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Running aquarium with fish

Launching a new aquarium is a complex process that requires careful preparation. In order to properly organize the launch of a new aquarium for fish, you need to prepare the aquarium itself, plants for it, decorations, a filtration system, a backlight, and a compressor with a spray. After purchasing all the equipment, it is installed, then water is poured. But that is not all. In the aquarium should be formed favorable biological environment of beneficial bacteria.

First preparations

Choose the size of the aquarium depending on what types of plants and fish you are preparing to launch. For large fish, it is better to prepare a spacious tank of 300-500 liters or more, for a flock of small fish - up to 250 liters. For one fish, a capacity of 50-60 liters is enough, but in the way of life, not all fish are lonely, so consider this feature. In a close aquarium, it is difficult to maintain a biological balance, and if you plan to buy new fish, its volume will not be enough.

See how to choose an aquarium.

Before starting a new aquarium, you need to wash it properly. Do not use soap or other detergents. Baking soda is not toxic; it washes away all germs and alkali. Rinse the tank walls with running water 4 times. Frame aquariums can be left under water for several days, during which time toxic substances will be washed off. The water in which he was located must be drained. Check if the walls of the aquarium are leaking.

Put a clean tank in a specially prepared place. You can not put it on the window sill, in places of draft and direct sunlight. Bright lighting will trigger algae reproduction and water bloom. The place for the aquarium should be permanent. Try to put it where there will be less noise, evaporation from the room battery.

Choose a table or cabinet for an aquarium of such height and surface area that could support the weight of the structure. The surface must be smooth and clean. The water pressure at the bottom of the tank is high and the bottom may crack on an uneven surface. You can use a rubber mat as a lining.

Water and scenery in an aquarium

Now you need to prepare equipment for the aquarium. Determine where it is better to put the compressor with air ducts, how to connect the lighting and the water heater. Consider where you can leave the net for transportation, the siphon with the hose, the scraper and the water collection tank. If you have thought about where you will install the equipment, you can lay the soil substrate.

Decide in advance on the type of soil - it can be gravel, pebbles or sand. Soil needs to be processed, wash out all suspended particles and remnants of large fragments. Some types of soil need to be treated with boiling water, in any case detergent. After preparing the ground, the next day you can plant unpretentious aquarium plants in it, such as valisneria, anubias, hornolistnik, elodeya and others.

Watch the video with recommendations for choosing aquarium soil.

Next you need to pour prepared water into the tank. You can not pour the water recruited from the tap, it is harmful and toxic. Let her stand for 3-4 days to get chlorine fumes out of it. It will heat to room temperature. Take measurements of water parameters using indicators. When all indicators meet the standards, you can pour water.

Later, place stones, rocks, caves, earthenware pots and treated wood snags in the tank. Attach the filtration system (external or internal filter), aerator, heating system, thermometer. If the equipment manual allows, you can install mechanisms after the water inlet. For a decorative aquascape, all parts must be as hidden as possible. With the help of large stones, driftwood and bushes of plants you can cover the installation.

After all the preparations, the water can be poured in little by little, so that the soil does not become washed out and the water does not become cloudy. On a layer of soil you can put a ceramic plate, and pour water directly on it. Then turn on all devices and check their performance. Inspect the tank for damage.

Running fish

To properly prepare the aquarium to run the fish, you need to wait a few days, when it will establish biological balance. After 2 days in the new aquarium, the water becomes turbid - this means that ciliates and useful bacteria actively proliferate in it. This is a signal that the preparation of the aquarium was successful. After 2-3 days the water will be clean, it may turn yellow. If you add water from the old aquarium to the reservoir, the beneficial microorganisms will quickly establish biological balance. You can buy a special leaven with good bacteria in the pet store, and add it in the required proportions to the water.

After 7-8 days after adding water to the aquarium, you can run the first hardy and undemanding fish. It is correct to start schooling fish at once on 5-6 individuals and more, singles or paired fish - only in pairs. Viviparous species of fish and barbs will help the aquatic environment to quickly come into balance.

To prepare the fish for launching into the tank, they need to be placed in a portable water bag from their previous aquarium. Gradually lower the fish in the bag into the new water so that they get used to its temperature. After 20-30 minutes, the new water will become familiar to them. To avoid stress, anti-stress drugs such as Tetra Easybalance or Ptero Aqua Antistress can be added to the tank.

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