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How often to feed the fish in the aquarium

To feed the fish correctly - moderately and infrequently. One of the first questions people ask sellers of aquarium fish is - how to feed them correctly? You may think that this is a simple question, but far from it. Of course, if you do not want to bother yourself, you can just throw a few flakes into the aquarium, but if you want your fish to be healthy, play with all the colors of the rainbow and delight you, then we will tell you how to properly feed the aquarium fish.
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Fish in the aquarium video for children

Aquarium Fish for Kids Aquarium for Kids - Exotic Fish aquarium for children Guppy fish Lera and Ilya draw up an aquarium Fish and aquarium GIFT for children. For BABY and their parents. REBELS are very beautiful Beautiful fish for children. An interesting video. Fish in an aquarium. The fish in the aquarium Fish in an aquarium Children's Entertainment Center Fish in an aquarium Many Fish Aquarium Small fish in an aquarium Fish.
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Muddy water in the aquarium

Muddy aquarium: from what and why the water becomes cloudy, what to do The problems of the turbid aquarium problems with whitish, green, brown water. The clouding of the aquarium is quite a frequent phenomenon in new, just launched aquariums. However, "aquarium murk" does not bypass the already established "old" reservoirs.
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For aquarium

How much should defend the water for the aquarium

How much and how to defend the water for the aquarium? Why defend the water in the aquarium for fish, and how much benefit will this procedure bring? Such questions are often asked by novice home-water lovers and more experienced razvodchiki. In fact, settling is a necessary measure to prepare the aquarium for launch, because no matter how much you clean the scenery and glass of the tank, water is its main component, a living environment where both visible and microscopic creatures will live and develop. objects.
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What kind of fish can live with cockerels

The Cockerel Fish: The Capricious and Beautiful Dweller of Your Aquarium The Cock Aquarium Fish (otherwise known as the Siamese Cockerel or the Fighting Fish) is a representative of the most beautiful aquarium inhabitants. Male and female are easy to distinguish: as a rule, males are painted more intensely and brightly. Aquarists do not cease to admire the fish, their appearance, cool temper, care for the offspring.
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Gold fish

Goldfish telescope

Aquarium fish telescope - from black to gold Telescope fish, the most prominent feature of which are the eyes. They are very large, bulging and prominent on the sides of her head. It is for the eyes that the telescope got its name. Large, even huge, they nevertheless see poorly and can often be damaged about the objects in the aquarium.
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