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How to install a filter in the aquarium

The technology of proper installation of the water filter is always of interest to novice aquarists. And this is natural, since very much depends on this device, including the physical condition of the "residents" of the artificial home pond.

Types of filters by the way they are installed

There are 3 main types of aquarium water purifiers: external, internal and bottom. Accordingly, the installation of each such device depends on its belonging to one or another type.

So, external filters - they are also called canister filters - are installed outside the aquarium, and the suction and discharge hoses are lowered inside the tank (or mounted through special adapters and openings). The principle of installation of the bottom cleaner is already clear from the very name: it is placed directly on the prepared bottom of the “can”. It should be noted that these 2 types of devices are used, as a rule, in large-capacity aquariums.

Most often, beginners prefer to clean the habitat of their pets with the help of small filters located inside the aquarium. Such devices in everyday life is also called "glasses". These devices most often can be seen in small artificial home and office reservoirs.

How to mount an internal filter

So, in the specialized shop with the help of a consultant, the necessary internal water purifier was selected. Before this, you should carefully check its completeness and read the tips on installing and running into work.

First, the device must be assembled according to the recommendations set forth in the instructions for use. Can't wait to check it at work?

You should not hurry, because the filter must first be properly fixed in an aquarium filled with water. And, beginners, as a rule, have some questions. How deep should the glass be dipped? What is plastic flexible transparent tube for?

The vast majority of internal water purifiers are attached to the wall of the aquarium in a vacuum way using special suction cups. These suction cups are included. Prerequisite: the filter must be completely submerged in water, the height of the water level above the top of the device must be from 2 to 5 cm.

A transparent flexible tube serves to supply air to the device and is attached to its “nose”. The other end of the tube should be outside the aquarium, outdoors.

It would seem that you can already run the "glass" in the work. However, experts recommend making the first inclusion, removing all living creatures from the aquarium. You never know what! What if the device has a manufacturing defect? It is better not to risk and move all the fish for a short time in a small sump. If the first inclusion showed the normal operation of the technical device, pets can immediately run into their water house.

After the first power up, it is recommended to set the power regulator, which is available on each filter, to the middle position. It takes some time to observe the condition of your pets and then empirically determine the optimum power of the filtering device.

Features of the external filter installation

External aquarium filter, which is often called the "canister", is usually installed in the cabinet under the aquarium, far below the level of the aquarium water. After preparation for work according to the instructions, the releasing and retracting hoses, which are attached to the device, are lowered into the “can”. Inclusion is in progress.

Everything is very simple, but it seems so only at first glance. If we consider only the aesthetic factor, then this method of installation is absolutely correct. Many owners of ornamental fish attach hoses through specially prepared holes in the bottom of the aquarium.

However, you need to look at the problem from the other side.

Depending on the "canister" model, its pump can lift water up to 3 meters high. And this, in turn, promises high power consumption and increased energy costs. That is why many aquarists set their "cans" either behind or at the side of the aquarium at a height approximately equal to the middle of the water level. There is no need to talk about aesthetics here, but the energy savings are quite significant.

Installation of the bottom filter

Already from the name of this cleaner it is clear that it is installed on the bottom of a water house for fish. But the choice of this type of filter is resorted to only when there is very little or no decorative bottom aquatic vegetation in the aquarium.

Such a device is a relatively thin plate with an internal filter material and a multitude of holes through which water flows. Some believe that such a plate with tubes attached to it can be simply put on the ground and that will be enough. This is a misconception - the bottom cleaner should be installed, not just put.

First, remove the soil from the bottom of the aquarium (or from a separate section) and put a plastic frame that will raise the false bottom by 2-3 mm. Only then can the technical device be closed with a primer, and then put it into operation.

Not only the purity and high-quality chemical and biological composition of water, but also the degree of air saturation depend on the proper installation of any aquarium filter. In addition, it determines the reliability of the device itself. In any case: before the water purifier is put into operation, you need to carefully read the instructions attached to it and strictly follow the rules specified in it.

How to install the internal filter in the aquarium, see the video:

Installing the internal filter in the aquarium

In order for the filter to work properly and the water in the aquarium was not muddy, with particular attention, approach the question of choosing a filter. It is important that it fits exactly your tank, and its quality was first class. In this case, you should rely on well-known manufacturers, which will ensure the absence of problems in the future.

If choosing a cleaning system is difficult, seek advice from retailers or professionals. They will share their experiences, talk about the proper care of the fish and their "living space." Thus, your purchase will be doomed to good luck.

After purchasing the device, be sure to pay attention to its instructions. Installation of the internal filter in the aquarium is made on the basis of these instructions. It is important that the cleaning system is filled with water at the time of immersion. Do not forget to temporarily overpower the fish, because they can interfere with the installation process. In addition, residents face a burn: the body temperature of the fish is much lower than the human temperature.

So, immerse the filter in the water column to a depth of 15-20 millimeters. It is necessary that the device is completely in water. After determining the location, attach the filter to the wall of the aquarium. As a rule, it is equipped with special velcro, thanks to which the installation process is greatly simplified. You can lock the device to the desired position, where it will remain for a long time.

Do not forget that the filter is equipped with a special tube to which the hose is attached. The tube should be outside the aquarium; it is she who plays a crucial role in water purification. Through this element comes out "used" water, which enters the mini-hose through a sponge at the end of the filter.

One of the steps in the operation "how to install a filter in the aquarium" is to turn on the device in the outlet. When testing the device, do not forget the safety regulations. Wires must be complete, and the shell on them - intact. In order to test the operation of the internal filter, place your palm over the top opening of the device. If you feel like water is being pushed out of there, then the filter is working properly. Observe the cleansing process for a few minutes; malfunctions are often identified immediately.

After the operations, you can return the fish in their "water kingdom." Do not forget to mention whether it is comfortable for pets in the aquarium where the cleaning device works. It is important that the filter does not have a negative impact on the residents.

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