Turn off the light in the aquarium at night


Turn off the light in the aquarium? Light timer

Despite the fact that the fish living in an aquarium are designed to entertain and pacify with their external we see their owner, do not forget that they are living creatures living according to the laws of nature. Recall that the fish in nature live in water, rivers, ponds and other bodies of water. Of course, we all understand that at the bottom of a natural reservoir it simply cannot be as bright and bright as in a backlit aquarium.

By and large, the fish themselves do not need light at all. Light is only needed for two purposes:

  • Firstly, thanks to the backlight, you can see your pet;

  • Secondly, if there are live plants in the aquarium, they need light in order for the plants to have a photosynthetic process.

In nature, also around the clock the light does not penetrate into the water column and does not illuminate the bottom continuously. Therefore, having the backlight, you must purchase the light timer in the aquarium. After all, at night there is no need to leave the lamp on. In order not to forget to carry out the change of day and night and the timer is suitable.

The fish, by and large, do not care whether the light is in the aquarium or not, the most important thing for them is that there is a comfortable temperature near the water in which they live and there is always food for eating. The purity of the water directly for the fish is also one of the first places and occupies the main position rather than the presence or absence of artificial lighting.

In addition, the light can be turned off not only at night but also during the day. You just need to imagine how in nature lighting occurs. After all, the sun does not shine intermittently. Sometimes it is covered with clouds or the weather is rainy. So in general, the backlight can only be turned on for a few hours a day. Based on the above, it can be noted that the question of whether to turn off the light in an aquarium is very simple and clear.

Turning off the light is not only possible but necessary, you should not illuminate it continuously throughout the day and all night. In addition, respect for the consumption of electricity will have a nice effect on the change in electricity bills at the end of the month.

Even with the use of energy-saving lamps when they work around the clock, you can also get an impressive figure in a month. In order to prolong the life in the aquarium, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of the fish as long as possible, bringing them as close as possible to the natural conditions.

Light in the aquarium

The normal life of aquatic plants and living beings is directly dependent on the quality of light. And every novice fan of aquarium fish will certainly have questions: do we need light in the aquarium and why is it needed? Let's try to find answers to these questions.

In the old days, fish lovers put their aquarium next to the window for better lighting. However, they soon noticed that if the light from the window falls on the fish house at an angle, then its walls begin to overgrow with algae.

Later, with the advent of modern lighting, natural light for fish in aquariums was replaced by artificial.

In addition to the decorative function, the light in the aquarium also performs an important physiological load. After all, for the proper development of the light is necessary for all living organisms, and its absence causes them to be stressful.

When to turn on the light in the aquarium?

Almost all aquarium fish and plants originated from the tropics, where the light day lasts about 12 hours, regardless of the time of year. Therefore, for their aquarium pets it is better to organize the kind of lighting to which they are accustomed to in nature.

There is still no single answer to the question: do you need to take breaks in the lighting of the aquarium? You can turn on the lamp at about 10-11 am and in the evening turn them off at the same time. And it is better if the duty to turn on / off the light in the aquarium you will provide a special timer that will do this even in your absence.

How to calculate the light in the aquarium?

Many aquarists are advised to set the intensity of illumination based on one liter of water - a lamp with a power of 0.5 watts. Do not forget to take into account the depth of your aquarium: for fish that live at a depth, you need less light than for shallow ones.

As practice shows, it is possible experimentally to pick up the light in your aquarium, starting from the average 0.5W. If there is an excess of light in the aquarium, the water in it will begin to bloom, and the walls will overgrow with algae. Under insufficient light, the fish will breathe heavily, small-leaved plants in the aquarium will begin to die, and brown spots will appear on the walls.

The spectrum of illumination in the aquarium

The most demanding spectral illumination underwater plants. In order for photosynthesis to occur in them, a violet-blue range of light and an orange-red are necessary. Conventional fluorescent lamps cannot achieve this. But modern LED and fitolampy cope with the task perfectly.

How to choose a lamp for the aquarium?

Lamps for aquariums come in several options:

  • incandescent lamps - the worst option, they shine badly, but very warm;
  • fluorescent lamps do not fully provide the required range of light;
  • phytolamps provide the desired intensity of light, but their cost is quite high;
  • LED lighting closest to the sun. It maintains a stable water temperature. With their help, you can adjust the brightness and the spectrum of light illumination in the aquarium.

In the aquarium need to turn off the light or not?

Nikolay Matveyev

Light off must necessarily. Fishes in fact, the brightness of the light is not so significant, but the light for fish should be approximately in the range from 10 to 14 hours. But light plays a special role in plant life. I cannot imagine your aquarium with such peaceful fish. Depending on their light-loving brightness is set. When the day the plants emit oxygen into the water, and when the night carbon dioxide. Both are important. The compressor with a filter can be turned off only if your aquarium is densely populated with vegetation and little populated with fish (for each guppy, daniios - 2 liters of water, swordsman, molly, catfish -3 l), and also temperatures of about 24 degrees are preferable (with more high temperature decreases the concentration of oxygen in the water) and you must be sure that the fish do not overfeed. If your aquarium is overpopulated, you cannot turn off aeration. Under more favorable conditions at night, you can try to leave only the filter if it is with aeration. Check if the small fish will swallow air from the surface of the water, which means oxygen is not enough. It is desirable that one device aeration worked constantly! For example, I interfered with sleep, now I’m already used to it, but these devices eat electricity miserable. And oxygen, moreover, oxidizes substances harmful to fish that come along with food, litter and fish urine into water. Good luck.


The aquarium should mimic the natural habitat of the fish.
- Tropical fish - so they do not need temperature jumps - we leave the heater. If your room is not +30.
- We remove the lighting. The night is all the same. Ideally, imitate dawn - sunset. That is, the lighting turns on and off gradually. At home, it is enough to turn off the light in the water and leave it in the room for a while.
- the compressor (aerator) can be turned off - if it interferes with sleep. Provided that the fish are not too much on the volume of water. Fish and breathe at night too.

El chupacabra

So as not to think about the on-off is convenient to use a timer. Like this. Turns off and turn on the light (or other electrical appliance) itself at a specified time. Very comfortably.

Do I need to turn off the light and compressor in the aquarium at night?

It's me

The air cannot be turned off, the fish will not die from this, but a sharp jump in oxygen does not benefit the fish (it cannot be turned off and on, it must either always work or never). And turn off the light, if there is no timer on the lid, then buy a special outlet with a timer, so it will be more convenient for you.
For example, the sound of the compressor annoys me, so I did without it. I had plants that saturate the water with oxygen, and the water in any case is saturated in the upper layers, it is enough to make the drain from the external filter create current (waves) on the surface, so the water is saturated with oxygen in the aquarium and in nature.

Vladimir Torov

Aquatic plants emit oxygen in the light, but in the dark they do not - they only absorb it on the contrary, so blowing through the night is even more necessary than during the day ...
And you can’t shine around the clock either - the fish will go crazy ... :) They also need to rest ...


The simplest time relay is a little over a hundred rubles. Go broke and buy! In a tropical aquarium, light is desirable 10-12 hours a day. The relay can be set so that during the day, when it is light, the light does not burn in order to save. From compressors long ago refused, the movement of water from the filter is enough for aeration. The filter should not be turned off! The flow is good for fish, there will be no obesity!

Do I need to turn off the light in the aquarium at night

Vera shishigina

Turning off the lights in an aquarium at night is a frequent question that most newcomers to their aquarium case ask. Everyone needs light, including the inhabitants of your home aquarium. Of course, for some, light does not have a decisive value, such as for plants. Our task as owners of our pets is to provide them with proper conditions, and light is one of them.
Here you need to understand that aquariums are different, and on the basis of the species composition it is necessary to adjust the amount of lighting in the aquarium. If live plants dominate in your tank, they need their own. If the plants are practically absent, then you can vary the light mode more widely.
The light should be turned off at night in the aquarium! The optimal daylight hours should be from 10 to 14 hours, depending on the fish and plants.
For most aquarium fish, the presence of light is optional. In nature, many fish generally live in the water column, where not so much light reaches. Even if you do not turn on the light at all, the fish will not be particularly resistant to this, especially since they can find food thanks to the rest of the senses.
Light is needed primarily by plants - it is light that contributes to photosynthesis. And of course the presence of good light allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of your aquarium and its inhabitants.
It is also important to build on the time of year when choosing a light mode. In particular, in winter and autumn, very little light can reach the aquarium from the outside.
Light in a plant aquarium at night
If in an aquarium there is an excess of living plants, then the light must also be turned off. Thus, you imitate for all inhabitants a living, natural environment.
24-hour aquarium lighting
Lighting the aquarium around the clock is a real option, but we do not advise doing so. And it's not about saving electricity.
There is such an option - to turn on the light in the aquarium only for the night, i.e. in fact, use the aquarium as a night light. But in this case during the day the aquarium should be darkened. And the inhabitants of the aquarium is not very important, what is the time of day. Of course, such an implementation is applicable only if the aquarium is located in a darkened place in the apartment, in the corridor, for example. This is necessary so that the alternation of day and night is observed, otherwise even with the lights off, enough light from the windows in the apartment can get into the aquarium.

Does the light go out at night in an aquarium?

Sergey Seryogovich

The light, of course, needs to be turned off and there is still such a thing as daylight. For the growth of plants it is necessary (average about 14 hours). But it is possible to deviate from these norms, a night light can also be made from an aquarium, then very weak light bulbs with neutral lighting are used (a color spector). And the main lighting definitely works in time.


there is such a thing as daylight in an aquarium
There is also a recommended method of lighting the aquarium called "Dark Pause", which is successfully used in practice by some aquarists, its essence is as follows:
In the morning the aquarium is illuminated for 4-5 hours, then the light is turned off, making a dark pause for 2-4 hours, after which the lighting is resumed again for 4-7 hours. During such a break of the “dark pause” the aquarium does not need to be completely darkened, but to limit the illumination to only a diffused light from the window at a distance of 2–3 m or a weak incandescent lamp.

Does the light need to be turned off at night in an aquarium?

Konstantin Bogdanov

Yes, at night the light must be turned off. Fish also need to sleep and sleep. Of course they can sleep in dark places, under bushes of plants or in shelters. Nevertheless, the light prevents them from sleeping. There are also nightly species that feel well and feed themselves at night, these are very many species of catfish and catfish, the loach species, constant lighting prevents them.
Living plants also require darkness, because in the dark phase they breathe oxygen as well as animals, do not forget the dark phase is necessary for plants to survive.
From my experience I know that in exhibition aquariums where the light constantly burns for a couple of months, living plants begin to be oppressed and die, and the fish start to hurt, because constant lighting is stressful (in nature this happens only in polar conditions)
For normal life of the aquarium is quite enough darkening for 2 hours per day.

Do I need to turn off the aquarium lighting at night? And is it possible that the aquarium can be oversaturated with oxygen?


the light for the night should be turned off, in the summer the light mode is about 12x12 hours, in the winter it can be 8-10 hours with light, then off, the fish need rest, and the rats need a dark period for processing the carbon accumulated during the day. there cannot be an excess of oxygen in an aquarium, the surplus is removed on its own, here’s the drawback - easily, people don’t turn off aeration for the night, because oxygen increases at night (and the fish consume, the plants, the plants do not emit oxygen at night, but absorb and gas)

Elena Surmach

need to. But if you do not want to turn it off, then nothing terrible will happen to the fish.
The aquarium can not be oversaturated with oxygen and the fish do not die from it.
For all questions aquaria you can find the answer in the community "Akv @ mir" //

Den Aminov

Are you sure! If you don’t turn off the light: first, the fish will have a stress, and hence there will be sores, illnesses and so on, secondly, the water will begin to bloom! Or rather, these are microalgae that will flood the aquarium and the water will be like milk and you will have to restart the aquarium. That glut of oxygen can never be! I have a light in two aquariums from 11-12 to 9-10 hours.

Do I need to turn off the lights and filter in the aquarium at night ???

! HackerNeo

Tell me, you like peace and quiet at night. I think you are unlikely to sleep with the blues. Thus, it is desirable to turn off the filter in order to reduce the noise level in the aquarium for fish, as well as turn off the light. As you can see, all the measures are not only degraded by fish, but also save electricity :)

Ekaterina Orlova

The lights can be turned off, but the filter is better not necessary, because firstly, it cleans the water from all sorts of dirt and garbage, then it infuses water with oxygen, which is not necessary for small fish, they do not even breathe air, but they don’t All the same, and the filter itself almost does not eat electricity, there is quite a bit, so do not be afraid of the filter thing you need !!!!

Should the light in the aquarium be lit during the day or can it be turned off?


It is not necessary to burn the lamp during the day, it does not burn in my daylight in the tank, there is enough daylight. You can turn it on in the evening. And yet, if you have plants (live) in the aquarium, the water may bloom, from constant lighting!

White chocolate

if sanctification is enough, then you can not include! Chandelier for the light here is not worth counting. And so after 3,4,5 hours, it would be desirable to turn on the lamp. The water is not as hot from the lamp as it may seem.
Why do you save so much in the world or just think of this lamp?

Erast Fandorin

I agree with Natasha, the light is not for the fish so that they can see where to swim, but for growth and color, just pick up the lamp that is right, I even once had a lid on the lid. And the water is not because of the light blooms, there are many criteria

Elena Grigorieva

Whatever the water and walls in the water did not bloom, it is placed in the darkest corner of the room (without direct sunlight), the light turns on no more than 10-12 hours per day. Conventional lighting lamps are not suitable, they heat the water very much, as a result of which the oxygen content in the water drops sharply (replace with a fluorescent lamp), the water in the aqua should be a constant temperature. (24-26grad), drops in temp. badly affect the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Andrey Smirnov

The aquarium should be far away from the window, the lamps should be AQUA, at the worst DAYS. LIGHT (20-30W) per 100l. I turn off for the night.

Is it possible to turn off the light and air to the fish at night, an aquarium of 15 liters of fish 10 pieces, guppies, neons and other trifles)

Sidney Crosby

Guppies and neons up to a week can live without air in such a volume, but often do not experiment. Razmuzheniya course after such a mockery you will not wait, but you also do not need him? ) And about the light ... it was you who did it, right?

Alexander Ognev

света достаточно 6 часов в день, на ночь свет надо отключать, рыбы тоже должны спать, у них тоже должна быть ночь. воздух лучше не надо, зачем причинять стресс для рыб? от стресса они могут заболеть ихтиофтириозом. ночью рыбы спят, зависают неподвижно в воде, расслабляются, а как они смогут расслабится без кислорода?

People! Help! Is it possible in the aquarium to turn off the filter and the compressor at night? Humming dog, and I want to sleep!


you can turn off the compressor ...
but I do not recommend the filter ...
maybe you have an internal air connection with the connection to the water outlet ... just the air makes a noise when bubbles burst in the water ... then you can either remove this tube at night or lower its free end into the water ... the movement of water will remain anyway and therefore aeration will remain ...
More questions can be asked here: // here will always help and prompt


If there are plants ... then they with the light ... with their own ... will replace the missing oxygen in the aquarium ... which drove the compressor! Well, the 25 th time of Desires ... on my Blog ... wish for something useful for the fish and yourself!)) Well this is a chance from Heaven ... for the New Moon!))


the plants will not replace the light at night ... just at night, they actively absorb oxygen ... but I personally am also an irritable person and for five years now I have turned off the metropolitan aquarium for the night ... everyone lives and plants and fish ...