Gold fish

Putin and goldfish


Somehow Putin caught a goldfish ...

Putin and the goldfish - Straight line with Putin 2016

Putin and goldfish. Such news №21

Goldfish and porridge for Putin: the president seriously answered children's questions

Putin about the goldfish

Putin caught a goldfish

Putin caught like a goldfish

joke V. Putin and the Goldfish

Putin is a good fisherman. caught a goldfish in Tuva

Slavyansk! PUTIN! and Goldfish Slavyansk, Odessa

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Real life case:
In a crowded Odessa tram, a simple fellow (a hard worker in appearance) and a young girl (dressed up in full) are standing next to each other. Suddenly the guy loudly p * kaq on the whole tram, and without flustering, turns to the girl and also loudly says: "If you are ashamed, say it is me!"


not the category)))) Well, okay. Here is my joke.
The dying old man lies at home in bed and suddenly smells his favorite chocolate chip cookie.
“At least the last cookie before dying,” he decides.
Falls out of bed and crawls down the stairs, clinging to the hands
steps Crawls into the kitchen and sees a lot of plates with his favorite biscuits standing in the kitchen. From the last strength the old man stretches his hand to the plate with
a cookie, and then his wife turns around sharply and shovels his shoulder with his hand:
- Do not touch it for a commemoration!

Ekaterina Golovaschuk

The sailor is asked:
- Here you are a skilled sailor, and whether you were
life case that is not a joke scared you?
- Yes, there was one. Somehow our ship was carrying a million dolls.
The storm began, the sea broke out in earnest.
The ship swayed in these dolls worked some
mechanism and they all said in chorus MOM ...
Crap the whole team.

Aunt Tolya

Sit on fishing Putin and Poroshenko. Suddenly, Parashka pecks. He pulls the fish to the shore, Putin helped him, in a tackle chain - a goldfish caught. And she tells them that they have 3 desires. Well, Parasha, with the characteristic hohloevrean rudeness, declares that 2 of his 3 desires. Putin agreed. ParAshkin is the first to guess ... 1 - So that there is not a single Russian left in the separatist - fulfilled. 2 - So that the whole square by a high stone wall was enclosed and that not a single moskalyak could penetrate the dill - executed.
Putin asks a fish:
-Wall high, deaf?
-Of course.
-Russian no?
-No one.
- Then pour concrete to the brim !!!

Flying over snowdrifts

Dad, mom and son fishing caught a goldfish, well, as usual, it promises to fulfill 3 wishes.
Sonny shouts: "I want a hamster"
Dad; "In p ... have a hamster"
Mom: "From p ... hamster!"
Sailors share experiences on how to find out about their wife’s infidelity.
One says: "I come up to the house and the women who sit on the bench near the entrance say: HELLO! Prostitutes!"
Do they start up here, are we prostitutes? And yours ...
And everyone will tell me. "

Vladimir Putin What 3 wishes would you have made if you caught a Golden Fish?