a real hobby or become a great idea for interior decor. Below we consider the three options for making crafts with their own hands.

How to make origami fish?

So, the first option is to make a fish in a very interesting origami technique. This is one of the easiest ways to make a goldfish with your own hands:

  1. Fold the square paper blank diagonally. Color part out.
  2. Next, fold the two corners of the triangle to the center down.
  3. Now we need the corners, which we have bent to the bottom in the center, now bend to the top.
  4. Bend the corners, as shown in the figure.
  5. Bend the bottom part up, then fold, as shown in the picture so that the inside out comes out.
  6. We turn the workpiece over and also fold the edge inside out.
  7. Next you need to open the envelope and fold it with a diamond to make fins.
  8. We bend the edge, as if delineating the tail fin.
  9. Unbend and make a cut along the top edge to the fold line.
  10. Similarly, make a cut along the bottom edge to the bend.
  11. It remains only to bend the cut piece, as shown in the photo, and make the tail fin fish out of paper.

Volumetric (big) goldfish do it yourself

Work with paper and glue can be much bigger. Here is one of the options for making your own goldfish using papier-mâché technique:

  1. We print or draw by hand on cardboard blanks for fins.
  2. The body of the fish will be made from a balloon. To him with the help of scotch tape and attach blanks for fins.
  3. Next layer by layer we coat the newspaper pieces with white glue and form the body of the fish.
  4. Bottom do not forget to leave a small hole so that you can remove the ball.
  5. Since this option is suggested to be used as pinata, the hole is left quite large so that sweets can be placed. If your goal is room decor, it will not be needed.
  6. We proceed to the last stage of the lesson, how to make a fish out of paper, namely decorating.
  7. To do this, we cut small squares out of corrugated paper, then fix them with glue, crushing them beforehand.
  8. It remains only to glue the eyes with a smile and the master class of making origami fish is complete!

Fish in the technique of quilling - master class

To do crafts with their own hands in this technique is even easier. It does not work the complexity of technology, and properly selected materials.

Instead of the usual strips of paper, we take here such dense and corrugated.

We wind them, like any blank in quilling, and then we press a little along the edges.

One big fish for the body and two smaller ones for the fins. Glued toy eyes and fish ready.

How to make a goldfish :: what can be made of paper fish :: Hand-made

How to make a goldfish

Gold fish can be made from the very different material. The main thing is that it should be brilliant, with a “fluffy” tail and fins. You can "plant" it in a small aquarium or a large glass with pebbles.

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1. Make fish from plasticine - yellow or brown. Blind oblong shape, mark the gills with a knife. Sprinkle the form with broken Christmas toys. Make eyes, for example, from peas of black pepper. Tail and fins - from bright feathers. Cat toys on a stick are very good for this purpose.

2. Make a gold fish from two sheets of thick paper or oval-shaped cardboard. Cut to make a bulge, and connect the sheets together. Apply gold-colored shiny foil to the sheets. You can add other colors. From the same material cut wide plain or curly stripes, and glue the fins and tail. Paint the eyes with a marker for the disks.

3. If you can sew, take a piece of shiny material and sew an oval or round bag. Stuff it with foam rubber or scraps of fabric. Make eyes-buttons. Make the tail and fins from feathers or from the same shiny material.

4. Tie a gold fish from a thread with lurex.

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Helpful advice

If you want to make a gift to the child, do not use broken glass and other material that can hurt the baby. Best suited knitted or stitched toy.

How to make a goldfish out of paper with their own hands (Origami / Kirigami)

Origami fish | How to make a fish out of paper

How to make a fish out of paper.

How to make a goldfish out of paper do it yourself origami

Goldfish origami paper Goldfish origami paper

Paper goldfish / How to make a paper fish

How to make a fish out of paper with their own hands (Origami)

how to make a paper fish

Origami fish. Origami fish. How to make a fish out of paper. A gift with your own hands. Crafts with children!

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