Stinks water in aquarium


Smells the water in the aquarium

Beautiful and harmoniously located in the room aquarium can be a decoration for any interior. Aquarium - a great way to relax and achieve internal balance. However, the fish themselves and their house need constant and competent care. Beginners and even experienced aquarists often encounter undesirable and unpleasant situations that are the result of improper or inadequate care. One of these situations is when the water in the aquarium smells unpleasant.

Let's try to find out why aquarium water smells, and what actions you can take to eliminate unwanted odors from the aquarium.

Causes of smell from the aquarium

With a situation where water smells unpleasant or even stinks, I come across, perhaps, every fan of aquarium fish. The causes of this phenomenon may be different:

  • Aquarium has not been cleaned for a long time. If you do not know, the dwelling for fish and other underwater inhabitants should be periodically cleaned, washing both the soil and algae and the glass of the aquarium. It should also regularly change the water. The smaller the aquarium, the more frequent cleaning it needs.
  • Poor quality fish food. Overdue feed can easily lead to rotting bacteria in the aquatic environment and in the soil. If you find an unpleasant odor in a relatively clean aquarium, try changing the type of food - if the problem disappears, then it’s a matter of poor nutrition.
  • Excess feed. Food is quite normal, but it is possible that you give it in excess. Feed particles that are not eaten gradually settle to the bottom and turn into the ideal substrate for the reproduction of microorganisms.
  • Overpopulation of aquarium. Such a problem is often encountered by novice aquarists who try to fit as many fish of various sizes and species as possible into a standard tank. It should be remembered that the aquarium is a kind of closed biosystem, which must be in harmony and balance. If the house has more residents than it should be, inevitably problems arise with the cleanliness of the premises.
  • The presence of some specific plants. Some types of algae can produce a peculiar smell. It is better to immediately clarify this point during the purchase of plants in the store. Again, the smaller the capacity, the more noticeable the vital activity of plant organisms: in a large volume of water the odor from algae is leveled.
  • Ground souring: methane release by soil bacteria.
  • Lack of oxygen. Deficiency o2 need to be removed with the help of a special device with air circulation function or an ordinary compressor. Constantly high oxygen content in the water does not allow bacteria of the anaerobic type to multiply rapidly.
  • Too bright light. The abundance of radiation can lead to the multiplication and growth of unicellular algae, which, in turn, can produce unpleasant odors.
  • Too dim light. The lack of radiation causes the active growth of other algae, which also adversely affects the state of the water.

So, in most cases, the unpleasant smell of water is a consequence of excessive activity of putrefactive bacteria or plant organisms. Therefore, the main task of an aquarist is not to allow microorganisms to multiply too intensively, and for plants to bloom too much.

How to eliminate the unpleasant smell in the aquarium

Suppose you figure out why the water smells in an aquarium. What measures should be taken to eliminate this problem?

The first thing you can do is to carefully clean the aquarium with all its contents. General cleaning is carried out according to certain rules. It is necessary to consistently clean the walls, bottom, stones, algae and all other elements of the home for fish. Rotted algae and excess plants should be removed.

Replacing the water in the aquarium is carried out gradually - it can take 5-7 days. A complete and simultaneous change of water is carried out in exceptional cases: it is a huge stress for fish, which can lead to the death of fry and especially sensitive species.

Other methods of combating an unpleasant odor are saturation of water with a sufficient amount of oxygen, changing the feed or regulating its amount, ensuring the optimum amount of light emission. If the aquarium is overpopulated, a part of the inhabitants should be transplanted into another container, sold or donated: it is better to lose some of the pets than to constantly face the problem of the abundance of feces and harmful bacteria. In an overpopulated aquarium, fish feel uneasy and often show aggression towards each other.

Why is there an unpleasant smell coming from the aquarium?

Let's talk about the unpleasant smell from the aquarium

In general, a light rotten smell from the aquarium is acceptable. The aquarium is not sterile, millions of organisms live in it - this is a whole microcosm, so the reservoir a priori cannot smell "alpine freshness."

But sometimes it happens that the aquarium and really begins to emit a stench. The reasons for this are different:

- Excess residue of food, PJ and dead organic matter;

- Incorrect or insufficient filtration and aeration of water;

- Rotting dead fish;

- Prokisanie soil;

Measures to combat unpleasant aquatic odor obvious

- Check the aquarium for the presence of corpses. Count the fish, if someone is missing, carefully inspect the bottom of the aquarium, lift all the scenery, look at the intake of the filter. Found the poor guy remove the net.

- Rarely, but due to improper installation and lack of oxygen zones, the soil sours (rots). This primer is carefully siphoned or completely removed, replacing it with a new one.

- Further, some water is replaced. Aeration and filtration are intensified.

Additionally, to reduce the concentration of harmful substances, you can:

- Pour into the filter aquarium absorbent - aquarium coal;

- Apply hydrogen peroxide to saturate the water with oxygen and increase oxidation. Read more - aquarium aeration;

- Apply Tetra biocoryn - contains highly active enzymes and bacterial concentrates that disinfect water and accelerate the decomposition of organic substances, such as residues of food, plants, and waste products of fish. The special formula, which provides an immediate and durable result, contributes to the safe decomposition of waste and prevents further sedimentation. Unpleasant odors are removed from the water, the water becomes clear and clean.

Why does the water quickly grow turbid?

Muddy water in an aquarium with fish is perhaps the most common problem that concerns both beginners and experienced aquarists. Through trial and error, we have to figure out why muddy water appeared so quickly. The causes of this phenomenon can be different, ranging from a bacterial outbreak, improper feeding and irregular water renewal. A number of factors may also be the source of this problem. When the elimination or elimination of the causative agent of water turbidity in an aquarium occurs quickly, then the biological balance in the water is fully restored.

Sometimes this trouble provokes the death of fish, plants and invisible microorganisms. The first thing to do is to find out why the water becomes cloudy quickly. The second is to gradually eliminate the shortcomings.

Causes of Aquarium Water Turbidity

Why is the aquarium water quickly dimmed if the tank is equipped with a filter? The main problem is that on the very first day of the launch of the aquarium there is no holistic and permanent biological environment. The so-called "bacterial explosion" is caused by an active increase in the number of unicellular microorganisms that are constantly multiplying. In this case, the fish should not be settled, it is better to do it on another day. When microflora equilibrates in the tank, then the water will become crystal clear. Nothing serious needs to be done - this sediment will pass by itself. If you decide to change the water - it will again become muddy and unfit for life.

For 4-7 days the aquatic environment is fully restored, you can run plants and fish into it. To speed up the process, you can add water after the old aquarium with "residential" water.

Another common problem with the rapid turbidity of water in an aquarium is poor filtration of the reservoir. It should be well thought out system of purification, and this should be done quickly, until the young fish and did not have time to get used to a new house. A bad filter does not allow bits of dirt, feces, food debris, provoking the formation of decomposition products. Such rotten water constantly stinks and can cause diseases.

Watch a video about filtering water in an aquarium.

Why still water quickly becomes cloudy? If it has become an unpleasant green color, dimmed in a short time - it means that microscopic blue-green algae develop in it, which lead to the flowering of the reservoir. With good development of organic and strong light, they make themselves felt on the fifth day. When the light is not enough, cyanobacteria will acquire a brown color and begin to rot. Green color of the liquid with muddy, unpleasant smell - signs of growth of blue-green algae.

Aquarium water turbidity: action

If frequent water changes, the growth of bacteria and algae provoked the appearance of muddy water in the aquarium, some steps should be taken to eliminate the problem.

  1. If your aquarium is overpopulated, place the fish in different tanks, where they would be comfortable and spacious.
  2. If there is an excess of light, shade the aquarium by setting it in a secluded corner where strong lighting does not go.
  3. If the water becomes cloudy the next day after the first feeding, make a bottom siphon and feed the fish in small portions.
  4. Settle snails and fish in an aquarium that eat leftover food, clean glass and water in a tank. After a few days, the water will become free of dirt, and will not require additional replacement.

Wrong settlement of fish as a cause of rapid turbidity of water

Why 2-3 days after the settlement of fish water became muddy? The fact is that for every one liter of water in the tank it is required to settle only one medium fish. If you run more pets, there will be problems with the pollution of the "house". Some fish plow the ground, and if there are many such individuals, it will turn into an underwater hurricane. Immediately move the fish in different aquariums, provide enough space for them. It is also important that they have enough oxygen, shelters and plants. In poor water oxygen to the fish can get sick.

In the aquarium with proper care and the right equipment, the water on the second day will not deteriorate. After running the fish, make sure that it adapts to the new environment. For 3 liters of water it is necessary to settle the fish size of 3-5 cm.

If the water is cloudy, you can use drugs that purify water from turbidity and dirt. After using them, water changes in the aquarium are not required for a few more days. They connect all the small particles that spoil the water until they fall into the filter. The next day, the entire bacterial cloud, small algae settle on the filter sponge, after which they can be removed.

These are the drugs: JBL Clearol, JBL Clynol, Seachem Clarity, Sera Aquaria Clear.

Watch a video about water changes.

How to change the aquarium water?

Full replacement of water is required only in the rarest cases, for example, with general quarantine or water poisoning. Why not do this procedure often? Because the day after the complete substitution, you will notice how the water turned cloudy again. A significant loss of its volume is stress for all inhabitants of the reservoir. Even during the death of some fish do not replace the water. But there are a number of recommendations, after studying which it is possible to understand why substitutions are necessary.

  • Substitutions are necessary after the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Replacements are required after visible flowering of the reservoir;
  • Urgent water changes are necessary when a fungal mucus is detected;
  • Renew water is required due to severe soil contamination.

You can add water to the tank as it evaporates, but not more than 20-30% of the total volume. It is best to update 1/5 of the aquarium once a week. After the procedure, the biocenosis will recover in 2 days. With the replacement of water cleaned the glass from plaque, remove debris from the bottom, clean snags and decorations.

It is better to plan a water change for both small and large reservoirs in advance. Type in a glass tank water from the tap, and leave it for a few days, covered with gauze. Chlorine and gas will evaporate, the liquid will be safe for fish. And it should be remembered that in the first week of operation of the aquarium the water is not changed until an ecosystem is formed in it.

Why does the aquarium stink

Zulfir Gareev

It is difficult to answer this question, as the smell from the water in the aquarium can arise from many reasons. The first is low-quality food or over-feeding. Now, in pursuit of money, feed producers, especially daphnia and gammarus, neglect the production technology. Careless sellers give us cheap food at a high price. Immediately determine the quality of daphnia or gammarus impossible. Only when feeding can you notice how the water begins to turn yellow, grow cloudy and stink. This is the main answer to the question, why does the water in the aquarium stink? The solution is simple, you need to buy food for fish in another store.
A second, possible cause of the smell of water may be overpopulation of the aquarium. This is one of the main problems of novice aquarists. They want to keep different fish in a small aquarium. Or another option for the fish is very little space. There was one case in life when a friend bought a big 3 liter glass and planted a goldfish in it. Of course, the water constantly smelled, since such a volume for a large fish is not enough.
And finally, the third reason for which the smell of water in the aquarium occurs is insufficient aeration. Take the money and buy an air compressor. By the way, it should work constantly! To the water was sufficient and constant amount of oxygen.
In conclusion, I will say that in all cases a 50% water change is required. And do not forget regularly, 1 time in 2 weeks to replace water.

Elena Gabrielyan

So what do you want that. Restarting killed completely all biological balance. Aquarium is not a bank with fish and water. This is a closed little world and any unwanted interference with its life has a bad effect on all inhabitants.
Now the points
1. The establishment of a little or less biological equilibrium takes 12-14 days, for a full month.
2. The stench comes from overfeeding the fish, they simply do not have time to eat everything, but since the bio-equilibrium does not yet exist, the good bacteria do not have time to process everything, the process of decomposition and decay begins.
What to do now: first of all, do not touch anything, do not substitute or add water, do not pour any air conditioners to speed up the process, do not turn off the filter, let it work 24 hours a day and reduce feeding fish to 1 time in 2 days to give at a minimum just enough for a minute two he was completely eaten. As soon as everything is settled and the bio-balance is established, the water will return to normal, and the water will cease to stink.
Ps. No, you do not know. If they knew, they would not have done a full restart, since in well-balanced systems water is not replaced by years (if it is not force majeure), it is enough to siphon the soil and replace from 20 to 30% of the total weekly.

Julia Romanova

Aha, in a couple of days from topikaster there will be a hysterical message like "fish die what to do ????"
Well, actually Elena wrote everything to you, you cannot wash the aquarium completely and completely change all the water, this is a gross mistake. I would not feed the fish for 2-3 days at all, so ammonia and nitrites could be fed from that, and today I would run to the nearest pet shop and buy a conditioner "nitrivek" or a capsule "bactozyme" to speed up the maturation of the aquarium. And in your case it is possible and even necessary to substitute. A couple of days after using the air conditioner, change 1/4 to 1/3 of the volume and then chase regularly 1/4 of the volume of water once a week and pump the soil. Restarting can be done only in one case, if everything is dead, say from oodinosis or some intractable disease. When the fish begin to feed, quite a bit, so that no residue of food was not.
Why are you doing a restart? For what purpose? With regular proper care it is not necessary!

Why does the water in the aquarium stink a swamp?

Natalia A.

And it will stink until the right to start the aquarium, in which the fish sits down after establishing biological balance, and not before. Materiel teach. The displacement for a couple of asters what? You need at least 250 liters for them with a pair of good filtration.

Anastasia Life

the ground has nothing to do with, do not completely change the water, the filter must be sure that the water does not stagnate, it is necessary to feed properly: throw the bloodworm little by little so that it does not fall to the bottom, and for soms it is better to buy special food, vipagran, it is very convenient with balls.

Alexander Ognev

Read about the launch of the aquarium and find your mistake. the main thing - do not be lazy to read. what kind of catfish? a lot of soms. You can have a peaceful Ancistrus catfish growing up to 10cm. or a red-tailed catfish, devouring everything that crawls through its huge mouth and grows up to a meter. a couple of astronotus at least 200 liters, the fish grows up to 35 cm.
it is not necessary to boil the soil, about boiling the soil is complete nonsense.

Evgeniya Yarovaya

Fully agree with Alexander, Well, astriki are corpses 100% Everything is done and wrong, you must first start the aquarium.for a week it should stand with water and the filter turned on, after one unpretentious fish sits down for a week, it will help you establish the nitrogen cycle, then quietly run the fish two times a day, the Astrika Naparu needs at least 200 liters, it’s a very large territorial fish ? Of course, you don’t have a balance. Feed your favorite fish "from the belly". In short, you want to save. Do the following to replace 30% of the water with a ground siphon, run to a pet shop and urgently buy any bacteriologic drugs such as sulfur nitrivek, tetra baktozym, pour it into the aquarium according to the instructions and volume, fish do not feed at all for three days! She does not poploheet! Do not be afraid, twice a week it is necessary to replace water at 20% per cent of volume every month! Then you can carry out this procedure rvaz per month but definitely!

Rus White

The smell from the aquarium is caused by the presence of rotting organics. Put a good exterior, you can biofilter, adjust the water change mode, clean the bottom in time, do not overfeed the fish and do not overcrowd the aquarium


My aquarium is overpopulated. (not my fault :)))))) all summer the fry were born, but it’s a pity to give) the soil is boiling periodically. Water is changing. Filters ... everything is fine. But it stinks of swamp. Because of the soil, I think AND MORE. Because of the snails.

Why does the water in the aquarium stink?


If you wash on a regular basis, then there will probably be something with an aquarium, it will be different, maybe an aquarium for a very long time, or maybe something else ... I also have an aquarium, but although it is not regular, the water does not stink, ,

Tane xxx

if the water becomes cloudy and begins to smell bad, then there is a lot of organic matter in the water, or rather an blood-sucking infusoria. you are apparently overfeeding fish. Do not completely change the water in the aquarium. This is a very strong blow to the health of the fish. You completely destroy the eco system. If you are interested in my message, write in a personal detail of how to deal with this.

Irish @

Water is not changed, but is replaced, combining with the ground siphon, then pour fresh water. Do not need to boil the primer ... Balance the nutrition of fish, do not pour it without measure. The golden rule, it is better not to feed than to feed! Looks like busting food. The remains of it decompose and rot. It is necessary to get an ampoule, they will eat up food. But with food more careful.