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Coral fish

Coral reef: The underwater world of Egypt. / Documentary film Coral fish in the Red Sea. What fish swim among corals: short, long, thick, transparent? Le_di Bright coral fish, singly or in flocks between corals, pinching off the polyps they feed on. Their shape and coloring are very diverse.
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Aquarium content for beginners

Aquarium for beginners: care, content, useful video AQUARIUM FOR BEGINNERS problems that novices encounter when they first start an aquarium Almost every day, newly minted owners of the aquarium world ask their questions to which they either do not know the answers, or need advice, or have problems after the first launch of the aquarium.
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Gold fish

Goldfish aquarium

Golden aquarium fish Despite the huge number of breeds of domestic fish, their golden kings are considered to be their kings, to which the article is dedicated. Legendary breed requires a special relationship to yourself - you need to know the features of feeding and care. Consider these questions, but first a little history ... Goldfish: The Beginning This fish appeared more than fifteen centuries ago, in ancient China.
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What do snails eat in fish aquarium

What do snails eat in an aquarium? In our time, man brought out a large number of varieties of fish, snails, all kinds of mollusks and other living creatures that inhabit the aquarium. Ampulyaria is one of the most popular types of snails that are aquarium inhabitants in our time. But many lovers of aquatic living creatures have the first and main question - what is to feed these snails?
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What fish get on with guppies in the aquarium

What fish get on with guppies? Guppies are quite peaceful fish. They will not offend their neighbors in the aquarium, as they are not capable of such atrocities. But other species of fish will be happy to pluck guppy tail fins, thus causing them to suffer. It would be best if you give your beauties a separate aquarium, then nothing will affect the development and reproduction of babies.
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For aquarium

Pebbles for aquarium

About aquarium soil Proper nutrient soil for an aquarium is not a simple matter, since you need to take into account the various characteristics of the fish (size, body shape, etc.), behavioral patterns, the number of inhabitants in the aquarium, and other factors. Let's get acquainted with all these nuances in more detail. We will understand the concepts Beginner aquarist wonders how many different terms are used to characterize the soil and how difficult it is to navigate in this diversity.
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